Destiny or Creepy: Listeners Weigh In

Thursday, April 21st


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Jeff you should show us shell Vizio. To join the conversation at 4047. He's four under par sorry you all us hey Alex I don't question for you. About this guy Hussein use the message. You've stopped all of his socially idiocy you've obviously seen his fiancee right does his fiancee look. Anything like that girl Cassandra that he wants you to introduce him to or are they. And even close in appearance as he said that in his email hero what do you say I've dreamt about what this woman looks like. I'd dreamt that she's going to be. The woman so did it today lookalike. Don't go home. Hurry. But I don't want to reiterate that like. When my friend like you know so all social media Christine thank them very scary normal heart and that he got. Good shot and eat eat eat eat your employer it very attracted. He looked like. And down to earth they threaten acting seems creepy at all. You know like. He could you know your email center will go pockets that something is like creek beach but but nothing so it makes it even. The mortgage car and like harder to decide what to deal. Item at three and hold them or that we that we had every five mine is lit up so. Everybody's got some advice for you Stephen from kin joins the Jeff intention Hayes Steven. Wright are there. The head what's the advice for Alex what she did witness. Well first saw this guy is garbage. Are you very engaging very committed. And can you say that you didn't work out with in the container. Called the opposite. Would blow up. How do you think it's not he has right now didn't feel. The guy that I have loyalty apparently and I got here the winner Alec. Oh yeah a million movements. Israel today you know little there are not loyal coverage or leave him. I think Steven. Hey Heather. Whichever Alex. Okay this is destiny because I had. I know another story where a warm and mother was ill and she won her daughter to get married issues like I'm gonna get married and she could to do that you that a brand name. And then after her mother has the way she met the guy with a brand name that she had instead. Yeah they ended up being hurt at all I got married live happily ever after. And I am warned Italy you have your all of that got in they quite have it or resent. And there is helping implement our site even if there is gonna picture and I think she need to talk to their mutual friend and cook them. Ali even though he's engaged in the matter dating gay about Mary. How and how mare. Sprint and Stockbridge which got. Hey act saying that it really not a you to withhold it because what they respect the destiny or not. These individuals should be able to the fact that put them so well are you withholding that information you may be holding up well yeah exactly if what what part yeah. You know one of them may have someone else but they're supposed to be there and you've got the lady you thought you know beginning of march since you bin. A little volatile you don't build whatever it is what you've got management that not even the fact that he's willing to put his relationship with his fiancee at Ritz. You'd probably hit hard so that you go to people for the fact bill. So she you're saying. You're saying Alex almost has an obligation to pass the message to pass along. Because they feedback I've received filled up so much at that she doesn't it doesn't. Long. Really dean Brenda oh I. Okay Kimberly in Macon. Me and my thing is the fact that. They actually be engaged and that partly I want to begin when buying. It needs they'll iron that he were to pursue this flat at eight he the F probably beyond saying we like look. Didn't want bill. And what everybody and it what's hitting rather it Alex after on the great cast here or not it's like you get from his fiancee. It's Cassandra reality there afternoon at the right yeah have I didn't know. Unbecoming to pick your. Good thank you Timberlake saying own mind it's still I didn't why do you feel kind yeah well you're welcome for that. But yeah this is possibly just cold feet. He's about to get married he's engaged to somebody else he's grown through and through Graham he's mutual friends with Alex and he's like. Public girls so beautiful maybe I'm making the wrong decision. I think. I think you have now written him back at all right well. I think. We need to talk to him. You think you would talk to god if this is would truly what he believes you said he lives in Oklahoma. No retreat to his fiancee lives in Oklahoma. Right so he can combine the radio in Atlanta and nobody would have any idea and she would now right. I thought looking I don't want her. Well today and it died all the social media is that we have as employers com alert and say you know I it and find that I did it yes. Oh my heart and alright yeah. Know you got to treasure that I did get my decision right and just isn't there another impression is ouch do you wanna be on the call when we do that. Partied Avon academy eavesdropping. Yes. OK what do you. Federal court or her brand and our right well I don't I know I have been all right we're gonna figure out what did you hold on our galaxy Gregory back within an effective. Okay I saw Alex I called the that word number long whenever and now I got voice now and then use the little. Directory things and got to his voice nominates ignited in the massive series. Okay. I have always been. Ready here's a related we're gonna regroup after this year there are a table that for now. We have to decide whether or not you should leave a message or Jana and I should leave the message we just have decided we should send an email actually be the voice matters to him on the phone so what do. Occasion and you are out there. We're iWeb I think he's gonna be more likely doing you do writ so we're gonna table here that connection to Cassandra. And if you're available right after the show we'll call you will sort it out. Yeah yeah of the gate keeper and this is gonna go one of two ways T they're gonna mean. Beautiful destiny. Match. Wore a couple of. So all we're gonna how you're into this show. And all figured out okay. Old home thank you for either you from reactor he granted it is how crazy. And don't hold it that's our week.