Director JP & the Pants Debate

Wednesday, April 26th


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And yeah see. And leasing your next chance to win jet engines 100000 dollar birthday box next to seven point. Starting now before wind. China showed director JP. Scheduled to get married October 20 that is the plan. Been there done and it back it's. He is both blissfully in love with this beyoncé I eighty. And they are getting ready to start life together and you already have a life together but this is here. The next step is your real life and I can Pennsylvanian. Yeah I was looking at our. Food for our wedding yesterday in Pittsburgh area I was so excited. And the football well. I think that you are making it terrible missed. I think you are really well intentioned with something that you're dealing its wedding related. Bites I think it's wrong and I would like to set you straight. And I and our phone number 4042630941. And you'll also seen his mania. Glad to have a very excited about it food is never bad it's very important you know yeah. A judge you William explode for a 14630941. Of as you're listening to this. Conversation and you hear me try to be a Big Brother JP. And right this this wrong road that I figure headed down I would love some. I'd JP will you explain to everyone what the current situation. With your pants. I. I hope to hell took fifth I have two pairs of jeans OK one of my light blue jeans. Is that the zipper doesn't work today. And the current paired jeans and I'm wearing currently a ripped it church now church church church the bar. Okay what are important designation when mandate that state was chasing a ping pong ball that was going around I slid to the right on the QTQ. And rip my jeans and and I got stitched up so I have two pairs of poorly. Stitched up jeans and one other pair of a bad fly. There is kind of embarrassing I feel like I had daughters Heidi with might. Pit selection but it's purpose the purposes. To save money for the wedding whether it's 25 dollars other fifty dollars with a hundred dollars I mean a hundred dollars is basically a guest at your what it. Rights and Heidi and tired but the bill for the wedding and we might get a little bit held but it's pretty much going to be on I. So you touched I'm. Where I think you need to be set straight. Because we and you move from boyfriend. The fiance and then from fiance. The husband now gentlemen I need your help on this adults over there. Well on their Vista like Jan Jan is dead just sit back watch the show with Jay and his got the same look on her face. As. A person wore it to get on their face when a young child that is not errors except something fragile that you're just. Which can't wait your marriage amateur way edit it. I don't know about if you notice yourself to have but sometimes you can be brash about being brash attack a dreaded Big Brother nice because I think. Now that you are a beyoncé vs the boyfriend yes that. You have got to. Man up for a lack of a better word. And yet some chance that they'll air it here yeah I think that's crossed the line it's. You know I I did I answer your age you you're intentions. Our good write your intentions are jobs to save money for the wedding bites. That's all for him he's like that's funny spending money on any being. It's not waiting relate I'm really trying to put it off as long as I possibly. Even could be seen as an essential item. Other than food gas you are paying your bills it's been every bit extra. And going to this zipper on his hands does not work I know because I was the one in predicament on the hall all JP you learned or zippers now and he's following these pants or might want. The sentence and now it fiance. You can't show other people eager to eight PP class. Free air conditioning. I I think that it's time that I think I think you need. Do you find another way from operated when you come up with a hundred bouts and you do have rightly. Marshals. Or Ross or even a department store when it's time Faneuil. Pretty salty like special I think especially right on the cause of a big and tall in just extra large. It just depends on the store in this and the cuts. A malware and a skinny jeans I do squat scheme use and curriculum. Six if you like this transition from like always a man yes it's very important yes. Because it's how you hold yourself now that you're going to be a hugs. Because once you become a fiance. You are now representing two people and it's even more so when your husband that's right Felix and now I feel like my actions. Not only represent me. But also represent Alley and metal music I represent her parents her sister you know I mean. It's a weird. I'm on the fence of something you never a Britney Spears on I'm not a girl not yet a woman on another boy not yet a man I'm. I shall be welcome to the Jetsons and show. You're talking a man boy JP 5050. I Kat now I mean I want it I think. Have a let me let. Now that's the problem we had khakis and a guy like you can't post game but yeah I don't I don't we're at the work. A hard drive line. You're you are generating a note outlay. Lord of LA that's our. Barefoot right now and we're backwards hats and T shirts all the times I do take advantage of that rule your entries. Here. You're on his side. Yeah I mean I see one there right yeah and money are there wedding right there why. That they are that much you like today. She'll be there were no women of the world out. Trying to get your team here ladies. And Amy and may rat out what's going around. I think it out paper. Hanging out and work on I had a racquet that felt like I and it. It turns out. Good well is it is good and ever gone good yeah subprime shopping and you really can do that's my favorite T shirts there. Maybe it's time you do some Good Will Hunting in the pants. It. Lauren in Marietta what's happened. Let him down you and you know what weight you and Heidi decide together I mean what do you think about it. You know and Lorie and Angela I want to think about it perhaps I didn't see it by hand apnea. Lay is welcome to the advantage aria. I'm with the world okay. Let him deep he's trying to be a responsible adult that's the way to look at it are they did eat why didn't pennies. Getting ready for a really nice wedding and you know what. Do you get a look at it badly campus when he's at home it doesn't matter. It's zipper doesn't work. Like I can end up seeing his ugly and. I am not you control everything that he doubted it would. Hair and all I'm trying to help him become a proper highs being. Because the pain. Because of respect for his moment. Specter