David About Town: SweetWater 420 Fest

Friday, April 29th


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Early horrible. If they day on the jet engine shall not just Sony and if you score beyoncé tickets to see here at George down. We might just do it at the end this conversation yes senators just deal that's. It around it beyoncé is your thing. But and you're gonna be out there David about town is always and producer David. All over the streets of Atlanta to talk to the find citizens. And you will be at the beyoncé concert is that the plan how little that is the plan look for for David he's got. Some great ideas for out there at the Georgia Dome on Sunday that last weekend. David was that the 420 festival talking to these some of the find that celebrants. Out there enjoying the sunshine the music and nature phew well. So David headed out to be for Tony festival and made himself at home amongst the people and their performers the best deals in the can rocks. The cypress hills in the Ludacris as. But I was David. There's a lot of five and it was really interesting. So people are out there on my guys. Like Centennial of a party activists packed so what is that like 20000. Automatic judging numbers continue to be one million people and many million. One community on sir David doctors about some of these people that commands everyone that I met with some nice yeah folks. And I was just so much. Good audio because so many people every one I asked I think there was maybe one person that that money and let's didn't wanna pretty angry I was still like him had a five. Everybody man you're cool is that there's cool man doesn't hang up okay yeah. There's a certain smell in the air and never police everywhere just walking around to get. To be honest how can you. So many people there celebrating and enjoying nature enjoying nature. What was your question for them my question was. While enjoying nature and what is your favorite snack. And donors. I don't get the word favorite because anything that on its its judgment limitations of these big premier vocabulary when. I think humans ask us right now what would you like to eat amateur acts yeah. So this should be an HDTV show called munchies. Yeah. Just you know. Get these residential ranch. Ernie Els. New York SE but extra cheese pepperoni at fresh basal. I'm not I was isn't a question. 99 Lexus dealer just radio. Then again so let's start anyway so I'm what is your main bridge plus donor of food but romantic. Yeah yeah. And closer to god and. Hot hot hot hot out. He was by far the most aggressive. I. That day but what was really it's your thing is that he asked if I was a soda lighten you know I'm really innocent. And then he asked me the flooding to celebrate with them like I really like my job. What's your favorite Stoner snack. Yeah lemon. I favorite let's drill let's enjoy them percentage of that yeah. He's she got confused between perfect and person. What's your favorite Stoner snack. Yeah lemon. Didn't even though CNN proud. Well iron on the eighth. And I think you need the. I yeah I. If neck. I mean I'm here on the. It was a famous daughters now. Our guys okay. Forming those weeds humans didn't know it. Typically respect yeah. So good news. Let's go ahead to slow the law and I was like this USEC I would actually she steals them from her three year old daughter she's gonna say all of these answers are much like toddler foods. Is their way there as you generally. Person is really celebrating a lot and a four year olds probably on the base level thing again on the mentality of the favorites. My experience there's. I am so. I believe it is. Let's. It's on the bill. What's your favorites donors and he. Now hi. There really get out and out and I think now. What is your favorite Stoner snack. Not just grilled chicken on chance homemade. They tell me how to make the verdicts don't I'm not so. Cindy is he had tracked that trash bags have been. It's a mom fresh chatter spray went on and it's. Carol. Whenever you microwave. What does that. The football authorities had to work a little innocent stadium I'm gonna AM athletes and popular thing to think you have had a pair. France and its slowness in the middle of David about town gun. And Morris. Well thank you try to and we appreciate it is still has a Klutz but everyone really is a night. Yeah yeah.