The Dramatic Saga of Katie and Mia: Part 2

Friday, April 14th

Yesterday's Where is this Relationship Going excitement continues when Mia calls to defend herself

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And young star already forewarned. We have a Haiti and the crown who's not that Katie that was dating around. OK okay if I bring Katie and show. She's very upset she wants equal time also. I guess I heard that and I came in part way through it. And she giving all of which we all want. Our. Late single white female I go. And so your saying that RK these are crazy. Now all Canadians are crazy they goodnight she get another run for everybody it's. I never heard anybody else like that could be straight with the wet yeah. Those are like it but but it but don't mean girl. I'd thank you that means eighty. It very. I think we're in the she's on hall she she is out next. I've heard there are fewer the other highlights. Katie conversation. He's just confused and he needs to be at. Need to be shown that that one at a batter and I can do that. I don't really and things like that so she's gonna have come on and that doesn't settle well me that there is another woman that I'm competing against. That could be altering at 98 we don't know if she got a picture how weeks. I mean she she could African event planner that flake you don't even need to GT for that. Like what you get to college drop out so I mean I came I can be heard it's pretty big it's crazy because I am so much hotter than she edits. She's like Matt I don't even understand it. Oh that's route and here we go out media. Welcome to the jet engine jail. Amy thanks for coming not with us you made a new or are you any of branding Katie knocked. You can bet I could so. Mir did you hear this Argo down lie they've hoarded people start reaching out to you or are. People started reaching out to me and then I pretty soon I apparently took a while electorate chance. Okay. Well border where where is what's your response but she certainly had all the time she needed that. To talk about you won't give you the same in return. OK I think she's a little bit delusional because Robert told us straight up what they want that. And I'm down that it clearly not to that's ridiculous. On on the she's got filling immunity meaning but I had to make her big blue book you are ridiculous I think. I'm a heck I'd mention it they let its its major her stay quiet. Her big lead KO OK look ridiculous into the ground are. Are right now I'm. Mean did you know they Katie existed before Katie was on the radio and robber was an Iranian. I love and I have a great time together in public and crack that were always having fine. I don't know life outside of hand he had Blake has led you don't really care what the other one does. Like I trust him to extend the light or not exclude that we don't. I don't care about Katie I think it's pathetic how many South Asia take an college such vehicles Robert Plant. But about it. Sir so are you. As committed to securing a relationship with the robber and is. Katie is or are you decide that fine. No I don't care about securing your relationship but Robert gallery and I see because you know. And I'm not trying to change and he's not trying to get me I mean honestly I mean. You'd think that what they have this so special but it we have Blake street sweep over a week. OK got to. Sound like you've got to understand the deal alone more than Katie does and you're a little worn down on that deal than Katie is easy like Omar real Hannah. Live in and out realistic I guess I should say. Though we haven't hasn't grown girl crown happen and right now. That's our show I did not mean does not sound like that Yahoo! ever call us for where is this relation now knowing kids she don't care. Have you now know enough about. I think each listing all her energy I think Katie is latent energy. If you had a conversation at all with Robert about all of this or are. I mean is he only first. 410 look at peanut we I knew the deal and I'm of the girl's parent to have fun all the time. Actually I am not what they build a temporary and remember it right now I'm not Latin Amare and so I'm and I looked like the shame. I think. I mean have you had to I had eighty have you had any conversations with Robert Sands he and Katie were on the radio. To kind of reaffirm what you're telling us or have you not talked to him about this yet. I've got to of that yet I mean I'm sir internally that he reacts on the radio I'm pretty sure that we. Still the same regulate themselves. Okay. I'm pretty sure. If he hears about what happens on the radio at Katie says adapt Haiti's going to be out and Mia is going to be that much and the right. See if any receiver wants it and you wanna be an is that vague and and and it sounds like. Robert doesn't want that are to be in in so room. Okay. I. I mean really it plague we're not complain that same game you can't really there's no competition not trying to eat her I want I would be heard now like I am. And now courage is like riding a bike. No competition whatsoever I always seeing robber in fact if she is Robert. It's you somehow roped her into pretending that he's like it could let her I want still thinking Robert. I don't think about that keep listening think about that I'll always be with Robert tell Obama you went and saw my. Media follow it and now that now the composition. Let's just soaking that in for a minute as long if you are we did that man. So well I'd be gang. Uma. Drunk 'cause that's a what are the Kashmir out so I'm. Yeah I I did talk directly to see you KV. I blame itself okay if you were able to give her one piece of advice what would it be. We don't either understand how Robert operate Angola back or. Just get out smiling because honestly he's got one track is having fun in doing what he does. Do you think about a competition of who gonna win him an honey you're in the wrong game. I will always be there I will always be with Robert he he'd be more than eighteen year old. So it would anyone it would be mean we are not even interested in Matt Stone just given up what Robert I'll understand how it works. Room them all right thank you for coming out with a media. Thank. She deserved her time in the spotlight and I'm glad we gave it to me now and I. Threats. And nobody could decide about that critics and I am a bit so awful and cunning and everything is beautiful about it. This kid money it yesterday. And called her fat and set all kinds of awful things about this meet at that she's not even before is there'll. Worst threat that you guys are rendering it as much as I am I'm just enjoy you enjoying and Islam is you are really ham. I'd be there yeah oh yeah that's a threat to like it I guess guess guess what it years from now oh yeah all she has to do is make him Acadia together. Married five years from now like a picture all shares abused as light yes and now. Thousands of two dozens of that highly Deaver Sharon has blessed me out I love you but I am scared of. It's. I was I think it's not a competition but if it is I'm NASCAR G the bike we have 30 lead over the week. I legacies through NS sleep over shade. Like blankets. How many obviously voters in did actually have total three yup I think three tone mountain. And it country there to move. If you guys ever I hear anything isn't want to weigh in on its our phone lines are always open for over his sixth grade 09 or align all the Canadian beer saga. And she I'll star.