Dramatic Readings of GA Power Complaints

Wednesday, September 13th

People just need some perspective, man. 


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell ol' ball. Still Sony doesn't stay in Georgia without power and Georgia power is working so hard to restore it they've got to remove I'd. Unfreeze the pollen down power lines restore some transformers. Those still there are a lot of folks without power but says simply be patient. I'm just count your blessings and snack. And they're trying to get the most critical customers first there's medical conditions that's from things they are working overtime. To get everybody expected. I was on FaceBook yesterday and a friend of mine posted. How upset she was that Georgia power their power was out. Abu who's really hurting her is that they hadn't updated the web site as to the time would be bad times so what is she supposed to do. And it she wrote this long. Multi paragraph tirade. Against the Georgia power customers are sometimes some difference lift it and did you un friend her that. Alec. So I I just letting let go but and I were opposed. Harold my current least favorite person is the one who's got power from wherever power is delivered from. For our. A hundred plus weeks aren't in erupted and is now losing their crap and Georgia power because they go without electricity for about a day when their entire city blocks and water and some people might need electricity from medical equipment and there are other dire situations and you can't charge thrown. In your halo Todd is melting so this is quote unacceptable. And you're about to quote lose and I'm somewhat. Calm down realize how much worse it could be be grateful electricity you know exists so yeah how many Internet show the world what a self centered east France you know. A class that was my nose as did my closest chase them right. And a bunch of people commented to share knowledge and what that in and as several folks suggested heading over to the Georgia power FaceBook page and reading. What some people wrote on the and how related some of those and I'm proud to bring them to you. Tales of south senator pieces of crap and they are still. They're real people commenting on Georgia power's. How are still out including my subdivision. Going on eleven hours now. I don't see any downed power lines in my neighborhood or alarm the main street but power is still out. This is unacceptable. Restore our power tonight or I will post something here that won't make your head spin. Past I'd love playing question at what impeach. Figure bison gear in turn on my power. I'm sure it's not easy restoring power to millions of customers but that's what we pay you. Sure you wouldn't allow me to go without paying my bill which airline you go without power. By tomorrow morning up to throughout all the shoot my refrigerator so I decided Eminem now you might bad chicken as payment for the power this month. When this Warner Robins getting power back I am taking cold showers and I'm very offended. And since. We have assessed EU and included it concluded that you clinically brighter more men are in the dark indefinitely. Three trees fell across briar cliff road killing our power to several thousand people in our neighborhood. You've put up tape he put up points cones but you've got no further work to get the power guy. As you play that quote we are assessing game on your website our food is ruining the game. It's a gain yeah. We are living in the dark. And our children are not being educated. Why normal life his come to a screeching. Halt while people all over the world around us are getting hot when their lives and our. They've charged her. I just can't handle hash tag play scrabble has to talk to each other it's going to be OK things all these people get off work to. I just like we finally you just sit at home these people like Powell working late Dick. There's still working also some good looking go home because their houses are and five feet of water. It's lit. Perspective Lee. Georgia power generally takes three days return my neighborhoods power even though they set out of the millions without our choice take our restore half of facts. We're taking BS math is Georgia power using. Shall we Baghdad now BellSouth damage gets solar panels that are in need you. I'm guessing that person. Motivated enough so I can't. Going into the third when no power most of the people around me including my next door neighbor have power. It's embarrassing I have to go to my target charge my phone. Aimed idiocy of CME slow pay in LA down next month just like yeah I'll take you all time about fixing our lights. How that held as a house literally fifty feet away from they have alleged in a tree fell all over their craft. What the wide. I'm the I'm mad at my mom is elderly get on my nerves about listener shows and stories. She needs her price. Learn and it's been three days in Mamas and the baby daddy years. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.