David About Town: Pokemon GO

Friday, July 15th


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Starry night before one. It's. Just like every. Town. Got stupid Pokemon. You know grab I think I've we just download it this weekend. I will. Jump on the bandwagon you know one Nolan like the group of people. I'm fully fulfilled in my life and that's. Only because you haven't held this week. I. Is no score at all. And if they fertilize is real. At like if we eagle and squirrel and he. They. Don't really one yeah. I definitely. If it. I got this week that my brother's place the other night is Brittany. Lights see people apart on the belt line and told me exactly how many people were there haven't seen it lies. I went down exactly where he told me they were. And it's like a pokey paradise was. Field with a victory. What little trainer you I'm I'm kind of iridium mobile seven right now. And company Pokemon or your codecs I'm perfect 26 for 26 coddled when he sits at scenes and for perfectionist right now. And how much time do you spend each day hunting. What about two hours passed its area for how many days now is only day two. So I kind of had a New York rise to power though that's a 26 and two days is it bad. He's a pokey man rookie I think he's a rookie and so I asked him one final question. Are you literally since. Now before you play the clip. I wanna ask you guys what you think his answer your honesty gas weather and enhances. Other Aaliyah. OK if you listen to him again that I don't have had more time with what little trainer you among some kind of a rookie on the ovals right now. People monitoring of addicts on the perfect 26 for 26 total 26 of scenes of them for perfectionist right now. How much time he's been each day hunting. Got two hours. Area how many days now is only day two. No way. I'm dying he let the relationship it just got done today and that's a 48 hours. And our unit relations expert now a window bit of hope Amaya much talent Pokemon world media attracts them trying to. He's monster attractive female trainer. Mickey slower cash and I want to introduce you guys did not. Currently I'm catching the schools. Which it is another Obama and that was a lines Yahoo! it. That currently are catching the schools that are typical factory where this whole fairy empty ballpark Alia a really help. But they're catching this the third. That's Senator Obama that would funnel in Austin but we're in the middle of the storm that's. Here more than me no way. Well. There's no way. And my last question is are you relationship I'm. Right down dozens. What is it and it mandates and that was against me instead yeah I mean listen to his voice is the intensity here currently catching this area. Watched Senator Obama. Often where in the middle. To prevent them on the summit back and before it can even get my question that you like hold on let me catch with that person and you think that the and hats and say so so far we're two for you in relation to last couple guys that really didn't know that girl is the youth playing this. Here's Jessica split level train our. I'm a lot of ten on the eleventh. Them people monitoring your. Forty blind and I'm used in statement. 23. Days ago. Sport I've definitely on network all the time. I've rates I'd look at it it. But I don't we do. She and I'm. Oh and. Now I think I'm gonna go right for each of the homelessness is your relationship. Oh. It. Gusty. Not how to avoid read that as at this in the play Pokemon C also attends her. How anybody can help her catch definitely. Are you admitted that guessing crowds which he said withered dozens of people down there are hundreds of people. Not quite hundreds that was literally just one part of the park there are some other places on Cuba in the little it was a little field or at least forty to fifty right it was an and he was Kris. Trainers you and level she's like it on the money in your appendix. I didn't hear him answer. It. I have 41. That the parties that. He's been statement. Today I decided it's time. Thing is league gentlemen and easily getting higher level and like the night before right guys added I think. And everybody was going to tunes and stuff. And oddly had one K look at moderately higher at Oakmont and do we really have to keep listening and and knuckles. Thing. Songs I. Last question is usually do it and oh. He is. Here's my last question is are you literally since I am. I'm skews the exodus niceties that query and normally I'm playing for months ago he needs come but c'mon get yourself out here. But I keep pace like I don't know if she's not much of the game and team about it if you Eckstein missed it but written. This guy is incredible who is girlfriend because. God bless there I can tell you that she is not gonna let him touch her gently out. Cook off and go home right. Who's an excellent need to be alone with his legal. I think that it. Last contestant is that guy named Henry. What little trainer you. Global. And how many Pokemon are in your pocket X roughly fifty. And if you spend each day hunt he's soundly he's touching as we. Right and if we hadn't didn't like it very open park probably have to. What little trainer you. Level of and I'm glad Marco we'd be listened to am. Global. And how many Pokemon are in your post X roughly 68. And if you spend each day hunting and made me nine hours since. This happened. And so you've been playing nine hours each day for Ellen yes. I think that was his girlfriend Arabia and laughed again and she knows. I'm gonna go help them totally thing. Share and to listen to the passion in his recent global haven't. And my last question is are you in a relationship. I am. But these girls next to me. And validate that values thing and hours each day. She loves it because it's meaning get out and run for roughly thirty minutes every day. So if I didn't have years trying to get him to come running with me and never will. And suddenly at 7 AM this morning east you wake up we'll go over. I'm going to be there for you it's. While you might well absolutely. You is that it's in the right that is odds and. I and I have a little bit more time silently sent out of that group and played well that myself and Adler was walking out. That hit girlfriend ran after me and invited me to the next game. You say you're gonna go to game they would this guy. Global. You know major major arena where you are so we Gundy wanted to beat him. And Jay John we do so.