Destiny or Creepy?

Thursday, April 21st


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Sarah Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall we those we can't do it without you. Laughs from world war so. Before Andre thanks for making. You've still got these 41. Jamie you're gonna be so. Fascinated. By this upcoming segment it is free. So many layers. Didn't intriguing for sure definitely intriguing and we're gonna meet soon so. I hold onto our phone number because we're definitely gonna need opinions on this because there is no. Right answer. For Amanda reached out to a woman VA aims to Grammy instead. I think in my soul mates is in one of your pictures. And I need you to connect. That's. The nice yes this is pretty crazy OK let me grab Allan really the creepiest thing or the most romantic thing. The even over her right hey Alex. Hey thank you for thank you for bringing us our way. And wore on and we have your letters the letters that were sent to usage and is gonna read them. And then will combat Kentucky okay. Well. Okay this comes into Alex's inbox Tuesday 3:18. PM dear Alex. You don't know me and I don't know you and there's no way to do this without sounding creepy so I'm just going to go and I got your email from a link on your instant Rampage you know I have a mutual friend and I found into Rampage from hers about a month ago. You're welcome we welcome to ask him about me until today I have been perfectly normal. In a few photos you posted there is a Brunette woman named Cassandra that caught my high. Not only issue stunning as she is exactly what I have imagined and dreamed what my wife would look like since I was just to kit. I know that sounds really really crazy but I swear to god it's true. And it's about to get even stranger I voice thought I was going to marry a woman named Cassandra. My family and best friends notice and it's kind of a joke people set me up with Cassandra has since high school. But for whatever reason my wife's name has always been Cassandra and she looks just like your friend. I was wondering if you could introduce a somehow. And what ever way she feels most comfortable email FaceBook whatever. I know every word of this email is strange but I truly cannot stop thinking about her and wondering if I should know her. Below I list my contact info every social media account that I have and my employer. Whatever I need to do to make both you and Cassandra comfortable with this whole arrangement I will do. I really do know how strange bases and I'm sure it's a little scary. But I'm completely normal human who is wondering if somehow this was all meant that he. I promise. Thank you in advance trapped us a guy narrow. Hold on before you read the next page. Something really. Romantic and sweet and I think its own destiny story right okay so we're just talking about that latter so. Alex at this point. You've gotten this he now are you thinking romantic and sweet are you thinking creepy what's going through your mind after you read the first team now. I being here. Completely. Didn't art but also. Really involve Britons don't kind of romantic and sweet. And of course it down below is list and I'll Travis is stuff. And click done and all and everything about it seems to indicate this is like normal Mattson sort of weird. Bizarre dating skiing am weird creepy Cassandra stalker it all seems legitimate this plan right. Who now what's the time and the second email. Second email comes in at 324. Country first and comes in at 318 assists in six minutes later six minutes later. Dear Alex and sure by now you have noticed that I am engaged. I didn't know how to put that in the first email after I hit send I realized I needed to say something. I would appreciate it if you could respond back to at least me. To let me know that you got both of my emails. Thank you Travis for a he's engaged to somebody else. But curious about this other person for 0474. Line 9400. Now you're like aiding and abetting in it. Cheating scandal you're like OK just turn. Turned weird. So Alex ward are you what are you thinking of first of all let's start and against so many questions first of all. Who is Cassandra in what is her relationship Tia. That's another thing I I don't know it's handed out well it's different different mind so. I can't help out Turkey Asia a lovely girl by. It felt like she may close friend a good look and you'll like it usually. Sort of talking most. And we look him up together and you know we need tough competitor hours that. I don't even know her well so sick to bring the security and you know I collect like is that the bloody thing that I don't know what I want and yet. She's a girlfriend she's not a one on one friend again never hung out to one when she's like always like. Potentially in the group a couple of people removed. Exactly this season I had me meet creepy. He seemed really aren't right yeah did she lives here as she lives in. Wall I was using eminent. How and where it is Travis Lewis. Com. You won't care I had hoped he would kick me. As you can Oklahoma. OK. That would add a whole lot of ink and while you know how they have even get them together and let. But the weirdest thing and that you know you immediately think it is creepy. But it's so well written and aware that he knows if it's weird you know and cultural. On it we'll do it you kind of romantic that incident. In stream ever since he indicated. So. Important breaking EL I don't mean little intricate penal meat eat and sit that I connect to entrench its record I can't make putts. Actually the evening when I think at how yeah. But the couple girlfriend. I'm so I mean they had Berry split either late. The couple and I like don't do anything it's it's it's weird I'm. And then a couple of them are like you know this. It sounds. It is demeaning about you that it's like concrete feet left and I. Pitched the paramedic and a match I think you know came men. And then it got even lord split where some people like you need for the cute it's beyond day. Then yeah then you're really involved if you do that hey I gene and then what's up. Let's give me and I seeking its industry might yet sleepless in Seattle. I can feel bad for his ear are they put it the same time I think you follow your heart right and I just think. He's. It's what you need to do much and I think he's brave for doing it could be never sexuality never gonna now put it earlier it's our entire. Is. I and again admit something I've never seen this in Seattle. Let's that's that Tom Hanks Meg Ryan yeah the kids sets him up over the chat room yes moving block okay. So romantic. It. Well. It and you I think it would be romantic and I think everybody would be on board with just passed along to her and then step out and he would be out of it that she would be. Not hindering destiny but. But regarding NBA age is dads on its almighty. Hey a man out there. Welcome to show Amanda. Hope guys I think that they're bigger teeth here it's not weather expert massacre pre heat the point where he didn't let age. We'll need to risk his relationship went beyond that need for a woman he'd never even Marat I know absolutely nothing about. But he think this could be his desk this can be is. Soul mate he's dreamed. About this woman and. Then five men together or not. Floor and he platter. All war is all our destiny for his fiancee. That she is supposed yeah. The residue somebody else may be its destiny for Alex. Alex is supposed to be with Travis. No no I have to pay all. Oh. I got Alex hang and 404741. And 9400 is our. As our phone number the lines are tired pretty jammed right now but didn't go into room quickly so. We will allow what advice what does she do this yeah for a 474194. Underworld wolf I talked to you Alex and and we'll take calls from the from the jet engine chip family next okay. People or article thanks for bringing it to us thank you.