Drunk Girl or Toddler

Tuesday, June 20th

Are they describing a drunk girl or a toddler? It's surprisingly difficult, see if you can guess right!

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I've a comedy show and Laurence Ville this Saturday and we have a game to play to give away those tickets. What is the name of said game drunk girl her toddler. You have your fancy games and music CA area. I don't like general or toddlers just we meg glad I'm really awesome people ads or brunch all night last Saturday. And Janine and our fearless in terms approached these people. And said we would like you to describe someone in your life. Either described. You're drunk bass trains. Or I toddler. And then that we are going to play those descriptions Geneen as the keeper of the answers and if her collar gets three out of five right she's going to the comedy show. That I generally play by play the first rounds I sure OK so as a practice or let's first. Pick up to reset and secure hi Teresa aria of. Did you thirteen and then how are you guy great icu. It's another day above ground I'm excited I'm glad I didn't you know not do you guys I'm nervous. Gummy bears that's going to be nervous that I did you hear the name of the contest. Yes Larry I drunk girl or toddler Jenn hobby is gonna play the first round. To show you how it's done in vain you have to go three for five if you do that you're gonna the company shall all right. I'll do my best I Janet this first one is yours. Highest this woman describing a drunk girl. Or a toddler. Prank because they don't have chicken nuggets had a doughnut holing people. I outgrew them. I'm in the middle of the client like I don't leave my age might. Now. Is that OK you run girl. For a toddler. I'm gonna go drunk girl cheating yeah. Bonds them. My country C easy as that I you're adding that's a yes I get three right you are a winner here is clear number two. Yeah flailing EU IE zero locally the man. Last seen another person. Is that a drunk girl did it. Or is that a toddler. Only and that's a close contact it to be doing very easily I'm. If Lamar tie. Summertime so we can all enjoy the description of this toddler to implement. Yeah flailing UIE. Zero globally it may end. Last seen another person. I'm Jenna can't have there. IT mare you go to the county sheriff's the year ago. She got below that seen. Through there didn't. Into my may scrap so why is pretty different brands and ran around the house 103 howler as as does shine again back from the the editor. When word time. The CI LO I seen. Through there and into my may scratch so why is pretty different brands and ran around. House and read three howler as as does shine again back front back. My vote would be toddler because I don't think any girl would walk around the wind sprints or if she's drawn without drinking. Okay I know Clinton choice is yours. This business. I'm gonna go dirty girl. It was this toddler. Yeah. I say no because the food the base is really just the boldness. You know little person. I even think your job impressed and would do that I year's group number three Erica you're reading. A cold and not think Kenny Holland surveys indicate whether hand. That dude any hands. Let us. I'm hoping. Hoping toddler. Now be drunk. Well you did. A. So you've got to go to efforts here to win now right now okay candidates are basically on I erratic and god knows I don't let. To get the next Seawright you know go to the county sheriffs have. Can't stomach honored god this may spinoff could well aren't the in America don't know why it does a. I think I truly hope that drunk girl he do you have a guest in their eyes eyes I'm listening intently yet I was drunk or all the way I hear you overtime. I'm honored god this hey spinoff of large. In front of all fine. Allan thanks itself. It's. Got tired of Finland and juries. CNET food so closed. On our way but yet so far away I am I will find something called Soria and MA game ended Duluth. You wanna play next. Oh yeah and I'm Megan and doing you are up next Sebring UA these comedy should against with round serial. I'm too drunk girl. Or toddler the most surprisingly challenging game tape yet on the jet's engines I meg an yet nags titled out of tag. And I think that's a I'm Terry mentioned senator for one. The name of the game is that drums girl or toddler. Attendees to our event this past weekend describes someone in their lives. It's your job to figure out whether they're describing their best friends. The last time they were hammered drunk or a toddler that they announced Megan in Duluth and how well do you think you know drunk girls and toddlers. I know I am. Pretty near Milan. I was guessing on on all of them I won't. Did you have for example if you're just joining us and when listening kind of the show right now all we do is replay clips legend dance I. You get into and calling people. Hang out and then. I'm in a medal look more like I don't. Leave my name might. And you listen to that description and decide whether that's a drunk girl. Or a toddler so simple the answer to that when gene is set as a drunk girl and. Are you getting it three out of five ray Megan and you've got to get to the comedy show in Lawrence bell on Saturday erratic. It is clear number one for a half. So. She had gotten her wisdom teeth out before being with this person got it Jay jumped out the window ran away and then when he found them punched the man okay one more time not. All right is and her toddler or are some drugs you genius. Oh. Hey. Mad at chapel at. I'm. I just. Heard an addict and he died and it is. You know I. Commemorative. Rail. Look like Flores island me OK there ahead. My name again. How these are. And over the new name baby or disease itself and there you have Lamar Lamar time. We love them like flowers silently. Hey there okay. Okay again. Toddler drunk girl. Aged girl. I need to sort of win here you go to number three. You bring me. A logical high pitched in a lot of gasping for air as she describing a toddler or a drunk girl. I'm young again you won't mourn when your name is this yes yeah. Yeah I'm not. Tread and broke into getting their face and the sidewalk. Simply won't matter. Little. Today. Yeah girl. I congratulations Meghann and we will see you Saturday night and my comedy show if you were a theater in morning. Thought they only Pozen thank you congratulations and Medina Mora junior like toddlers are drunk girls. A I. I Jen if you are describing your dinner last night. You told us about earlier with Regis scripture should use for your dinner last. I would say F. Spellbound. And then bit her tongue. Devouring council aides. And peed on the floor. Could go either way and I don't Lex yeah oops it's Lorraine. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.