Dramatic Readings from Nextdoor

Wednesday, September 6th

Neighbors do the darndest things.

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For tennis it's yeah. On star now before want to fight we are. That wanna delve into a world that's called next door. I Kelly Jane are either of you familiar with the next door at yes it's often times Howell families I need any. I'd Kelly do you have a next door and your neighborhood we do about it Haniyeh a guy I should download and a every DB ever used it on line hadn't. Do you use the one yards ten yes it's my husband's account. Let yeah I the people in on the next door and use. The services exchange messages intense infighting nannies there will be a great way to use the service. Yeah updating people. And stuff going and the Abraham had a big party this weekend some idea about cars in the street. It's a social network but only for a close proximity around where he left and you have to be in that neighborhood that you have. You invited so and as a minus personal I have to ask our request forget about it OK so everybody knows everybody. In that in the next door right there's nothing anonymous. Right. Which is shocking when you read some of the posts that people are brave and have to share on the next or app so room. We are column we will call this next segment. Dramatic readings. From Atlanta area. Next or apps. This and comes from. Big east Atlanta village all you're confident and I volleying well. Monty is the pipe that is loose near makes fears and Ann Haas and east Atlanta village. I again. Alex its own down now at our door this afternoon looking for the beast. He said he poses no next our message that seems to be having trouble with the gap. Is you recall he lost the same snake last year also. Or that giant lizard that he lost two weeks ago. Or for that matter and Alex the owner. I'm home I can send us safe since make free week ends. Since as you see the snakes all accounts it did the python survive doing now. Down any because I saw a tiny snake NRA ironed it this past weekend and my husband was ready did hit it hit it with a shovel and unlike. I. And I on the high time. I mean I'm always so I was err on the side of it not being good when I feel accent of some snakes friendly and I they would. But it relates them cool yeah. Well they have a purpose right I mean some but not all snakes are bad. Yeah but I don't some bars in the ones that are bad or really bad so I just err on the side of shovel all very. I've this is posted on Tuesday July 4. Is anyone else hearing the fireworks in the neighborhood and a random Tuesday night's close look and sound ran down. Fourth of July play. The first comment. Yet what the hell. Sounds like the cities being bombed call 91 wide. Response today Khamis. Totally took me by surprise not sure what's going on final comment it's the fourth of July in all. An insanity and the repayment. Coming from bridge now. I don't know when that is I north they think it's. Near Hamilton I think he came. I'm writing this because I wanna know anyone else is notice anything about the aircraft. You'll see aircraft. Air crash. Misty thanks so I'm writing this he's on an opening announces notice anything about the aircraft every few days before it rains. Air force aircraft flyover bridge mail including my house and I'm not kidding you when I say that in every time they fly over. Paying trails are coming out of the aircraft I'm not kidding about that I usually notice this when I'm outside of my baby as they're flying over my house. Now for the past six months we'll my son and I've been down with a virus that last two weeks after I see the aircraft in the pink dress output gets to me is that they fly over as bad night makes and I both combat. A semi Evans all the time did I had that strain do campaign trail. Have. Trails came in from Miami. Good times and my husband is valid as he did so until then he wasn't there. We have got back in the air towards Mason Todd county before the president not to throw all the pretty well. The iPad and. It. No comment on now I need a sentencing today. Lot of conspiracy theories about chem trails have you guys done alone racing its online though. OK just just just credited on net and it'll start making me really parent or maybe even if you haven't smoked anything weird. I don't have. Western media naturalist meat is this had been in west meet in April. Someone left a Paris heavily soiled the men's boxer shorts on the road. So trying to disarm. And you're done biohazard close and clean up its zinc in any theories. Just trying to figure out how this might have transpires. I have a theory. Running and they got a taste of the moment got. While running and it's still on the like fifty pizza rolls of premium it was a bad idea he hit a gorgeous stuck in traffic. And then your car and headed certainly I mean just the money go home with it nine selling class and when lessons for today dramatic readings from the next door. In response to a posted on as the original post but I had this response. One. No I was not speeding. June. Now. I never threatened you cool. Three. Yes. I did tell you war. A hall. Like I said earlier I'm willing to be cordial going forward since we have to live near each other. Oh no this is why you don't pay your neighbor don't know. So I go. The breakup on the next door app is now we just happens next level. It's at home on a ledge next door is you take that everything. I say Dante your neighbor we now know two. Close to give any dramatic next door post you would love to do this again please feel free to share that. On line you via FaceBook dot com slash Jeff intentional proposed then you can you can just come out. I know what's going on in your name he's. Have been another episode of dramatic readings. From next story. Then she all star. I I mean why are we changing the schedule way it is so urgent that we have to take this. Marla similar so called this thing that she really wanted to talk huge ask specifically that we are not giving the next store app that credit it deserves her being a valid tool. The same side as she seemed very adamant that. She needed to use it for Acer neighbor and she just wants to swing is so huge and she's pretty mad because resistant dramatic readings from the neck. Store ask him. Pistons coming from country creek. Found a chicken that Jim Owens school. Please is this chicken belongs to come and get it it's proving all over the fullback. It could give you free ad dispel. Them. The chickens this is from aiming. And you know anyone know what's up with the chicken into CVS and due west road beside a week and a half ago before heading out of town and we decided in a few minutes ago. Should he be in good health for now but I'm wondering where she came from what she's where she sleeps tonight. And I have so many other questions. Tell me keeping chickens keeping your own chickens