David About Town: Memorial Day

Friday, May 27th


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Do you or making this list. Today Jeff Syngenta Shia are starting now. David about town has become one of our regular segments what our producer Steven. The producer David heads out on the streets and talk to people about all kinds of things usually it's funny what you collect affair yeah it's a lot of fine. I try to make it light and hysterical. But since it's Memorial Day weekend I wanted to focus on the real meaning of Memorial Day. I went out and talk to veterans about what Memorial Day really means great idea so I went out and asked three veterans. What does Memorial Day mean to you. When I lived in Korea. And we'll clear cut back from the DNC people draped the American flag oppressed and they were kinda thankful for our country. It's about freedom. It's about. How we've lived as a nation. How we serve others as a nation and how we serve other countries and that was the first time they really can help for me was seen that. Also seeing the troops from war to Vietnam and other places when they would come up as a basis. Keep them in your mind and not only that. Their families when their loved one has gone and it's it is about our freedom but it's also about the ones that are serving in the once at a second. Suffice. What would you like everyone to know about what Memorial Day really means. Well excuse. Me enlighten them. On what it is. You bet. And the second most of the day. Brian do we yeah. Well yeah. This in London and me. And memory of where there. Who was. World war. Huge crowd. He was dead she. It's. Should do in Baghdad. War yeah it was a real hard its. Suit you everybody. Sort sections you know Jean Carnahan and walking terrorists are here. G. Yeah wall damage you lose OK okay subversion and played beautiful. Was. Was a lot of trash it. Does not like OK ma'am. We don't take it was Pratt and 20 goodness we didn't hold each days like today. Huge crowd. And. Come on Laura de Mayo remains of them honoring and remembering those that serve especially those who. Dodd on the battlefield. And also those who have experienced. War and they can't win them a lot I'm all about inside. Really get a kick out of seeing somebody would say DO god wired ahead this is more to better. It that you. So I thank you for your service those old guys. And they could be your brother. They could be all gold. Do you favor. Or anybody a look at. We just don't spend enough time thanking him for the service they've done for the US residents. Thank you for your service. Tell now. And you forget that we are so lucky. And we just so lucky in our country to live with freedom that we do and that it takes. People far braver than me Tenet didn't. Volunteer and and give the ultimate sacrifice service that's touching story to. Thank you I'm so honored to get these stories and in all of every single person that puts their lives. On the line for us daily. I love attaching it was that he said placed that call and say thank you. Say thank you to someone for their service this weekend really honoring those who have given that ultimate sacrifice given their life for our freedoms. Have a great memorial they dejected thinking it's time. And gen John we just.