David About Town: Winning the Gold Medal

Friday, August 19th


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Did jet's engines show. Dawn ready for a one. TA the Olympic season and that is why David hit the streets of Atlanta. You know I so let's be honest none of us are gonna ever win an Olympic gold medal and at least not sports wise let edit I don't look like a hurdler to. Maybe a shot putter got inundated weakening early I think in essence and if yes I think that needs to be our goal. But there are other things I feel like that we can win the gold medal and like drinking I could delay a whole handled. No problem that he thought that. Impressive. So these people that like that they can win the gold medal in their old types of. The injury I think I could probably drink about twelve gallons. I knew it I would win an Olympic gold medal we'll let them. I've found a bloody marys and soon that there. I get out what I can out going losing seven letting me if I go. Lourdes I definitely gonna gold medal for the most seen as consumed in five. As many as a lineup I'm going to take them. I've been a gold medal for drinking the nice bottles of wine Jay Nixon. I couldn't tell like three and four bottles why buy myself an afternoon. But it ask some him. Atlanta alcoholics anonymous and no right should an afternoon should be crowded with a and so the next thing I asked why is all those alcoholics out there what would you in the gold medal in Kelly what would you in the gold medal and if you had to go shopping. Com and going into aria Lance. One thing on mine and walking out with 300 other things I honey you know my god if it's. Freak in wars. And is there an crap any large editor and next thing you know you've read factory. Eggs that is exactly what happened. They even need nine you can. That's at bottom what I needed it was a lint roller that I forgot. And it paid on Friday and spending. I spent all my money on nice to have that problem clothes. And a gold medal land. Thank clothes and she found everywhere I go ahead and in another room we'll. I would win that gold medal and you find the find led the advance in the back. I'm gonna get this guy curses and three pairs of shoes and their events there. I would win a gold medal. Board shopping on Amazon on Amazon prime day and I thought fifteen items in a two hour period. Returns. To. And then bought it five more items. Impressive right I would I really envied people who are geared at the goodwill hunting. And and it do you like the people who goaded it will during the pursuers. In and leave would like these super high end items they get for annie's and the dollar. My problem is known each. Now I am over onto 80 he am overwhelmed I get in there and look like the mountain of shoes that shiny racquet. Of of jeans and I mean let's let's be honest if you go through twenty pairs teams. You know half of them you win player and and after the other one. At the time as the screener he yeah I mean but somewhere in there these gold bars of Adam where these are all right. I think it's super high end brands the you're gonna get like four bucks. You know and Tuesday in the patient that was an egg. Team I'll remember on it that she walked in on everything design it's just at her and gravity or animal ever hear it in. Her armpit theory. That's not so jealous of those people Atlanta Georgia connect Heatley and talk personally goodwill grilling he says I can set as. I wouldn't make it paid Rihanna to form a constantly would still be cheaper than even active in arts from Akron. And we know and she's been out she is that we went in on time and she locked Alec is fantastic raincoat and on samaritans like. Terrible terrible sure that I just got to McKeon got a. It will not right right right and he's been a dollar fifty handsome new unit donated yet exactly and think about that this I think a favorite subject of the illegal now have to be eating. Because I would line I would get the gold medal in crushing chips and salsa and chips in case at a Mexican restaurant. To a level where an uneven hungry for raw. Deal and destroying my amputated a Mexican restaurant and chips alone. Going the most extreme length for chocolate. I want pulled a piece of chocolate cake that was on sites out of the garbage. And one time I open a person's care package and that they talk about and then the next event. All the metal. Or iron that checking any contact. I can and a whole lot of marshmallows my mouth at one time fifteen to eat Zack Hager. Windy Olympic gold medal game cheating on and utter I think this entire top in one day with Texas and island at Olympic gold medal. Most Chinese food in and day which include mental issue Minnelli. Tiny vegetables have a monster summer movie got me. And Jennifer. As panda expresses fear personally I. All right like all that in one day and you're gonna be dead in life. Or at. That was when Atlanta has to offer for their own Olympian. And ankles and beat them in every category this Jesse James shell sell off.