David About Town: Donald or Kanye Round 2

Friday, July 22nd


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And young star. 841. We sense. David out on the streets of Atlanta. You play game with the people's and we get to play along as well fearless and aware. Pay attention you get to be a part of it well. Call who sent it. Donald. Are kind a card Nationalists. The so let's as. I was gathering these and I had no idea. And I nodded looking at the U street do with that I've. Similar neatly in the and this person how expression absolutely. Good in that it seems floor personality that's. I cannot start Hillary you won earlier so let's start all of them a pact. You when the earlier I think it's cumulative gain narrower started here. At it again or when your attic Eddie. Donald ever let's I'm not a fan clubs. I've got to go win it. Into his truck has written into bucks. Now that you would say that it would hurt its books. Ominous economy as well that's Cuba for Conde de. No I mean. I tied up. OK numbers it. He said it I'll be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars because I got the answer yeah I understand culture I in the new. Could be I'm gonna say that's actually. A line out of a trumpet book. But he thinks and. I am nucleus. I go. Conde de because I don't think he said I'm cool I don't think. Chocolate thing I'm going to be a company. Have a company were worth billions because the party guys Yemen now if this is from a book forever adapt as my bank and. I'm I'm. I'm. Kind. I. I. You said sorry losers that haters that my IQ is one of the highest that you all know it please don't feel that steepener insecure it's not your fault. Thrown. And enter Japanese and I wanted to be kind yea because I don't want one of the people running for president to always use the word losers. But he does all the time so I got to see trump also. You said sorry losers that hater I'm IQ is one of the highest that you all know these illegals that Steve Perry think here it's not your fault. Kind man. They need is. You write something. I. Needed that outlet time and I remember reading as like. He does it is no problem on people who now. I don't suffer Kanye West is that. You know it really doesn't matter what the media rights as long as you die young and beautiful. Quote I've actually seen Allan before. About women in general and that and if interest. That's. Number Kanye West he said. You know it really doesn't matter what the media writes the songs you've got a young Andy. Before we get feedback from the streets of Atlanta let's hear from mr. Trump's daughter of Monica. At my father's company that they're more female than male executives. Women and are paid equally for the work that we do. Not only on some honor. She's a pain and not set. How do you lessons that. You know it really doesn't matter what the media rights as long as you die young and he'd. That's down from his net and Donald Trump. UN both rounds Yang. My I'm HM detector is tired of and that's so sad that we actually debate and I'd for next week to be fair we've got to find others somebody who would seek examining Hillary Clinton the Democratic Convention is next week. Actually got me Hillary or. To be fair should be Hillary Clinton or Kim Kardashian and yet but it has to be right past issue. Keep it in the Fam. Think we can't hit it either so will it be that of the game I'll have you Larry search I mean it won't mean Hillary dancing and I mean she's not likable but she's nothing and sneak cell thing I'd. I don't know that she hasn't. Injecting huge golf it's Arnold and.