Dramatic Reading from Jeff's Facebook News Feed

Tuesday, July 12th


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Jeff and general uninstalling. Portable line. Desert and grab an Academy Awards. Putting on my thespian. Schools fades. Printed out a conversation that I witnessed happen on my FaceBook page OK and if so why this happened on FaceBook is one thing. I think because somebody posted a status that would picture than somebody responding well blonde on blonde. Got a ten on violence and Kelly. Who's been dogs that are Cali will be played by Jenn hobby I'm playing analyst Kelly the dogs that are posted a picture of her saying it and it house. We've a couple of dogs under attack and then and then that was the first comment. And Scott who will be. Kelly's frank. Scott will be played by the rule David. OK and then JB is the sister to the dog owners she is a co worker. To Cali that's how the three people know each of them this year three principal characters. I interned Geneen engine being our Internet will be the we'll meet an aging. OK so Jamie is the sister to the owner of the house that I am correct and she's a coworker of yours okay. Geneen coworkers. Got it OK if OMG. And how city. At this guys house heats. Creepy and go look for cameras before I get undressed there. Hello well whose house are you there and do an atmosphere. With a laugh. So dramatically. This is falling a little flat at pet society and try and doing Q we have some music. We looked for some in. Confined maddeningly sit who have of these from the grass I think than a half and by that really. Super fit at tech. And to make ill are trapped in the closet that's. Or. A dramatic effect. Senate hearing how. There again perfect night. Dramatic. And and Leno moves house. There. I am doing that made her track to work her rather. Give me a 403. Easy. It. So I REE. Well and he's. Obsessed with. Many people. They can pre. He may need. To. An office that I need to act and the which the door and they like when he stores. Dining it's a little. Does sound creepy you know without speaking. A Scott you love hate. I got idea creepy dude from what I've read. I'm saying not portraying the character that lets guys that. Yeah let's finish is that many stats he's been trapped. I'd just gotten airline again. A little that does sound creepy. I'm all. Not allowed to be gone for more than two hours at a time. I must scratched estimate for twenty minutes when we get I need to send him at least ten pictures day oh. And I need to. Night that he beat today gave its ties to carry. And a well a little oil and who have. Okay yeah 500 book three nights if I could sleep with you each night I wake up to you wrote my belly and staying. Cool. Being so thirsty Scott. He just text me he said that he could pay me extra to feed them by now. Is she looking. Funny how geniuses that anything in response to better other. De. LU. I. Yet he owns. Accent it's. And we let him. God is for re and respect the people. Doesn't know the embassy team that played well not just there. If they that changed their names to protect some day a 100%. My hands snatch them eat that play any tape. A lot of that's the biggest problem for you to that they able not any of the other Ehrlich. Having to have the bathroom door opened it and yet. I came in with your guide me and I don't wanna make this any more awkward do you need that your Brothers guy definitely once you get to you. Yeah it. One. Did you envision shall.