David About Town: Donald or Kanye Round 1

Friday, July 22nd


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And Shia all star follower and producer Dave video hits the streets and this week is they about down is all of that. Donald Trump and new A west who said it best use that what's going on David. So with the remote national convention this week and although crazy stuff he has sat down with. And this. Against cycle of elections. I wanted people with the if they could see who really set it if it was the Donald Trump or Kanye West they both say outlandish things that's dislike that. They. Similar person. Yet that. Is furious at tempers Audi jet and I get to play along so will year. The question that you pros to the people of Atlanta Eden and we get to meet again and then wool will use our absolutely. And yet you are for a certain. Votes making it I'm ready for number one and one who's edit. Donald. I don't even listen to wrap my apartment it's nice to listen to rap. I don't even listen Iran my apartment is you know nice to listen to Iraq. Asked me Donald Trump on the beach because we know. And you lose and we've been Ohio's cam is maybe we've seen in. It and maybe we know it's a pleasure. You vote. Prompt and pressure right on you so who's I was in jazz. Yeah it. Oh we got around. And I got to tell you lately he listens to jazz something. Any of Uzi said yeah he's I don't even listen to wrap my apartment in ninth with a few. Static and the US. Or. A. Donald Shepperd unless you fed my Twitter has become so powerful that I can actually make my enemies tell that your. I feel like I remember trump saying I'm against term as well. I'm not going Dustin. All right not a. You said a person who's very flat since it is very hard to be at ten. Will. Oh bad as a beach front because he has to be talking about his beauty pageant ladies. That being the likes analyze clemens' body it kind gays married him. And C is not flat tested know where he's not let anything flat anything right. I did I tell you that I'm annoyed at myself ballots and it's hard it takes that's. Right you know you think it would be easy between the tube and it's actually not. That person who has very flat since it is very hard to be ten. I don't know wireless and use it again and how I'm gonna go. Okay do next now. Of them and. I gotta make sure we played a clip now Mick let's play this back to back. At my father's company is there more female than male executives. Many fans are paid equally for the work that we do. And not only on some minor she's learned not shut. I who said it Donald Trump or are. And you. Don't cover Kanye West is that unlike the vessel and got his chosen need to be the police and the connector. That's count on the 800%. Added in a debate. Fabulous. I hated Sox because not talking he's a vessel for greatness. Definitely got a good deal you know and you have those parties the McCain who said it in the next when Donald notes ever. Donald took her money list he said Robert Pattinson should not take back Chris Stewart she cheated on him much if not it will do it again just watch. He could do much better. If I had your armor that iron and I that's why it. I was even weighing in on so I'm baffled I have no idea why he wouldn't even care about. Twilight is that the movie time you not on Twitter that needs to jump into the conversation. This is before he was running for president right guys is just when he was the reality in the prevalent agrees to promoting products and I and Olivia promoting. Truck rite of passage and that's exactly the search she cheated on him like a dog and we'll do it again. Downloads aren't don't faithful. Not waiting until the power dot dot dot com and I need a. And you know my favorite part and if that is how much I don't feel so bad about how much energy I'm putting candidate says listen how much energy these votes are putting into it debate that's all clutter they seriously let me that's again that's now. Com. On. News Donald Trump. We both got that and I tried to talk this through with you like into Los Angeles actually. And what's the areas most people probably wouldn't put that much effort and who are you going to vote for them. If you if you're actually debating whether. It. This I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a lot of long night. Mean light blue green I got to be responsible. Someone actually said that like I don't wanna be responsible for one ultimately. It's weird and says Obuchi because who wakes up with them on their own practice or in first Zambia whole bottle and and. Yeah regular. And coach they'd brag on our progress as is annoyed by column annoyed by an idea of experience. These I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a lot of on the mean light blue green I got to be responsible for this water on. I gotta get on it's got to be counted a 1000%. Because it from widgets now people don't give me water. Is he's the planes from. Yeah. So who I've who's in the lead and I. Am I here yes I have one or five right and you got four I'm Rea we got a few more of these will be then later. It is interesting it's fun to see how challenging the end. To me. That was our real conversation on the table that's what I like about her a great job producer and that it gives people talk about politics. And jump still aren't ready for ordinary.