is respecting her and watching the finances. Are finances and is all about being a responsible adult. And and watching and making sure that the wedding is gonna be like the most amazing day I guess after that wolf that. What is at a solemn way of treating trauma that opens public can't persona. The guys that hit it doughnut day what if your are you married. On and if your husband's like do you think that he represents you as well. Well man I mean look I'm not gonna if we're going out if we're going out together right now he's not going to be wearing a tank top but it also depends on where it. What shall be elected a radio station. And see view. I isn't already talked about their radio station. They get laid Rees made to Dong off the bottom of the elephant that display at Atlanta zoo Atlanta. I think what JP's trying to do is is V is very admirable without a doubt because he's like you know what we're not gonna go into debt I'm gonna save money to pay for this way not gonna suggest charge the whole thing and I'm. Amenity financially responsible. And that have become his symbol for that its flag. Yes it is Braveheart yes it's it's flag in the ground I am not buying payments and that is knee. I've got beat. Many students return controlling. Tracy standards it be a Tracy rademan this. Which is that. I had the day at my outlook but it can't do. And I'd dot yeah there. Are you yet you. Bill where you buy. It anybody anybody like your back. Anything at all. Hi I am I don't know. Hiding it did for the I might get one Baird and that's that's a Elizabeth incoming. Okay now here's what they thought I'd get back at our need it that way active eight but as. I had then when he lit lyric baby daddy pair of pants they. In public he watched the very nicely he hung in and I might appear you owner relationship with knee are here. I guess. They are they. Eat it like not all. Like. You can eat pretty unlikely any new idea and like I'm not like when our wedding. And Mike and I. Did you know it matters that Picayune. A larger. None. Out and I think that we're telling that they get in the trash out eight. Money trouble and in outlay. I. Eric you're not telling the opening a year in a relationship you're marrying the woman. It's all about throw on some Macy's rated there in the wedding like an outline an ambulance would really have to get immediate ceasefire. I'm glad I got close for you. Let's bring into our lives then because. I can't get picky and Lillian are not. Yeah. It's a stunning attack you look at your her struck a nerve in her pain I was bound to happen. Sanjay welcome to Asia. I have I lead out if they're not that I don't gig that already take away that much about but they've always getting. But I think things. It's a slippery slope because then I'd buy a pair hands been Moody's and the guys are gonna get another pair met who I'm gonna get button down shirt who I'm gonna get this moment to get that at thousand dollars later that's then guess they could have been a when it. Mack eggs or eat you last Collins. Hey guys good morning. I just wanted to say that it you know that's that's a big probably to AT and playing that just by limit their man you know wedding guests. Easy enough. Yet he's not gonna throw away the hand as a gift I think I think everyone in this situation like that. Hi Matt Abbott I get a thorough review and you have a computer forget how to start to go find them. No country for JP thing. I did I did it for his engagement ring. Right the guys are back the double ago he got left out I may again you'll actually be the last call to operate in JP meg is gonna help you about a Canadian. The trick it eight so a aren't your older. There at the end eat that there and a bit hearing over your carton and then that. Talking about ingenuity and I don't regret our I thank you Magnus. And appreciate it. Lindsay wants to have the final word on this hey Lindsay welcome to the Jeff contention. Are good morning. So am I reading this comments correctly. That you. Lindsay from Woodstock Georgia. Proudly dresses your husband every day. And I definitely hate I have eight it close and yeah I'm home I would go on. I don't know anymore I don't care. I'll use there are things in my husband's closet that I just and again well so bad I just got the guts and did you ever. Lindsay how often do you remove something from your husband's closet. And and and throw it down at a garage sales are dropping out today in a church donation thing without him knowing. You look I'm an out of god and I look at it there are not very well. I'm not there I'll put it in the donate well. Did he think it'd just gets lost. Some people are he had literally had apparently you are and how it. Your world. He can't he doesn't he. Disney is ever come back and asked do you like. Hey. Is my hood either it's got to quote from a hangover two on it. Yeah yeah right and other animals that you are out. My guys this is so awesome I just love that Covert Mission Impossible music that playing in her and what you got an it closet don't don't don't don't. I CE. MI am on the thirteenth inning might actually know there's been cloak match aren't about to see that the a. Man you've got that I've never had courage to do that but there are pair of Crocs sandals that I wanna get rid of so badly teach me how you teach me how and at least. It does what it. To Unita have replays and gen we didn't win this last time he were Crocs handles it's like those water she it's like they should be worn only to the cool. But he'll learn to the grocery store early to go against Carolina we. It's they're terrible. I know I've spotlight so many different pair of like. Like I a sandals that are kinda cool right to replace him but he still goes. On that at all. I feel I feel like I should come over media hasn't taken advantage Lola. Lindsay thank you. I'd rather it techies ashamed and out of them on the radio. Things don't work. That you need to recruit Jimmy Sheffield gene can manage that you love it. If you listen to the show fraud you know she's training to be legitimate means. So she can ninja her way into the house and get the sandals out and I I don't have to be the one line aspirin to inspect and. Infiltrate. Doctor grant were there times that it. Plot to lifetime movie you most important class that doctor venter and removed the secret Crocs sandals. The others if you're only talking about yeah hey if you marry anywhere involvement Marietta city school. Not bring up your superintendents proxy. Team. They shot they blow. And bring brand. Delivering Avon. City money. Are you know before blind.