Did Robert Propose?

Monday, May 9th


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It's great schools. The Japanese yen show aren't ready for 100. Last week Robert called us he was all set to propose to his girlfriend. And it turns out his mother and lie screwed up this surprised he told her daughter his girlfriend. Everything. And she knew the engagement with and I mom dad and Robert when we last left him on Friday was trying to figure out just. There's no right answer you proposed then you've. This surprises Bruins right if you propose and if you don't propose that she's heartbroken because she's expecting it. What did you decide router well first of all before got a chance that first just tell us hey Robert how was your weekend. We can't wait great. Actually. OK so I am predicting that you proposed. He actually learned that here yeah. It certainly the news or currently second that they got me say it. And it Alford Sullivan won't earlier I was sick you know that if he's sick all week you know basically that that you loosely over. And I. Got home early. So how's life and the lights that. Camera angles tonight. Dinner. And I proposed to her since she walked in the door. The safe thing was my idea but you're the one Jenny said just do it earlier when she Jan one did you did you when she was sick and the toilet. Quote quote well. Hey and I actually thought about that a lot. Suzuki story about her since she got hurt luckily absolut. They're shaken some on on Friday expects to find you like cam data on the couch. Sic feel like crap and then instead she walks in their scandals and flowers and balloons and stuffed and what was it did you ask her the second she got through the door. Learn learn. That was voted this you know this story you know you know she expected there are sick actually when it's gotten gotten some one point oh yeah. And it killed an authority you know. I was Lesotho. That I want me. And she started I have noticed they are and exactly you're absolutely or. Be unnecessary bailout money. Now did you see that okay permit now deemed question did you tell her that you. Had to move up the proposal because of the her mother Emma did you tell her that her mom. He's you know a little bit about not knowing it was comedy it's like you can outlaw it countered belt which she did so. Try and get to. You know back and she said yes of course rightly enough that our. Book that you graduation so they've set a date yet what are you expecting children. I can't. Well glad it worked out Robert thank you another oh yeah. I think Indians. It's really sweet. Yeah yeah. Sure I coach thank you Robert appreciate it thanks thanks. Now that he's off the phones and can we arming knowledge the fact that. He might take got a hit on his mother and lines out of you re out of the previous movies good I was just that maybe smoked. He has he definitely he's got some pipes that suit you should unity staff for that championship. Yes and you promotions company yet exactly. It's the jet engine shift start 94 once. One. She doesn't change shall.