David About Town: Beyonce Preview

Monday, May 2nd


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Jessie. It's lemonade on it and visiting with everybody and get a special question for some folks attending the beyoncé content which is. What voicemail would you leave for Becky quick to get here and you let your life and you get the everybody pretty excited. Oh people were lying to assess risks and to Becky and I it was so much fun because the concert was just a maniac president tells them that it was incredible. I assert impeded you're there and they did work they did go up on stage but. DJ excellent book on Strahan and how excited are safe until like little white bullies they went for it would be who has a DJ cal led. Group C and that's a little light Loy. DC catalyst Khaled. Kelly Callahan I now I'd like and yes it's horrible but anyway ludicrous and TI went up on stage and perform a pencil and that was it is that he had T. In a hole of the yeah I'm not that bad path. But it is so cool and she can just perform like none other I was just like what was it like when she came out badly haven't she'd get out on stage day. It was she opened with formation and they just walked out marching in formation like she with her back up dancers from one side and in the rest the back audiences from one side and it was just. Incredible and it looked like there was a giant like his it was or giant cube. Yeah green it was accused screen it would play clips of her videos clips of her. And it clips of hurt her from the past they say they played clips from her wedding with Jay-Z. I mean so it was just. And since we're talking to David the pageant expert I got asked about the wardrobe changes that was how many wardrobe changes were there. I can at least like five I had at least. And it was just on point because the states led to a run late into a smaller states. And at the toward the end at smaller states turned into a shallow pool that they are just like kicking up water. And so if you like around there you were just getting soaking wet just like the rest of more. And David had a good point down the Georgia don't may have been in that boil water and advisories so advanced that China is like a really hope they didn't use the water from the hole put water advisory 'cause we couldn't have fountain sodas there I think they had only bottled sodas because because of the a lot of after after what it limited to print we camps and the answer editors say. One I know what she ended or not ended the toward the end CNN while I think she was doing when the orchard changes. On they clip she played purple rain and the screen went purple. Every single person in the Georgia Dome had their flashlights from their phone's on so it was just lights. Around it was the cool thing so how were the folks outside when you're asking what whoa what was the question the exact question you're asking so I said is there Becky was a good hair in your life. If so if you were on the phone with her and she didn't pick him to answer because he was scared you what voice nobody Weaver and these are some of the responses. There's a beer David about time for this week that the united at a town here's the reason loyalties. The plant it's loud. Would you let me it would it would Nolan and it happened that way yeah. I think am I yeah. And not only can he may hand and it is maybe we move I don't know would leave I'd take a long Matt Matt Mack high. Mbeki with a good head this is looks like yeah what you can sit here and saying hey you're making eye very very hot. I mean isn't there something you Shane. Yeah. Wow I'm. I mean we'll have all those out later this week to win a data about town makes his appearance on the show thanks David they tell you how you hold out via home to an weren't. Now I think it would have been a line that I'll be okay coffee my friend today please just. Shall. The wind.