David about Town: Graduation

Friday, May 20th


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Shall start maybe for a lot of kids this season. Releasing. Thousands millions of young people on the world youth youth youth sending them off to. Jobs. Mom's basement. In college is. That's your credit card debt or student loans or future. Future is out there and it turns hassles and throw in the caps that it is a graduation season. You remember any advice that you got during graduation season and I'll stand. No I just remember I got great jewelry for the first time in my caught up with a couple of expanding reeled her holes and I go like real. I'm real necklace isn't like. Real pearl earring that is remembered him like well I've done cool I got real. The only thing that I remember from mine was. Run to sell as the valedictorian. Valedictorian who you say as valedictorian ability to organize and now I've said about Victorian with the away through bad literally found the right way of perhaps within the last six months of their own city words found in two rounds with a high end but then this hallucinatory and was David Muir who is now the anchor. World news tonight on ABC right he's a big deal. Ron I believe his mechanics. That ninety K while so that's going to be awesome high school reunion but I remember the big thing was a member David speech was good. But I remember Ryan said cuss word in his speech narratives and all. Although. All these are the password and it's taller and its advice tries that tolerant views like I'm valet. I'm the south of Victoria yeah. I however I want my speech and so the that thought when David went out on the streets is to seek advice right. David for a people yes so I wanted to focus on kids graduate high school billions of college yet. What is that advice they should know while going into their efforts your school. In hoosiers sample audience did you did you go for. Like people who are actively in college did you go for vote yes I went I was around people that were in college in the middle of their finals and people that had been sorely college are. Take every opportunity and it's all. I mean it can't like dancing as many clubs as possible Disney says you're passionate about this really be yourself. It's to unite perhaps it is also different people and making friendships. Because my memories. Try different classes when you first get there Steve there's something other than your major that you might actually better. You won't know until you turn your responses like it has a history might be awesome. There's definitely no good W free if things like yourself dealer credit if you don't go because your friends are telling you still need you people there needs gains will be worth it. Don't wait until the day before the test to start Saturday area in the library on my own hands of the summer has already taxed. It caught on Samsung. And clear out how to pack Agassi's game that all. Yes so. Phillip yeah those really get advice the facts. Most of you already know that's graduation is graduation speech stuff I want to know the stuff you're really gonna get into one year in college. And so that's a few more people I finally got the answers that I want it. On that first stage school your first jobs start looking for someone and they can use as a fake Nike. Here is fun but the volleys back for Monday Wednesday Friday classes boards she's eight players' names you have days off. Do not take it and causes whatever you do you could type on this you. You're not gonna wanna wake up from a hangover at any app to go to class and here for us to talk to you for a few hours that's about it lets you can tell you a young you don't have been put it great today because you're gonna miss it as he giggles and never let tents hear it used to mrs. actual order coming out the and you are an aid to Ukraine after you turn your drink in the bathroom. Don't. I just don't do a guy's got away and won't have a chance of getting arrested. Smith certainly Omar real talk that skip yeah well we'll talk and we'll talk continued what you really just need to know going in and. Yes take a year off before college. Parties spend money travel. So yes. And it can Anderson notes apart. And that would today. And the end if you've got to be me. It feel like I got a degree and consider the. And Eileen find out how much stimulus plan is and ask your hands for about nine. As you know it. Blame being handled as long as you can think college rhetoric that but if he gets energy choppy with different credit card always get a twenty dollar cash back outs of the I think it clasping it brought that they never checked it. Only three taking class that you could never relive a party. Oddly allies that its entire life motto we can reach base it's best for you can't every little party. Good stuff. Mad. Ladies and gentlemen that is our future. That is the future. United States of America rugged job David thank you they select the. All star and 841.