David Has A Unique Gift for His Girlfriend

Thursday, January 5th


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Where he doesn't feel like war we have hundreds. Your son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. This one is gonna be it tough to beat this is David from Lawrenceville says he's giving the best event gift ever. And apparently it's attached to that he's already gotten. Yeah how electing showroom. Floor. Well he's not going to give it circles for years now and you know she's just like cringe is amazing. However we've never really discussed merit system route didn't like in the works sort of you know tone and content which is and the we know. Live they've let they've cleared by your countrymen and however if she you hurt in the deciding it was a search center is her father she loved her others she's. Cute birdies. And he's great man resume excellently and very kind to me we didn't know. Welcoming munitions ultimately they're so. She's she's such he didn't colonel who should look into your father all the time. He's went ahead and lose Derek Chris Saunders place. Tattooed on my chest. We'll it's. The theory is yeah. Yeah. Yeah I hadn't won understood serious. Good read on my heart of it on my last text. I'm hoping says how may yet how big is it's been unity and a kid he's concerned you don't you should look like a little bit of bass or so well. David is heard and it's her dad still live. Yeah he's so lives. Yeah he's alive and well you know there's no big memory that term is just eyes are just just about certainly would be something extra urgency you know every night political editor. You know whenever. Like she's going to be looking at her dad. While the two review. Arm snuggling yet. Yeah I mean you shouldn't centimeter shaft laid some weird but actually she would. You know during winters are controller. That looks. I have some Brazilian. Did you have a lot of think. I'm not like that you tend to go please but I do have a huge contract and that's what that this will be might export terror to. Okay. Got it booed so what do you think she's gonna say. How we feel all OK now your answers and questions first. You know I I don't know I had hoped she loves its emergency this shuts its inaugural Soledad Cilic kicks that other. It is you know just as good or not necessary to minister to remind yourself to have. See you will find it most remarkable yes cereal how would you feel if she guy like I tattooed tattoo of your mommy is a tramp stamp. Oh yeah. Yeah. And so did little to turn around I mean I love my mom but it'll only have a relationship there and hurt other do it. The chances might feel a little putting. When are you gonna show this to. Listen we're on Christmas he's OK okay and are you spending time with her family. Yeah yeah and yes we believe there are hundreds results are well these are you gonna show everybody at the same time. I will be a billion and ultimately. This is. You are brave and while. Okay can you please hold on that we're gonna get your information and we wanna talk to you on the first week in the near comedian that. Sure absolutely I permit owl on the Lang your generation. Out to you the first week of Tony San I have because well Emmett Till the kind of thanks for service I was able to our DNA in them weaknesses. Hillary you know you need them. He's running get it done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overload office it's just enjoy and Shia on starring Eddie for a long line.