David About Town: Millennials

Friday, June 10th


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You want. You have this show pretty David loves the people he hit the same effect and everybody is different depth. David about towns with David that town about this week summit downtown Atlanta there was an event and. In the media we possibly meals have been. Portrayed as lazy and entitled. Like and that way like a lot of people that I know that are my age that way so you feel persecuted and I millennial so person. Are you did it acts for your social media yeah right there downtown. I specifically sought out my fellow colonials. And I read this today and I said someone said that every American human between the ages between 29. Are lazy and motivated and lack basic human interaction skills and our world is an extreme danger due to this millennial generation. I just ask them to respond to it. Extremely dangerous dream in danger now did you actually ask them out loud or did you text that to come and stand there while they erratic but did you. Credit or did you video you're solvent snapped chanted two of the failed and that chat. It was an answer a video. That's I wanted to get the chance to defend themselves are actually in some instances. Agreement and. And think you're right definitely you know markets are illegally bringing you guys who are really time and anything we Caremark nine. In handling things kind of blank and you Hitler's inner experience and it I think we're better yeah. Does not have a lot of milk and anxious because they don't know I don't know examples and can't opt in and different comedians are. Then there are things coming out and play. That they can get psychiatrists and only thing is. Yeah I think yeah I'll be doing is better. That's why there's a rift in the world because some people know how to use snapped at. And some people don't and that's where the divide is that we have that girl's instruction manually via a perfect. Yeah. Someone so that every American human between the ages of twenty and 29 lazy and motivated and lack basic human interaction skills and our world is an extreme danger dude in this millennial generation. What's your sponsor it. There is a new definition for the American dream. And that it's not only way to get fans and it's zero point five GMT and you know I. We live in an age where there's a lot more to my knowledge there fingertips when CNN and and done. Are just wanting to. Create something that is sounds and I'm able to do a lot to learn anything ideas and it's just in time. Something really really really getting married and having a lot again we have no idea. Like Kansas and a lot of we know a lot more like yeah. Yeah I'm certain. They hear American tree right away. He's having 101000. Fans and instead Graham gray and you met. A few tech is a regular fat that. Today. That got pretty deep on us but this next clip they. We're very passionate about defending or not defending how Mullen heels really are. Teenage you know you can't see more US IQ I'm like yeah I mean important it is likely that he now and it's like yeah. And you know I missed it was not live life just night and they do it makes you happy this money is an area. I'm saying well who are all are always kind. And by the generation that people back in history to actually execute being like. What young people today from like every generation has stayed I think this is my bats both sort of knocking it adapts what's happening now. The big quickly proven wrong it's Steve it's that big isn't coming up at Billy's innovating delays out in the world and I think it's pretty obvious. Isn't associates' answers about its given by young people some. Guys and drops mine and I. See the anti timlin animal that's it and I answers like oh let me value. Volatile colonials can you really bad rap beat has. It's all about how you're raised and what you value. And I her side in Europe that your game snapped via human yet. One. Did you have been given shall.