Did this Maid of Honor steal the show with her speech?

Wednesday, April 26th


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He's your drive and an. It helps drown out track. National duty here ball. Join us for themselves in a row every one more tonight on starry night before one and wind a 100000. Dollars that can be yours. We've yet to be listening to news star had 7:20 this morning and you have to have adverse. Stadium ever savagery have one of them fairly complicated if you have a birthday. Nearly as they get seven to money you can win 500 of thousands of heat and 100000. Dollars. With this idea here is this bridesmaid the cool is this most creative. Awful bridesmaid at her. Or is she just the scene stealer. And should never have done. To take the attention away from the right Ingraham guest. I think this is something that only would only one I think. I'm not because now because it's like emotional sensitive woman thing but because a woman is a. A bridesmaid. The day if it is all about the dump you on a man. And I'd see them horrible one ingredients like what were you thinking really app. I feel like it's got to be all about the pride in grant. But this wedding has gone I hold because of a brides many in the bright excited about it because it was her. Treating a wrap soon Eminem song but the lyrics to all about the couple okay so into nationally. Thoughtful. And she steals the scene announced on everywhere and now the whole wedding is not about the I'd. So about the right to give the bride's wedding. Mean. The reason it went viral is that there are you saying they dangerous territory it's dangerous territory again as her friends are you saying that I can have damaged my wedding but it's. All because that wasn't another human that the attention I brides and was on the baby puppies. And it was tallies picture. And Kelly's video is now in bright and Cali and her bridesmaids that went viral. I had. Win tally in her bridesmaids are having their pre ceremony pictures taken I had a bunch of puppies delivered to the that venue so they can it just take a five minute break from the stress of spending the rest of her life with me. Now yeah. And I want to you know ride. Ain't gonna deliver some. And is sick you really should be shared a guest house Nokia its its the perfect reason ago it was about her though doesn't tell about the threats made. So I'm just as dangerous territory if you're going to be the scene stealer from. A woman's wet and that. So it is about 72 tier of her raping two Eminem and trying to make Alba and we don't have to listen to the whole thing I. Isn't enough and that's and you waved me off to hit the button and we can just. I for a 14630941. Is our phone number if you had already seen this new one way in. I'll use that that number right now if not give it a listen for a few seconds meant for a 14630941. Is this. A wedding etiquette violation. Or is it a wedding party wing. Well out. I as I got pretty well I have some questions. I in the video the video by the way is on FaceBook right now seeing go to that Jeff intention of these agents aren't fluent isn't it laughter. I have some questions that they show the bride and on the video in what was her reaction. I've got to go check it out and seeks there's a couple of angles I have watched the whole thing and that. I am I say in question is who is more physically attractive the bride of the brides and boo. It's. And at the brides that really is the right. I Katie and can't welcome to the share. Good morning I'm curious and letting would have gone well. As she did that or the right. At my dad's steam healer. Or are you brag they're being a friend had nothing to do that you may. You don't think you think the bright approved that before it happened. I don't think that they do some you're gonna surprise the Bradley is an. You don't really liked it means they act and I at that. I didn't really bring you don't yet. It get there. At abbey itself is from a super tipsy. Wedding guests and wife waddle here is why these emotions pickle buckets and that applies at your wedding would you be mad if you're bridesmaid what are your bridesmaids you made about an urban did that. We have out letting you know that they were gonna do it. I CB had a lot of. Thought there was a lot of stuff. I'm not it wouldn't. A lot of creativity I mean I. I actually could find points to agree on either a right but she does steal the scene and I will tell you. I think that she and Brad looked very similar object okay about similar size and stature both Burnett. Both beautiful. Maybe it's her sister. Hey Katie indicator what's out. It's really important to. The people of the bride. Are there for her and they're stepping up and acting. Did it for the bright. Thing that the car is gonna remember it only amazing pieces that. The people she picked rock for her when they don't get in any shape or form over stepping. What they're dealing recur. I will tell you this I personally don't like it BK is now for the rest of the day it's morning. But for the rest of the day I'm going to be saying in the free can slim shape. There's no Eminem in your head until I go to bed tonight. Leslie in tennis now it's out. Maine ask I I think it flat and I don't think that the bride. Anything including had a but it's not like an inlet and outlet I. It's true they wouldn't have gone viral otherwise that's for share. That video is not is mostly all on the bridesmaid. And in the bride and are kind of standing off to decided to dance floor. Like watching him laughing so you really don't even get up close of the bride. I don't act like and let the name is in transit authority here over the air but where that I think they would name is Barack yeah anywhere. Well. I'd certainly be nice about I thank you. Know. I think it probably if he could have been Jeff and I have faith that they don't see it it's that first one redolent not they're seeking decide leave your comment. For making this wedge and it just didn't show shall certainly aren't.