Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reveals How to Get that Summer Beach Body

Wednesday, March 23rd


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And when he and exercising you've just CNN's chief medical correspondent. A sixty minutes those father of three and a good friend of ours for many many years. Welcome to the shadows under and I'm excited. Did you hear your digs are feeling nice thank you really nice we don't really feel like we belong in the area we're like it's there are they still let us come in and give us. And by the way I see your billboards everywhere driving around the outside of North Carolina. Begins even better looking person and thank you. Better looking photo shopped but it's. He's got a real good history of being on the new show and in these beautiful studios like every day that my key card works I'm like okay. For one day for online today you ask don't let them sending their best so we've got to talk about that this cica yeah and I guess that right. This is so scary I have so many friends that are. Terrified to go on vacation this hour. Are the out and the guy can I can understand that ad will say that's. This virus for for the vast majority of people home and am I mean 80% of people who get exposed to this. Are you may have either minor symptoms or no symptoms at all OK so that that's the good news that the concern is that in a small percentage of women. Who are pregnant and expenses virus. There seems to be this association with the birth defect. So what's the name of the birth defect it's called Microsoft fully hit and what that means is the and so they haven't developed properly and again it appears to be that this virus when a woman is pregnant and gets us exposure to the virus. This distance it this association with that. Aesthetic concern in Atlanta OK so let me give you a a slightly longer answer than they would normally give and the answers I don't think it's any much of a concern on my antenna couldn't they do think there's any place in the United States where does concern. The mosquito that transmits. Physique of virus is called the eighties and chipped out mosquito. In the United States the eighties in Egypt and mosquito does exist but primarily in South Florida. In south Texas okay. So even though the mosquitos were here in the United States are primarily in the southern parts of Florida and Texas and I think that's where we're likely to see Zeke spread as well. If you had a pregnant friends thinking about going to a vacation and one of those places would you advise against it. If you don't need to be in these places you're pregnant and you don't need to be one of these places where Zeke a virus is now spreading. Then don't go I mean the chances are low pitcher but you're going to be exposed to the virus and have a problem with the numbers birth defect. But it's not zero and so there are people who have to be that they're people who live there the people have you have to go to these places for various reasons. But it is justification and it's a place for you know Zeke is spreading. And then you know probably it may be good Canadian not to go there. And what if you're not pregnant but you want to get pregnant within the next six months to a year. What what we seem to seemed to see what this virus it seems to leave the body within seven to ten days a Stouffer a woman. It even if you got an infection. In the virus should be cleared within a couple of weeks. And what about that affect on a man could be possible that a man could transmit the virus. For some time after an exposure. And and that and those of situations and in the Madeleine may want to get tested. If you were to give. Three to tweak the length pointers for people. To start to be in better summer shape between now Memorial Day weekend when he if you have an extra hour near Dane you're choosing between sleep and work out yet sleep. OK okay I'll do it but that unless nothing else will be as good if you don't have enough sleep you'll eat more you want exercise as well number two is if you slept for anywhere up to 78 hours at night you've also just gone without hydration for 78 hours. Wake up in the morning and drink water. It will change how much you eat throughout the day you'll feel a lot better you'll feel cognitively sharper all that sort of stuff and and then three is if you can in some way. Break a sweat every day. People give you links of time or specific activities. Our bodies are made to move so moved a little bit every day here you guys walk around when you're on the show right. This is just by sitting by the pool doesn't count as. Maybe I can in my hands and they're now that's not quite the access to mullah Lana walk it out or something yeah or just even walk around the studio you just need you we our bodies were not made to sit. Or lie for 23 hours a day and then go to the gym for an hour. We were dismayed to move constantly self. I think those are all her 140 characters that area that's great and all one of the things I don't we do I need says he's stepping up one cheats on the sleep. Do you think it's easily and my water and you I. It's a coffee first thing in the morning Anita for the water first also look at get that hydration and right away doctor Sanjay Gupta CNN's chief medical correspondent. In studio with us this morning and the Jeffrey.