as of things. People are doing now manicure I Jenkins and myself we did we emerald and killed nine presents so well at times. I neighbors trying nationalizing about it Julie you're just like coyote to 8 PM in your backyard several birds were killing on weird. Talks us and an actress talk. It's very disappointed I literally shut my legs out for ten minutes on Halloween night to take care my dogs inside. Within that time some kids rated the candy and now I'm candy balls and MIC by the door. And dean Eminem flinging their bag and in my mind. Not cool. Not cool at all so much for a welcoming friendly neighbor. I'm Melissa and and Hamilton mail very upset about our. Exaggeration of the drama that. That happens then next or what's wrong Melissa. You've got to make fun of that's a word. Kind of mean Barry knew that she and under who is everywhere and you're like oh yeah my neighbors and all your neighbors hate talking trash being poured that okay. Our 7 PM picking then I'm out there letting their dog walk all over my yard actor and media which is trampling everything. Deep down is complete continuing improvement and I'm trying to keep my neighbors on the can't you just making fun that. So you'd typically will post things like this on your next store app. Absolutely. So let's go real complaints one by one burst. Your neighbors are putting their garbage cans out before dusk. Yeah. And a look at it absolutely are older according to everything not. Look silly that it's supposed to and that really that bringing down the value of our homes when urgent breaking the rules and look how crap it's awful. So setting it darker earlier. Mean I noticed that and get darker blue pin and then it's 7:30 or 8 o'clock am really. The man to get Everly the next aimed at the Cannes at the next day I only. Okay Egypt's wake up a few minutes earlier to your trash out back and not a big PL. And I'm Melissa. I what are they put their good average stands out at like noon. And certainly and maybe can possibly do it I'm gonna go out in garden party eat this afternoon so I hit it. It just until 1 o'clock PM look at Matt rich at. Everyone everyone. On the amount that solve all the rule. Current line could be complain about it. That's what it is Melissa you are strict rule follower and anybody who breaks that you Jersey nets' night and an hour. I was gonna say I can feel you you said that their neighbors' dogs are improving and your grass and they're not cleaning it out is that resent. They don't walking on the black underground I agent feed. They trampling all over. And so they're not going potty on it they're just walking out and. I'm not enough to have. Signs that says like known Dobson like O line through it to dog hunting over proven. Absolutely. Small so it's not tonight shore but people now and think oh me I don't have to puppet and very often because I let them now. I'm not okay. I see signs analysts I'm gonna tell you I would be on the next door at complain about your science is the science made our way worse than the actual tail. So you are mad about a dog just walking on your grass. Yeah I'm trying to keep everything looking all the way that the GO and it is trampled over I have to equally. And it looked awful for the neighborhood. I'm another neighbor who doesn't even bother how washing his driveway you know and I'm not every too. If there. He doesn't power wash his driveway what sort of season are you letting in Hamilton mail. Compared to Q it's ridiculous it's not in a print guys the work. Pride in how you living like homeowners are location in the. I own pursuits so hate me I won't let my husband power last drive wages and treaties it'll lose its oh I did I went ahead of the hospital for a car washing X you do. Again it's not afraid that I could remember why doesn't know somebody almost busted open that. The good news is your husband as much smarter than I am but I was out there trying to be a good. Enjoy a citizen Melissa and I'm stupid and I was power washing and headed up super intense and B was near my place and I just don't mind I just mindlessly and went is that the B think again it was arrows. Story Newman's comments or rate open. And I and I don't drag myself to the hospital had a lot about why I was there Melissa thank. Gotta look on credit for trying but honestly if you're not going to hire someone cheer. Okay I'm just aren't don't I hurt myself and I would like some of my husband and I got to show me. Awesome that's the and not a zone do you get invited to a lot of neighborhood gatherings. Everyone you know why don't can't usually accounts quoted at the same idea about what about your seats away are you a member. Error slowly an officer in a joy. I am I am and that would be sent a little slower but it is breaking the rules so I had originally. I'm Rachel in Atlanta hey Sam had a Melissa. And your ears back groups. A jury and all that. Yeah I'm. This is. Completely integrated totally over age and your age people I mean how can turn. I'm in an indictment of had a. Hustle and great on a psychotic gamers like you. Chose a wash. Yeah. I know neighborhood and their cars parked on the line there's little taller than house and you cannot sell me on bit that it it's great looking and everyone should. I don't I don't believe. Frances in Atlanta and welcome to the show. She sounded inseparable and really have to get there and that would hardly match. Wow I salmon and milk. She need to dietary sacred and in the middle of nowhere and all everybody ain't it overheard she. Melissa people think I think a good vibes that I'm getting is people think you might be too intense. I question. Melissa have you on her arm taken up someone's trash cans that they leave them out like empty at the road to long. Let's play what does that mean you bring them back and then top the top of the driveway for them. And that's as that's an aggressive. It's me that's what ails us is they don't do it so I think anybody ever in a plane about you Melissa. Man they rent. It do. Not valid because I follow the rule. All alone. On day. Venus she's the rule. Since and I pulled long line I want to thank you Melissa refer eyes shedding some light and the next door adversary for a a setting you did it. Or couple of and it sends coming out could check it understands. I no no cans and street after Don. No these are Nancy Hanks and she came in just. I've. I went by I can hear her giving you the finger I love. I feel that. And now I would if anybody knows where she lives I wanna buy twelve chickens and drop them off and Daria I'll call registry cats in the twenty. You drag every neighborhood Garmin in the middle of the night every garbage into the end of her driver and then now entered orbit only allowed if you can't. Can he take tennis chickens are asking us please. Well they threw us all off but that was fine. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.