Don't Be That Guy

Friday, June 30th

Sup guys! Here's some advice for things you should maybe stop doing. Love: The women of the show. 

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It's for making this wedge. OnStar in 941 and. Love you man but this is he just got I call him out we have got an education for. Insulin then donate your holiday weekend especially since we make sure that you're not. A guy CP held this pick these perfect music that's OK are you ready so. Yeah fat that guy is wearing cargo shorts is wearing Abercrombie Fitch button down the. Concert over enthusiastically talking to women they don't. We're those good news review as did CNN ants marching. A guy hey we love our guys that sometimes you just got to get called out Philly cheese sun is out here okay. The suns my favorite. Asking are you okay. A hundred times after I said I'm fine. I'm okay. No and again one more time here. And they act. I just don't Wear sunglasses inside. You can't see anything and definitely don't Wear sunglasses on the rim of your hats. When your house has backwards just don't know yeah. The way that you see only their hat backwards designed in Manhattan and how stale air I don't know your face or the backe ahead. I do that Baghdad when it comes the sunglasses all. I'm wearing the sunglasses inside that's just say insecure trying to look cooler than you actually our brains. Or hung over the yeah I took it into effect after and then cut short in less here carpenter. Isn't just don't like to know. I held on a cargo assured it's great way to go along and then started dating Heidi and then. They're gone juicy burn them yeah so yeah. Burning party for instance there's another go and starting senses left handed me crazy but. Oh he got his hand and already great idea I'll be back Al. Women don't like that I have about this on where's my hug and a half FF and and home. I have a mainly Shia messaging me between midnight and 6 AM. Asking me what I am doing the breathing it WAD. Yeah. The feeling. Like I'm sleeping well. Yeah lazy. An area. I tell Lacey act. My only see here. And she hasn't responded to your messages and you keep blowing around and then you send her messages. On instant I am are based on and. Land again I don't pay act. I Gianna multiple platforms is a multiple failure says. I. Yeah well. Pretending armrest on the airplane is only yours into a hmmm yeah that's meant to be shared Fed's not just for Europe bigger carrier Armisen that's also far minded share. County. I am. My personal favorite asking me if I wanna hear another song and the guitar player. You can finally get tired critical ally. Playing a tired I get it I don't like watching you play. County tax. Point is go do an open my anchor leg Oprah somewhere and you're. I didn't do it I have people know ahead of time that they're just gonna sit and watch you like stroke here or any of her now and. And I'm a bit Matthews and and ammonium bit and want him I don't know if you. How about when I got to ask you hit it when he learned data bank and the news so go and do it they wanna do so. Oh my god that's so funny how scary is have to ask you please talk because Ares. I shouldn't spare me. Has sags theories and unless you're on the boats then downtown. That one. There is tired old the shoes of men that's REM trigger Gunn Allen kids there they're way too popular for all things other than boating and really. Well yeah. It's okay. Well let me read your engine engine next year and a kind like. As not 1980 I mean we played here. All of the I would Benji tap down it is obviously overly blaring their music's. Yeah. Or like the really really big trucks and have though logos on the back leg in kicking up dirt and don't. NI. And also love to change for him. Pretty fair. Members of love our guys not trying to hate on our guy is. Well yeah. And dishonest okay. So heartening news this you educate them and going and through the holiday. And we get about what not to do you know okay. It was fun because I did you judge yeah. I've got four older girl cousins that lived a block away from going up into younger sisters saw a lot of women in my life where I'm. Leave that guy coming to stop being that guy and JP you picked the perfect theme song. Yeah. Cargo shorts. Abercrombie & Fitch moves head butt down T shirt and Dave Matthews concert go and not like they've never seen musical for. Okay Kelly she's going to do so fierce and so our kids you your guy right oh yeah. I have not got four very Brothers that they look they all the Al guys do things that you think here's a golf sounds. Leg you know when they Wear tank top that's tighter than your tank top defense. How about this time. Tricking out your crappy time. And okay cause more than they try it sounds like what are you doing that in 2003 Honda and. Trying to make it be cool when it's just not a soft. All right you save money is by nicer car grabbed could save money through when he eventually about it. Can't on the day I bragging about everything they do and making it sound so much cooler than it actually is. When their own. To this next weekend wounded this next weekend and all like I just went that festival us news really cool to me and my guy friends we talked like ours and we actually met this one guitarist backstage is it really great deals like milieu waved him fifty feet away. Again the person and a social media that over posted over look at life and how did you. But it is not that on stop it don't be county. And. A means by Terry at yeah how about when you pose a pretty picture myself being on in the NC grammar based and then your messages get blown out. Why a guy like oh hey girl sound like right after you posted a pretty pictures like. Don't you. Just say hey it was like no you just science and then there's trying to be all smooth in my. About Giuliani I was late because it's summertime and girls those pictures and the greens is so ladies be where. It's a good kids they're calling it slide and into the DN yeah. Pretty funny I you can always amazes online to raise its attack I'm Jeff intentionally want to. And CDs don't need that guy. How about. Ain't getting so drunk you're drenched in sweat bar. It's again as I leaned out on the iron in and I hang around. How about overdoing it in the Cologne ready after Shane. We can smell on that. Cloud becomes then let them but I still pervades both the love this line when they act like they're dying and laid up in the bed for three days they have a tiny cold. Even young guys all. These guys. I'd that guy. I'm I'm just in an easy two days out I'm gonna have to watch golf for two days like yeah. It's. Yeah there is playing home. He hacked. He drama queens is never gave combination. Hey I'm another funny one is lame they got the guy has the story for everything. So. Oh yeah my sister just had a baby unite and then I had a baby Owen sound like one. 01 out of her. Some. I won't be back guy Lindsay gets an issue. Unhappy is what this area is a damn thing diplomat has two different people senate when they. When they take a million years to do. And let me highlight your body now we're currently don't get militant hide out. All right now one movie and taking his iPad. And minutes playing games. This is. I know a friend here has done this to me. Bragging about how many fish concerts you've been. I don't pay back. They're you know when the boy scout I am friends that Baghdad I know I. And then I just don't he has yet. I think that any of these you relate to JP. I mean really honest zoo like lieutenant mean the fifteenth time a song front rows finished and in their place this school have Cracker Jacks on these really cool front row and three sneaky. Are you on a string cheese. The village yeah. Any show that don't feel bad guys. I'm fine now Devin Jin says faced that saves for. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.