Do Not Answer Roulette

Friday, October 20th

Jenn's calling a random number listed as "Do Not Contact" in either Jeff or Kelly's phone. But who will pick up?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Prince gets saved in your phone as I do not answer and their names you don't. Intentionally. Call them forever again. That's the point of labeling them as do not answer. Flags that's you know pretty and here for Jenkins cooking because I still found the other day. I'm gonna make one of them fall somebody labeled do not answer. Well it's an. I'm just show anything imitator of people who are put in there and I think you might be different and I. I don't really official business and wanna tell you I think this is going to be this this dike. Is not a good idea. What you thought it was not a good idea at first but I thought it was really fun because it was gonna make you uncomfortable which you really take pride in making the rest of us uncomfortable most of the time right when I don't know. Why do little mean on the outside look at you have really interesting crazy x.s. 'cause I. Good seeing here here's the thing they gave every guy in me if I'd heard a girl in the phone is do that answer a it's because she's crazy. Exactly. Exactly why this is going to be great. It's years it's John. So basically what I did the other day was they took just on intense Kelly's phone and wrote down all the numbers that were listed as do not answer. And then and we've put them on a hat and draw one out and they have to see. Who we saw. If it's woman's voice it's obviously from just found. May his voice it's going to be from Kelly sound but you have doubters I think I have had him. Conditions and I have a yeah okay Janet I would like I have a few in there do not answers they could be. Male or female. But here's the thing Jennifer. Good. Oh yeah my iPhone name nine on and off you and I have both. Experienced. V. V. Springtime. That occurs post divorce. A lot of stuff for Indy mood is in bloom. If there's a lot of things. Did frames and then this season before every discovering things right and we have an end mediate an end you do haven't settled in Sioux. The summertime routine yet so you're just this solid rebound there's things changing in blossoming. In so there things you're you're would you say the very different person then. And I just don't know. In the shadow of my one year wedding anniversary this. Are out. When you opt out of this I'm Jim Kelly is a good radio life she's she's and it's a winning issue came to do this stuff for the show. I do do the show aha. So did she doesn't care she loves me I just as they set until now I just called her to tell her what was going on and do that couldn't have the courage. So adjust and have just having a month and those conditions what are you doing running every hour and I'm like it'll it adds. Yeah you never listen I'm worried about like that. So I'm just saying that if they admit if it's my. I mean it's Kim Kelly he is the same person she's and you know. Visiting. Multiple Loney had her years. Now let me is that I think there. You trying to say is thank you weakling your way out of this I'm just saying that I want everybody to keep in mind that shared my number come up. It I'm it's a different I'm different now that was then it's just different. Ratings if so you're just giving a fair warning don't judge you on whoever answers the phone if it's one of the ones out of your fountain. Now he's trying to opt out now he's. I'm trying to I'm I mean if you guys are are cool doing that detail yeah if you don't mind. If you guys are cool there decathlete 48 hours too far when your wedding anniversary this awesome you know I am cool that if you guys are by. Some I doubted it. Cali dollar eighteen jet engine shallow she would be and it four. Just the sheer entertainment value and listening t.'s school arm while talking to Max and it's there's a 5050 you pulled three numbers from philly's front street understands that 5050. We want now and tell. Tony solitary answers a day I directly and do it after we try to give away tells now sags wanna make sure that we all understand. It's a different where everything's different. What do you mean I'm different and I even put a do not answer in my thrown in in forty years probably. Three years so. Forty how long years all I just thought of something. Can I was just a minute Jeff yeah okay sorry. He no she is a different name. I can't really lays it out I don't think. I'm gonna come back and we're gonna call somebody listed as do not answer. Could be somebody from just under isn't even tele town and there you have to carry on a conversation with that person and you're not loves using kind hang up okay neither one have you eat anything below. Oh we why are like chit chat. Olds chit chat is solace and it. Put my name would look like you're making rules would you say your name on the show or some hot again. A. Star in 941. Not answer groove left on somebody's taking your phone as do not answer. You certainly don't wanna intentionally call them ever. But I had this idea yeah. Dame because. We were talking about what people are labeling your phone and I heard it Jeff dollar and Kelly she's off the air flown back and forth talking math how many do not answers that they actually had in their phone. Still you and a few more than Jeff dead but I took three out of your voice behind. He's very out of just found we're gonna put in Manhattan here in dry out one number and then column and if it is. Woman on the other hand it's probably similar illnesses and just found as they do not answer if it's big guy high and it probably came out of Kelly found in either one of them are gonna have to. Silly just jump in there and Sarah had a nice conversation so yeah. You guys at four I just oozes out of the CD is just shocking and Don Brown got high. You really didn't see this and I think he's gonna yeah. And yet ready. Now that they jammed by the way look we get the whole schedules because this is sure learned that you wanted to weigh confess your crash everything. I'm pretty sure I mean are you special addressed the Gramm always sort. So yeah yeah yeah that was a really resounding yeah I mean who doesn't I'm here that's this is my dream of a absent and Amanda OK he's hero please here I mean we got Allen and Eddie. I'm not for content. Lilly fell on her arms his front tire. So yeah hour slider and his knee he had did you walk on the numbers out indulging us on the surface it's a duty. Meaningful. Yeah. Blue. Hello how. Yeah I mean. Hey. Saying her. And say. Hi U there I didn't. And I'm looking through this. It is man. I'll manage. Yeah it had heard I'm sorry added that we job. But yeah I had it's really early round. This could. Are we I mean I know he's been amendment is is are we have played this game. Tomorrow. We'll play. What are. I'm sorry I I've I really I have no idea what's going on right now. So ahead of you Ben and their well. It's yeah see. I'm young. I'm only. Then. You have. I and star ninety ports. Let's. And. I didn't get added that met the edge and I'm in your own and do not and thirteen. And you million. I haven't. Them. Well it. Yeah. Are you and I and darn it people are. I'm here and then you're not and there. Even have no idea I am trying to figure out. So who. Hulu does that let it. Who didn't do it well I that's 51 of our friends you text that you got which one did that. I did it I'd have a power out you really had no idea why. I know who you are exist. I'm not a legislator I lose or I lose that game. Outfield walls. Odd he is straight line you girls. You have died you have to say it and then I get Baird. Gift aren't. It did a typical ROK let me. Well yeah. Hampton inn name. Amy you. I know now just Johnson saying now that it's actually doesn't. Eight. But their hotel. The night he died after naturally. Think she hung up. She's gone I have no idea what that means. Could you at least narrow it down diss it like ten blue. Not only. Nobody knew like her voice I could you cool. Antonin. The record I'm fancier that I am an. No license rig I have no idea big class. Aussie dollar yeah. I have no idea what Hampton and mean mom and I swear to god and I think. That and didn't mean is where I stay in New Mexico and go visit Kelly's family. It's really my only experience and Hampton and I think. Thank you know I need containing the medical waste. Know every girl sounds the same except for you you sound like a gross out of an. Oh. Well that went well. I can with so did investor question and next. Yeah we knew anything you want coming out and exercise is different than. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.