Do Soulmates Exist?

Wednesday, May 11th


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Gen John we go to the. I do not believe in soul mates and I actually don't think I'm the only one. Love that I. All faith. Some new research that backs me up here Jack McCain's new serving all you're gonna you're ready at us with science and haven't actually science and opinion all right 40474. Line. 9400. Jenn hobby things. Austin Knoll. Now defined before we go down this road if you now believing in soul mates. Let's make sure on the same page what are you define a cellmate gas well I don't think they exist so how about you tell me what do you define a soul mates at is a soul mate is the one person on this planet. That way they you finding you go through the rest of your light sweet together as one body as one's soul of that's what a soul mate is my mom and there are soul mate. I remember years ago sitting in a meal with with my parents and my dad has reached over Texans food off my mom's play. And one of the people eating if that can't believe you let him do that in her response. Well how was young when this happened is still remember her response who has. This semi play. It's our play. Along where that might their Salma. Well see your parents action is he just for the right to be an example that you be my plate and in the Saturday. Could go a generation to your parents example actually support my theory a case of first let me tell you that this new survey. Average person actually meet someone that they believe is the one. Three different times in their life OK okay so if you meet Nadal won it three different times. And no such thing as a Salma okay and then. They say you have an average of seventeen crashes in your life seventeen T and agony. I used eleven of mine and Kelly clerks. Thought that they think you fall in love five times in your life. And they say 17% of us don't believe in having a soul mates and I am one of that 17% because here's here's my theory on the whole soul mate thing. Is that it's an excuse not to work your relationship. Over so many it's. Like I can put it to Roger. Oversold may seem that no and I don't think that relationships are made by some outside conspiring force that's like predetermined. For all of us and you're supposed to meet its only one person do you July 8. I feel like when you've fallen in love someone you feel that way you cut overwhelming rush of endorphins and you just. Feel that way but then after the shine. Wears off in any relationship then I think relationships take effort. And they take work and they take daily efforts to preserve that and to keep that person in your life feeling special and if you're just like earlier my soul mates meets an excuse to be les. And the. Paid Jacquelyn in Karo then they're welcome to the show. Hey Jack Lang we can't. Current nothing gets dominated pretty much just somebody camera and there are no matter what this second full or not. That you can't let to sing love what does that mean. Well I can no matter what it comes. Why. Not getting a mom having income base yes. Out that's where they can third ball game and that. So I'll get some old some people get very that was our if you will be higher. So may have Jay-Z and beyoncé or soul mates and we'll chase the jays he went out wins and and master I would Becky would begin there. Because there's so amazed they'll get through it no problem if they weren't so mates have when they went surrounds everything. Now and I don't think there. Understand like if there is like a sports dance and it's like all have to and then who. Lugar. They're working at hand now on to anything like that they turned other than like infidelities. Then they damaged at least they're got to pay Alley incoming what up. You do believe in soul mates yeah why. Well I didn't my. All worry. Eric when he hit me thinking our church Orioles. Earning an Al high school where are they are and then. Mainly. And their key yeah I act in here act if they don't. And high or down that it felt. All the little lightweight Bangkok act together or why whole how to make that no. Anger. That air ball air borne. And go without. Earnhardt let me pull out a little bit of we need to balance the picture. Film from all grainy and it is bella are pictured at the police he hung out how are all great picture. Act on it I want you there will be I don't know what is. It's a very sweet story and it's of it's I'm not being patient you know I'm just saying it's really release heat and I think that it's really special story. I don't know that it deems that Theres only it's like it's some sort of predetermined thing for the terrible each. Is traditionally it was their friend and eighth grade and honored at trying to bag a film that you took in the eighth grade of course the French picture's going to be in there but they got wider and there in their twenties I have. How do it's cute and there's this you know when women use a lot of words in there is a snowstorm in how we tell stories Jeff we title. A canal street came by half a there's all off and he had filmed if at all latte down. Knew she said I never tried it around I think as this story like your story jabs like when you were singing like your mom said it's not. My plate it's our plate to meet. That's supports working daily that your relationship and sort of you know. Acting differently towards each other taking care of each other your whole life to me that's love. To me that this is what makes a lasting relationship not just DB yourselves Sony hey Jennifer radio and. The top. Hey Devin how you do and. Have a pet would yeah. I'm I think I believe what it I think I'm gay right well there are and how long he has indeed I'm even being over here now. And why do you think this person either so moment. I'm not be as Elaine how we actually that was I could be important is that friend and Lynn. Eat at immaculate like we're apple world trying to change like I bought him out like okay I'm eighty Carroll heard it. Like you and I expect media there and then. They get a credit elegantly I hit it like cheer for us actually very eating our by. And listening to the with say with a guy that you're dating before. Them and all you know Joseph thanks. It. Joseph doesn't. Soul mate he's like I think just don't quite go for her. And I let really dig Omar ecologists and there's one person on your side a lease awesome things. Not about love thinking again. I IO UN is not about love in my great but. And I think that we can and that they ES a normal. You like we made our own relationship seemed. Glittery and won't happen but we don't come home. In I don't think that there are people that we're supposed that he and I lagged well we tried. You know it could be forever or can he throw a little why else. And sometimes you know people trips that I'm and other people come back and I think when they eat right now I'm a and that once a main. Hey likely cap yeah and. At least know where he started out. Very Smart woman and that's the positive attitude we decided to spread when we started and I'm back. Jen shall we go so.