David About Town

Wednesday, March 23rd


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Justin didn't show you show Vizio. Conversation at 4047. 9400. Odds aren't any or all that. 851 on the jet engines show and our producer David set out to prove that georgians. Are Smart. Now I'm not sure he was all that successful and. Giving it an outlet I didn't really set out to prove it georgians were Smart or did he just sent out to get some Gennadi. I wanted to prove that are Smart but whenever I pro who care about the education system in Georgia I don't think that when. I thought these two questions are pretty easy and so wanted to prove that we're Smart so. Answer these two questions for. Wine. Who is Kylie Jenner is most famous older sister. Caitlin. Eight would be Kim Kim told us right exact Kim Kardashian oldest and then here's the middle. Chloe Chloe I mean and who's that who's the younger hate you know that I am the youngest is the one with all the case or court. You know all of this Jeff and you that I thought OK so then who is the governor George. Me yeah okay right so it's pretty easy you think everybody would know that so I went out to see. If people knew that and here's what happened. The good news. Kylie tenors most famous older sister. Who is the governor from Georgia. Okay. This Kylie Jenner is most famous older sister. Kim Curtis OK I'm I do as the governor of Georgia. Sunny pregame. And sunny Purdue also that in Arnold Schwarzenegger in his semi pretty. People the people of it over to Linux and those people didn't quite know the governor so like well there's got to be Smart people across the street. Cassettes is right there it's varying. From Ohio more height and they're educated people there so just ready educated me so that's where I went. It was highly junior's famous sister. International. Who is the governor of Georgia. Christine marine. It's highly tennis as a famous older sister. Game and you can. Do as the governor George. Yeah yeah. It was a Kylie Jenner is most famous older sisters and Kim. Kardashian. Who is the governor of Georgia. I'm pretty you know misunderstood. He's good in those Snickers yeah. And he ended cannon get any in the mile and a. And if that he's already has grand national let's describe. 50% of the governor's conflict and hit and no I'm politicians and generals or politicians in general though. I was feeling really people come on we've got to get this right so. I go to trivia every Thursday. I have to you know like you have to nuts though I finally got there and I asked from the same thing. I do is Kylie Jenner is famous famous older sister. Kim Kardashian and do as the governor of Georgia. Purdue. And that's definitely dinners oldest famous sister. Kim Kardashian. Who is the governor of Georgia. Really them. Mad. An amazing deal maybe as a him. You're right I don't know it's coming. 'cause I was amazed mayor has scenery. Governor. Who cares he's taken my money anyway. But that's. I haven't we're trying to work it out like favorite team. And in process that allowed notes here seem reads that have to be governor deal as it was it trivia night there's Nintendo gets carted taco Mac on the line. Right that's the important thing you've got to get that money as you wanna eat for free. Good job there and think good bad and congratulations. Native virgin thanks guys. Let's let that.