David About Town SweetWater 420 Fest Preview

Monday, April 25th


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This leeches on this dog now. It's his old self. This past weekend Jen was out of town and out all the time and then erase where that is out there. Coast in South Carolina used a little bit south of Myrtle Beach now you know who I pretended she was all last week she's like I had girl's trip to Polly's island among it's great. No idea what that was never intended like headache of everybody around here there's Akamai tonight. Natalie there yeah it was a great little weekend the way it's prettier than we saw Richmond has been bathing suit just air gay had talked is about and hammered on Friday night. Nine goodness. Well we're all is beautiful beach out and a bunch of us are moms in a way from the feeling in the kids all the husbands to government for the weekend and I go. We live it up I think we went through like five bottles of champagne and come on now the thing is we we've borrowed that headache the next day. I was as they review being a fairly new mom. You I only drink and it's hey Larry I was way out of practice and did it pretty poorly on a whole lot of I spend Friday night down at the 420 fast and kudos. To the folks at sweet water for throwing. This party for a dozen years now and outstanding. Weekend at Centennial Olympic Park the lineup is so cool so fantastic and I was down there Friday night. I got a decent comedy and the comedy stage and then I hung out now watch Cyprus bill. It was just it was it was perfect I want this day. Lleyton decent people watch it made it Kid Rock but it was a long week of getting up early so Stan. A certain fee hit a wall yeah time yeah have you down there he got to have a beer or two in the annie's cat tired in the man and so I was like. Sam beer. Balked and often went home in analysts pushed through like I honestly I was almost awake for 24 hours now I I did see. Kelly from our show she was down their Friday night was planning to make a weekend and use them forward looking up with. David on Saturday and I think that happened right to help out I would Lincoln laid it out day. So actually got there I think just after I left and she I got her hooked up with our other new part timer on OK guys. Donna many down there because we are schedules worked out to do it the same time perfect and I needed her because for some reason a cult like Friday at a local in the morning I can't hear very well on my left ear some like. I need her to listen to audio what's that. It might come to think about it again and I can hear you. Aside from that I really any Israel's ability to picture I got greeted the people's voices because. I could hit you've got good audio that I'd be David about town that will air later this week is gonna features him. Q&A happening down at this we won her fourth when he passed the Davids got to a little bit of a preview and terrorists and hi this is going to be fun what is your favorite Stoner. I'm I don't get the words favorite because anything on its its judgment or limitations of these pagan premier vocabulary when a big humans ask us. So right now what would you like he. I look directs and so this should be an HDTV show called the munchies. And I'm excited to get all of it does he know. It is residential ranch. 30000. New York SE but extra cheese pepperoni at fresh basal. Yeah. I'm not I was isn't yeah. Now. 99 Lexus dealer just radio that's in the yeah so I'm what is your favorite. Not Stoner food but romantic. Yeah. And closed dot com. It's going to be trying to and I was so excited I am so it's like an innocent kid out so soldier growing up plate. I don't even know had a late in hale a five wanted to hear us and there they rose taught these people in their likable. We need to hook you up on my. Alone I'm okay paying this. Is your family and Carter's no praying for you right now and again America and probably really seeing him and I gave him what are they do still make. And now. Another talkative he could always call from him on today give him out Brandon Knight he has not allowed to go to anything called for twenty festival that is terrible groh have shouldn't need for a rebound all. Oh the. Start before one.