Don't Badmouth Trivia Night

Wednesday, January 10th

Someone's calling for a boycott of the Jeff & Jenn Show after Jeff dissed trivia night, and we've got their angry email to prove it. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. The trouble with this complaint email we just got is that boycotts actually work. Hope I can terrified if this person falls on their void guys. There were losing listeners here at the Japanese and show runner cannot afford to dip around and I all overlay Jeff had to say about trivia night. So in Jeanne just told us a minute ago that she is a friend of trivia so I think it only appropriate chain. They you. Are the one who reads this team. Perfect and I guess so. You can't be on his side until you read it. There I don't know I'm trying to find some appropriate lake. Trivia issue music and I can't once Tribune I think if he was like Barr sounds or something. And it's like background no means it needs to be more light at just kind of play like. Lady Gaga poker face just random like on a now between yet do our ports and an. Well now you're a little Elie Matt yeah I ever met and I'm talking about something a little more in line. And jeopardy he. Alex Jeff we're regular people. I know I. Hygiene is a big name email that is received by aides are general manager. Yesterday. Regarding my assessment of trivia nights cash. The food. Well listen to your broadcast yesterday morning I was horrified to hear that one if your hosts was mocking trivia and trivia nights at local restaurants. Horrified horrified. Not angry not upset but horrifying or if I'm the same way you would feel if you open your car door and there is a dead body into. Or hide and to. Have. He and York radio station could should consider the following. That trivia industry generates tens of millions of dollars in revenue for this country locally trivia about. Not the. Shouldn't if you worry trivia fiction it out though you know exactly how much revenue the trivia industry generates for this country and. It's news to me I didn't know there's a trivia industry and tens of millions of dollars to wow yep one baby tiny pencil at a time. Locally trivia focused social gatherings take place nightly in bars and restaurants. These bars and restaurants and the consumers all have money to spend. Tank and all this under consideration move. With these thoughts in mind he and your radio station should consider the impact to your revenue stream should have various trivia celebrations. You know eight what the sole purpose of informing the general public. A viewer discriminatory practice enough talk. And ask him Tim not support your radio stations or the advertisers whose money is go directly to fostering an environment of patriot. Wu hatred. Jeff H. K let's really enjoy that paragraph would you mind reading and against him. You can really. Soak it. With these thoughts in mind he and your radio station. Should consider heavy impact to your revenue streams ship of various trivia celebrations. Unite with the sole purpose of informing the general public and and sprint yeah I think yeah. We do and and screen. A happy happy. Yeah. Yeah yeah the things that aren't. This incident only the general public of your discriminatory practices and ask them to and not support your radio stations or the advertisers. Monies go directly to fostering an environment. Teaching hate and eat edged a basket of Gator to acts. Yeah. And up and lunged at them wine my wine at the months to 800. Hatred is breed hate and we see unite for these reasons as Paris theory is. As we are tremendously. Introverted and the thought of coming together in a group is horrifying. And say go ahead. Do we want to unite for these reasons as our spears is generally positive and good natured and our overall attitude is one of duke victory. But with us through content. We are prepared to organize and take a stand request is that an apology be issued on air. And then this begun sometime in the next ten days of the date of this email. Please pipeline. We. We fly back so that we know when the ten day window has begun. Wow. I think you gotta do it. Are well I'm gonna reply back today and let them know the ten day window has begun. And year going to write a public apology. This ten day window will began today. And what happens at the end of the ten day window. Financing. And pricing this uprising of trivia nights. Is Chevy and I union. They're trying to unionize and attacked me. I think you got to do the apology. You've written a complaint. Have you ever. Oh there's more owners more proof. My family doesn't even care for country music. Yet we still live seventy years show because of humor. It's Christian values you are encouraged Jesus this is why I was surprised to hear the awful words of do you most popularly DJ. Spots in mind we are prepared to find another radio show to listen to until the ten day window has begun. That's why I'm gonna write about why I'm attendee windows starts right now. Because I don't want him to go anywhere else is trying to stay here for good Christian values and did country music. Things ended. Think you and I looked maturity your answer just sterling and ambling. Host all about facts post anything about sports captain strokes urged party. Member winter came member or Patrick. Swayze is ghost former captain and I habitat. 2011 that any hint Sandy Springs champion. I. Does doesn't say doesn't. Yeah those are also home to your reasoning I shouldn't laugh he takes his very soon and then we move along this is. I. I know. And special I've never written a complaint email that long or may be ever. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.