David Muir Interview Part 1

Monday, June 6th


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She now. Sooner wildlife service though we heard. Now. I go into that I know. Just leaving Eli getting it about. They gave it. How are. David worries Jeff dollar. Would have thought they landed at a morning show now. I. And without. David it's been really fun to talk with Jeff about how you knew you were gonna be a journalist from such a young age to Hussein that in the library you guys do your first new casts. And through. You were thinking it was describing the dirt that it could possibly true. And everything's dead is probably true. But I'd also like the local news I'm Adam. Was essentially the Walter Cronkite app that you were after him. Again. It interject that thirteen fourteen years old parent to drive them will break. You know in the news or they would quote child abuse call them back from like different it would measure. How much I've grown. Might look at all of each time and just it took to the a ball. They have not start with that packet about control. And at a very early age. Do you have any of those tapes there's old school okay as the ways it was you. In it was was it Tony Perry did wed there. Right and. Yeah I remember it was the yeah it was it was Tony Perry has a rich content of news. Network for anyone who. Anyway wouldn't be willing to do it. I'm sure you're reminding me of the extent this recruit like while I don't used to yeah potentially equipment of the. Well yeah in any I'll take it like David and it is it it's cool to be able to say there's not really a lot of people like its annual wine and it. And I don't remember what grade WOCESTV. News began. But I do you remember that you're so committed to. And we we're gonna film on Tuesday's like no matter what. You'd feel mines use these girls you would get fired and I was still the same gadget geek that I am today right says he made me the cameraman. And I like the producer earned like I had the league. When the VCR used again this giant carts that you tip over and Kelly one in an instant yeah a court order I would we yield that from the library down into the the real Hillary do it and we film WOCS news. Oddly David you're our good friend of Jeff dollars from middle school and high school. And now sits in the anchor chair yet he's the second most successful person a amount of net revenue from a couple of now. The anchor of ABC's world news tonight. You went against efforts had Mimi right. I did. In their bodily. Radio entered Islamic on the news at. Student they were doing that back when we were you know middle school high schools a lot of respect for the. David I actually said that to their face. And I was at. I was in a radio convention maybe half a dozen years ago and I got an elevator with agony. And ice on my god you're Ted navy. I grew up listening to you all through middle school and I think and maybe even Brian bright bright and I'm David and you can you can see the look on their face the happiness of being recognized and the order. Go at. More. We'll let you know it at the reminiscing is is cool but let's talk about. That's reminiscing our Asia because. Jess says David that you had perfect attendance in school is that correct. It you get the rear of the and that is ridiculous this is your life. From fourth grade I did today school and it's so funny because that would that we can you know red carpet so there are certain. Spain's. A milestone little more special that you set particular entry yourself that you think it's really a matter of months. Hamster that that's something. But but he could not add up to anything then I mean I needed to date for all through graduation but it became like. Me. You know put an internal goal. Because what you graduated and now they don't say this kid you know that they've school nobody ever nobody ever other than people who. Thought I was crazy you're doing a warrant shall. So. We'll lose him back yet. I don't know how that happened and I'm little a little sick at. It just gets you wanted to accomplish that all I think I think it's pretty impressive. Once you get when you get halfway there and you can't you know Quincy you start in fourth grade by the time you get the light. Freshman or sophomore year high school he'd be missing him. Her senior year they were waiting from the parking lot at what abducted her for part of the morning that. That was leveled throughout the try to ruin. Brit David. Attendance record which is so stupid looking back on that. You know honestly. It was like what we mentioned earlier Michael all electric. I you know if any that are skeptical that there's an important that's I realize now looking back but it. Let the pressure on. Quicktime and we didn't Dave in New York news anchor of ABC's world news tonight and good friend. Just dollar pits or weird religion and ordered secret revealed and it and a David tomorrow we come back sometimes you want. Jessie.