Darren Talks about Date with Carrie

Wednesday, April 27th


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Full time this week she's on installing now before it's. Always show. Zoom for this week's ghost town were calling Darrion who bailed after one date. We've Perry and jam things we might remove penalties and I. The final 2000 guess I mean. I'm just trying to look out from my girl and I think it's helical desperate that after one a week she's called us to call him to find out what's going on it's only been a week. I think I could have been busy she said she was potentially seen other people or she has other things going on he could be seen other people have had things gone. One weeks a little. It. Exactly matches what if she just wants to know why that would offense maybe is a lack. Yeah it's just like it it's cold I don't know I I know I feel a little weird goes hunting after just one week. I don't disagree with you I'm just playing devil's advocate and take Kerry. We're gonna call him. You do not get our act with him but you'll get to hear obviously the conversation and then we'll come back to you and won't get your response to it is. Reasoning is that sample. Catholic Ambien and bad wing woman by doing this. Wrote maybe the mind. And he definitely get on. We are again thanks for coming on with us we are Colin on behalf of our growth Carrey. Who had a great day with you she loved hanging out when Atkins park in some pizza. And GI SC also said that your pretty good smooth jerk. But. Didn't seek out flood. Fifth but she hasn't heard from here though it was just like why not and he goes to me. So you oh will vote. Yeah attitude. So. Tell me how the first date went in your eyes. Like from your perspective. On the cylinder and it would really get it and I don't know I think it off she's she's she's so we did obviously needed and we of that and we had a chemistry that is let you know. There's some little raw and yet it's. So be more specific and well let's I can I have a theory. And I would like there because you guys started off getting pizza. Did that good did that go well. Yeah then you go across the street that can spark and where I assume you have some drinks tobacco. Yeah grow. Then. You are about to call it a night you make a remark about your phone being almost out of battery and she says. I got a million phone chargers at my house. Come back to my house would mean. I'm thing yeah I'm thinking that your thinking something else is gonna happen. You know I thought it couldn't. Was the right. Own gold actor has this meant or sure I was that's. But and and you know everything that look look personal. When we went back and I like I don't know why she had too many charters nuclear could tell. Then that's not the reason it was just such as patient right. And then the good thing was. She moved to the brother which is which is all but. Which is cool it nearly point one book and to be like outraged. I don't know when you're an adult. I don't look my sister the sister and I don't of the characters. You would bring that prompted. Get routed I don't think that would be cool and that is anemic. Level. That's definitely. And turn off right there you know who your brother sere was he actually there when you went back to the house. Boarded she just mention my god that's my brother different. Well she mentioned I didn't like speaker employee confirmed. I mean she said he used. If you could you live there they contaminate where he wasn't Palestinian obviously know what is the man. But yet at the opponent has imposed you know around them walk in manner whatever site I don't know it's evening out for some room. Yeah are obvious reason that Kia. Doesn't Cindy you know you would go out with there again but if she does it. If she moved and moved out of energy you. You shout it got to go out there who. I hope I hope or plan how important query and replay it. I also the only clothes back though it's in and started. His own man. Rather for a I think maybe he's a sand we now. We'll find out. Michael thanks. Darren thanks for hanging out that it sounds about we appreciate that. So it. Thank you I was feeling you know it's weird tone during your season is it is that a fair assessment that he's making yeah. Okay it's really fair okay that's weird I can't bring a guy backed house Ray Brown analyst I it will we'll come right back we'll talk to carry Emily Kerry's opinion of the whole thing. And the jet engines start and it.