David About Town: Apology to Teachers

Friday, June 3rd


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And you are making news. They've championship and Shia August 8 hole and David about town is our Friday morning segment where our producer David hits the streets of Atlanta. To ask the tough questions. And the questions this week have to do the end of the school Eric. I really wanted to know from those people out there that have already graduated ha who is that one teacher that you have in life that you felt like you owe an apology to. DF when Jen I'm sure I do yeah I have to apologize to mrs. hallmark. Because. I was the stand in Ford Jesus Christ superstar and I didn't think that I was in the use. And play but then delete got really sick so ahead jump into the play and I was maybe a little bit biased. Oh my god LA. Hopefully I don't like directors that we thought we were done with our job before the play started we had some strawberry lime light literally Boone's farm. Of course it is and you're wide sixteen years old mine sounds terrible passionate and it's. But but I did and then I had to go beat him and I think it actually made me better. I mean I'm sorry mrs. market hands arms. I do. Agree with your performance being a little that matter because I always bowl my second game of bowling is always better. In the first and I am convinced it's because the pitcher of beer and between. Is that weird playing poll is the same way at eight after. Luther relax if I have to apologize it's going to be to ms. Ryan who is our chemistry teacher. And I saved two in her classroom I screamed across the room asked Austin paper towels. And she said your voice so yup across the room at. All. And she snapped what they. My eleventh and since it started early trio he snapped like that was just the great that the straw that broke the camel's back there and I feel bad for awhile. I so what do the people on the street say they apologized. From high school college and even younger. Just silly love pets and I need to apologize to mr. France lab. Giving him a hard time about letting me leave the classroom I'm in science class at eastern too much water and he wouldn't let me even. At tiny Isaac punishing myself but. He did not happening I got a couple detentions because walking out Irene. I'm we Sams and Allen apologized to Matt Hickman for being the biggest guys we're back. Sorry I meant. This right now island cycle teacher first yeah every school has to Maria did you. I am lions and I feel like I owe an apology to the super Hot Springs. But I days. I was it doubles because I am it did not take me ABC venison with my other friends on these and other religious right crazy. If I understand correctly. Would conspire with her friends that they all would not take. There yeah HT medicine on the same day yes so it's like hey what are you writing on Thursday I don't know let's be knots yeah. Okay yes all right let's just go crazy good good luck teachers site. I'm let's play and I want to apologize to aid and assistance and for slamming the door. In your face and I've probably deserve to see that evening. I as a retaliatory saying yeah. I yeah you deserve it. Myself I want to apologize to my teacher and easily. I'm just not that lasts. IA didn't have a lot of friends so it's very I yeah I print money. Did that. Yeah I'm. And then it's. Time. Pigs I'm sorry they're big blasts. I'd feel so bad she didn't give people money Riviera. Only has like all the big your friends. First grade nine but as that's the way that you win Britain's actually kind of business and had hit and whoever has the most things have those friends right is that out as an element. I am Sam on apologize to mr. Thompson falling asleep vineyards and great biology class but honestly it was boring. And I thought anyway. Hi this insane I want to apologize for him to miss Patel for pushing you. Because action to punch and faith. Harbored some resentment there a little bit on ended with them right did not David thank you for head out on the streets you'll do it again next week absolutely. Thank you for making this is an edge fringe and Shia on its peaceful and.