David About Town: Cinco de Mayo

Friday, May 6th


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Sent David out on the town sue. That's keyboards and go to my oh really means. It will play that audio free here in just a second. Our imagine affects the word fancy by 715 to seventy to 81 thing. You win a thousand dollar 2000 dollar thank you don't text and drive messages generate fueled by. Fancied the 72881. You could have a grand go into the weekend so listen thanks for making the switch to start a fourth one. So this is fun yesterday everyone loves seeing good in my right yeah as of yet that you get to. Don't eat Mexican and and have key low. A martyr read is tonight saw beyond eat that cheese dance behind it pays so with a fresh tortillas dipped into it and and that stuff from us off seriously a series of little slice of heaven right. Atlanta hey I actually I don't know if you saw this on the S attorney for one FaceBook page rated strengthened infamous draw yesterday. And guys hit it is terrible a couple. Shot of case when I hit the bag your throat so. And I look on the front the hollow of Kenya helps. Our and it does that leave a vacuum that the coach's dad yeah yeah for about a day. So I went around and asked people while they're enjoying their margaritas in there it's peso and tortillas. Why do we really celebrate. Seat at a much to say go to Mayo edition of David about town. I can't even as a. Big day and then he. It's made up the it's not really. Finally celebrate cinco tonight. Next Thanksgiving yeah. To get. They didn't isn't. In the growth and let the same weight not a day I don't know who's ever line. So why do people celebrate because the mind. CEO lots of chips and yet. Later married and a that's an independent. Why do people celebrate cinco de. Mr. Mexican independence. Yeah. Yeah I think I really think. Susan as an excuse didn't screen can't. Have finally have a part in quietly celebrating go to my. Because you love margaritas. Your buzz in the right hands and right. You really love my. All these great answers David has given us. They're right for us right it's not the true right answer so he had to figure in the senate seat candidate as way to stay committed any way to hang out in the Mexican restaurant until yet the answers you're looking for such a hard job. Yeah. None of Florida. Why is celebrating go to my. Is there any other reason why we would celebrate. 'cause my left in America and if the plan so I think it's. Good to drink margaritas. Do you do you. I hit six Independence Day break. Why we celebrate good night. Because as an excuse to drink at parties. It's true meaning it's supposed to be because of those beyond we're ranch in the third bone. They've bought the royal might not look it up in the summit and. All right guys. I actually got it so what's the right answer David and I'm really ashamed of myself because of that we had to Google this had I closed mixed independents say to you. In 1862. Then Mexican army beats. France in the battle of who played well. And that is widely celebrated Mexican Independence Day is in September and and faster and that's why Americans get hammered and even that they've created. But that is another excuse the terrible guardian put our Mexican independence imparting. It's the September edition of CIO. Thank you for making this lynch and they Japanese yen shall on stalling out.