David About Town: Hillary Clinton or a Kardashian

Friday, July 29th


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H and show star in 941. We played sure ark and last week. Because the Republican National Convention with last week so. We played I would like clips from. Well then you had Friday we had to turn a gas who said Donald Trump Republican nominee for president or kind US Kardashian. Even. I don't know houses traffic. Elevated Kanye West finance reformer. Artist. Rates. Musician in troublemaker. I'm full Hillary expert and we had to try to figure out who said what will play in the same game again. This week might be fair we're playing it waved Hillary Clinton or. Any card actually. Barry it's the game. Linkedin or are dash. And yes. All right David along pass David your hosting this is Yasser went out on the street art. Evils that accurate it is and you know it's really the gift that keeps on giving. It is because these conventions have been a couple of great weeks and it really has been and it's actually really funny last week it was really hard for people to. You know decipher who is new and it's no different. Is that every marriage is the mystery to me even a lot and I'm no expert on. Every marriage is a mystery to me even the one I'm and so I'm no expert on was that Hillary Clinton or a cart bashing. And saying. Which aghast and you know one means no expert on. I'm go. Hillary Clinton. I don't think she ever talks about her marriage. And now I think this year I think she just I mean she talks about her husband or whatever but there's. I don't think she ever talks that anything referring to what might the trouble with the pride at eight yet that. I hundreds then. Nice work and nice and. Hillary Clinton or Christian who set a great night incredible fastening. You don't have something nice to say they don't see it and all I teach blood except in the. That's easy on days bill and Hillary only have one kid. Unless they're talking about it than it did the dogs the pats at. If that's Christian and that's got to be Christian. What massive. Yeah. I third and who's said that Clinton worked hard cash in and I forgot yeah we're including mr. including guys Jenner has. Let's be honest a lot of those crashing girls they really. Stupid things that felt like. Who couldn't really wouldn't say so their mom was most Hillary Clinton in a way. Hillary Clinton or Chris there he said I went on to it my best cities myself like constantly changing my hair. The content on. And like less amused by. And Clinton my hair that's got to be Christian and his Hillary Clinton had a new hairstyle ever yeah she does she should ask. It up a lot yak. That is well a lot of time. I'm gonna go Hillary Clinton. And Jeff you're saying Chris Jenner. Memo I just. I can't get on how to go I struggled Israel. These things. Democratic National Convention is over Republican National Convention is over and I'm struggling to weather and act as an error. The league. Yeah and again. It's. It this far and I can't I can't winds that I just a matter of getting seem to and you go for the sweep at I've got to battle that I. And that. I love to see whether it's absolutely love my favorite thing city. I love to swim it's absolutely one of my favorite things to do. Go. Christian. And Hank. Aaron with the. Canada and. And Hillary Clinton. K and I. Street and you don't have really been a concern is that if somebody says you're asking the wrong. Totally Christian she never take no for an answer okay. At Princeton. But Florida's. Sure and Oliver's let me show you only if somebody you should meet few element in business issued. So watch Christian yes she just does not take no for als or wholesale holed out an eye out paying. So we're talking about the first female. Nominee had. Threats or not. How does not about politics on our show our what I believe are down and that's why I'm avoiding it because of hammered. I mean suppose I was proud to be an American yesterday people lost mine. I mean I'm just trying to get my personal politics now so. All your try to be an American because this is the country were people like Chris Jenner and see their own success now taken no for an answer right. Itself. Star in 94 blind.