Do Terrible Smells Make You Hungry?

Monday, October 2nd

Jeff needs some comfort in numbers, what terrible smells make your stomach growl?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all of now. I I've why you may hear me out and stay with me because. I'm really counting on their being comfort in numbers. Five. I'm I feel very lonely right now I feel very naked right now sidebar this is where Jeff admits he does something really weird. Something I do it's like so it's it's just that your reaction that my body has that I can't control. Which means if nobody calls and says hey this really got middle school geometry class weird and awkward. Some of your body does eating controlled geometry. Our experience. At six. Are not OK glisan. Kelly did a story. Which you saw entry on Friday during in the loop. Where she said today as significant number of humans 95%. From time to time enjoy this sense of their own treats. That's how does and I can see you're making them face to young man that you in any traction so Chanukah is before you know. I got a hit and it says July I'd Sabrina. Anyway now feels lonely for you doesn't it now it's only cousin now wire. Jake Peavy Everett and then I enjoy the feeling in the relief but I don't enjoy the smell yeah. And there's no way of Manny behind prison and be blocked unknown wine in the. You bottle it up Kelly and tell us now I know I release it's I don't know water rose as case anyways here's where where my. My kids we just talked about disgusting smells like we all acknowledge that even though this gasoline smells awful we still camera. Gallon gasoline I don't like Kathleen but I love paint fumes OK yes girl Kim to any opinions I'm Mike I nose is dangerous and I just wanna. I myself and listened freshly painted her own mind here's the thing and I need a person OK so I'm gonna tell you what happens. And McCain have the fund get out of armor and please don't leave me standing their naked in the and I feel like I am making an afraid of he is anybody's. Ever been around something. That really smells bad. But the smell kind of makes them hungry. I OK give us an example for 042630941. Please. Someone. It could be any thing it could be light. Like bite taken out the garbage. That night. After dinner you don't mean and there's ice old food in there and you get the whiff when you open the lid before you tie the bag chicken moans again. You get a dealers and you get a whip and it kinda makes you hungry anyone. Now now what about lake. I can't say I have seen maybe if you're a surgeon the Rolodex here and now I'm coming up short maybe even picking up. I want yeah I mean they hugged. Openly told him trying to just tongue sometimes when you're getting the dog poop any get a wind and then it's just this pig you just there. Is that I wanna eat that. It's just like saints. In the your hungry. Time on people eat some Mexican dude or Japanese food like and then partnered up any smoke. It's a nice young great that. So yeah I haven't asked are you with me I'm with you for a four. He's 63094. Line as of right now design. Is that they're I'm glad the phones were taken to yeah here even made it to the guys. And now. It's looking like you're in lonely town. Who. Only stinking town US. World where she's 6309 car. It's terrible smells make you hungry anyone. Star in 9410. Do you really disgusting smells sometimes makes you hungry. Jeff needs your comfort and that numbers is yours stories we'll make him feel less alone for a 4630941. Shares goers with. We were talking about nasty smells the people secretly enjoy and Friday it was an in the loop story Jana and I made a note that sometimes. Growth saints. Cause me to be a little bit around. A lot of a lot of things twinge in grand in Jasper. Feels me. Say yes I know exactly what your job and he's. Well I can't pinpoint the light especially by what's really hungry like I got distracted and I also don't really gross quite a little hungry and. I eat it you feel BU Macy feeling terrible humanely. Because you're smelling leg rotted abroad in porch out in the well. No I know your girlfriend Sam match. Jordan in Atlanta. Just at its actual time English well it's hard work. And every parent and it's not like and Rocklin and can't see it had a lot I'd say a rumor reported in China. Thank you so much. Can't wait to get romantically president and. Yeah English Bulldog by Chinese suits. Jessica and I don't mean. I'm. I've actually my word. Bonding once I'm at a summit marriage and Harry Connick grew up. Yeah I mean really hungry and I just kept going and then your umbrella but I am going to teach and and getting booted. Every girl. I act angry. I had the fat at all thank you had three calls is and I. Oh smile and I think anymore I feel comfort and ease of manner in you know alone Ravalomanana. I think it's a little extreme to actually go and get some eat I've never an act that's a little. But I am a very aware that. There's a sandwich nearby I can go all right thank you everyone I appreciate you so much for. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.