David About Town: Teachers

Friday, August 5th


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Or make it this way it's just it's. OnStar and not before one and it is Friday and we are wrapping up fired its official teacher appreciation week here on the jet engines show. We had a great time and her teachers only happy hour and Woodstock that mad life studios where we gathered teachers only in the ground. And at an off site. Operation in offs say. Collaboration. Move located at refreshing Redford yes and her friend sipping beverages helped us. Turn that into great teachers tell all events we had a great time getting to know all the teachers that. Came out and they were willing to confess what it's really affected the teacher and learn a lot of yes we did fitness and everything Stuart David about town. Our Friday edition. From the teachers we are right. Right and so. Something a lot of people don't really know about me is that when I was in college I majored in early childhood education you did or hot. Because it why why did you what did you love its Newark yeah I like his and you don't want any in my own but I like other people's. And sending them home but I like it I can give right exactly you know it's it's fun to hang around them and feed their thinking and what they say and but one somewhere after I declared a major got the classes that were to daycare. And when it'd it was insane there's one kid that at a lot of different things like at a federal abruptly. If you like I'm not necessarily buying yeah I am not dealing with this take a major broadcast journalism a reported on the news. Did you do before you I've. Before you left the grass and did you teach in the shark and like he was right using it. And so lot of that if he to happy hour you are on stage and now that it with the teachers and they were told me about all the great things on why they're doing this and I was like to listen. I know what you've gone through at least a little small scale because I had to go through all that does it so he really mean tell me what's your worst experiences. I don't like being drowned out fine. I think it's time on CNN. That there is Paramount and I'm sentenced to me CN. I'm telling him there's something to come. A hot. Happens to you it kids. Not a whole lot of warning that projectiles and. Well that ended average because because they have been vomiting and now. What are out and out of monetary your way. Yeah I'm just like and you still came back to left of that though a bit colder than it seemed like you need to find of permits I'm done and and you go home and me in Clorox and yet this has been teaching for real asset and absolutely and think. And then there is another teacher and she loved talking about how she loved it helps us students who are struggling and without it your clicks it's just the proudest moment for her but. She said there was one moment that really almost made her quit teaching. I can't see Eric out there and they didn't like what I was telling me. I quit right it is. This is I'm hash tag teaching career over this is not so I'm hash tag teachers are saints yeah samarra from I hang dance and act like pay teachers more money. Seriously teachers are how much are straight to see episodes it's not like that it can cross the like that and one. And so I'll maybe it's going to be such a major. Yes I actually think a and then there's the guy talked to achieve the high school teacher he adds that a totally different into the spectrum and he loves the impact that he makes on these kids but. It's really hard if they just knowing so. Now. The years he gets worse it was worth. It's just wanna sit around their house some months. Now running at school. If you gotta gotta catch a multi trump substance of it probably about. Or get them so that's as bad faith that if you're ahead of the game by just showing up. Just attending school and you may be ahead of the pack just just fun. I don't bet you'll have to let that absorb everything but it still be in class right the and so there we talk I talk to an English teacher and she said her favorite part of the job is to seeing. The kids have already graduated come back and talk about awesome things that they are doing. There was one moment a weird moment that has made her cry. Well my third your TV on I've seen it I headed back. Even match being with other. Can I get back. Pretty horrifying terrifying. And I went home on. And if she had til key chain and I had that these people go back to the classroom is amazing yeah. Does god bless you teacher people he has literally a little bag of baffling that the most random main initiatives. For. But I think the funniest. Response by effort got when I was there was found this woman was special education teacher and she loves. Teaching his children sing how far they come and they have to take with them on the milestone tests every year to see them passes like her greatest accomplishment. But her words XP it's teaching is an evenly kids it's the parents and it's hysterical house seat right. Now. It's easy kids. Having a hand that feeds hurts my town is everything that means all. And. After with them I'd be refreshing beverage is yet okay totally alive and that definitely has tagged teachings for. While we appreciate you teachers and think of him being back to school one more year in the classroom and think you've taken on him again well. You enjoy it be a part of the jet engine chip unit at happy hour. Which has now been renamed teachers selloff because that's what it is you have or add back any of the separate broadcast this week we appreciate very much thank you teachers asked likely teachers aren't. Or make it personal it's. Out on star not before one.