Did Lorie Accept the Proposal?

Monday, April 18th


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Threats. Apple's Japanese yen shells Katie hall and we data we got Lori. I'm sorry we got Lori. Laurie good morning. Good morning they're worried that we wouldn't be able to hear the conclusion in this story. You have a good birthday weekend. I have fabulous birthday weekend in it until a little over budget. And noted today. All right first thing's first how was the date on Friday night with a guy who is not the guy who's gonna of those matters to you. It was actually opt really get. It was. Won that state in a really long time. In brunch and send. In her parents cents. Yet. Now that the dot of the weakened country. Am I forgetting anything am I leaving anything out utterly dead. Yeah well. I. Met. And that I think anybody that he came over there. After my parents likely it was like to do about it over the draft. 830 usually but whatever he and other. We. And then. Well and me of course he could pose as usual. At this point as usual is at the same words like yeah he starts at the same story you know it's coming our lap can you explain the proposal please. Well I mean he did it like he he's not you know. Michael White Knight or something that you know is very court case that they're organic and not. The heat at the moment at the green and talking about you know what. Do you. Oh. Actually we been talking helped like IE he can't practice hard. We need to you know I'm dating guys like in advertise means. Little bad. I have. Money into it saying that they're in school. Yanks. And 99. And nine. While. Well you know something that sweetener that's and a cute little Mac teach. You know it not. You know I think that it we we understand that he's not perfect for a year where you said that you might. At this point in your life. Say yes to him because of where you are in your life is that did you say yes to him. Well. You know it won't mean. We will see you know keep going. And so you know and even well. But for her acting actually say yeah. So you're waiting for him to make some changes before he did and yeah. So you give it to do. I. Mean I actually wrote a physical was out but it means you know. He did need to work guy you know eating healthy. Nutrition or all. You know I'm still alive now that it's like you're keeping. Keeping it. You know at age of facts and eating healthy and a travel that is the thing that I want to have in my life. So you basically said yes I'll marry you if you become a different person. Well I mean a different person who you know and I like. Numbers. Like it's a very. And the use of. Oh. He's out right now yeah. He's out running along the Kuwait. When one of them and Alex. Had to outlaw. All you have entered mob while acute. Mean by all it was sold. I'm off all of its. Potential. My goodness OK so did you tell you give them an answer in like minds like six weeks and you give them six months to get like what's the timeline here. I'll like get a couple of weeks we'll see how you know how he's doing so yeah yeah that is. OK give him a report card. It. OK so you say so you essentially said yes and you say yes asterisk. Okay. What about the Friday night or yeah. And another question would you give your kids astute of you guys and me out attributes and Bhutto and the proposal. Like most of it it's been you know. It's. We okay all right. I'm surprised you be interested in. They're fine print advertising jobs to India. Our drive. All right thank you Larry we have appreciated and we will definitely be checking him. Like thirty days from today seriously. I. Think you. It's amazing. About this guy he's such a public god it's amazing and some of the problem. We've seen him do you think that he would opt I don't know what prime minister ago fund before America and making the switch to this show for me welcome to business where you have to stand out.