Dan's Valentine's Dilemma

Tuesday, February 13th

Is it cool to repeat romantic gift ideas from the first wife to his new wife?

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Star in 941. Point seven inch of friendly member named Danny needs your help we got him on hold these get a unique gift idea for his wife for Valentine's Day wants to know if it's cool to give it to. Our pilots get raid into in Sebring get some help for Dan early. On in the jet engines show. Dan did tell us what you're planning on getting your new wife. For Valentine's Day this week. So. Well that's a minute ticker sort over at they had at. Let hotel. Earlier in particular I think so. Yeah exactly right there and then. I'm yeah. That's right that's right I thought at least that I've been here a little bit of backlash and I guess desert. And sister in law Urban League could get because that is between Reid is Larry I took my ex wife. Yeah from my current wife is my second life. Due to comply Krieger cute bit finer things stay in running honorary you know on the screen very it was my ex Irish. You know these SpinRite from the same region. Start that we have to look at things like hey look I he cared that you love you heard specially even more relaxed like now I would think. Yep I want you definitely should say that just for the record. Yeah yeah. Right now a couple of records the truth. But I think I think it's a great idea I think she's gonna love it and and he'll like you know I'm showing my crew you know that I I truly do appreciate her little bar. Duke's student refiners changed. That hurt her purse this period really give you black. So is it just because it's the same hotel are you going to the exact same aren't. Yeah I'll Google yeah and I think that it really delegated beat it there we're going to hit singles and I'll tell I. I'm split rate down the middle advance because is there are a lot of really luxurious hotels. In Atlanta. The you can choose from so you could. You still show her record the finer things they go to a different hotel no problem as number one number two home. You can't. Cross everything that you did win an old relationship. Off your. Future possibilities list because that sounds fair to anybody else share relationship way. Exactly that's exactly my exactly how I feel not so I'd like. And I think as long as you're making your wife steals special and unique that's what women want I think is too. Feel loved and treated like they're the only ones on the planet so if you can make her feel that way and I think you're good to go but if she's some is gonna have a problem with says. You already know dollar trip and she's got a problem you thanked her she heard she her. Sure she his age you don't spoil me to raise broad XY damage she didn't say outgoing US bombing in the same places you spoil your ex wife ten to four seasons may be that W they're sound well no Loews hotel there's so many great other hotel and you chose the same time they use against duke. With your ex wife I would be like your lazy and you should with Arthur. I really think that if Dan's wife is not somebody who's jealous of the past or lit spends any of her time or space living in the past adding can be funny. So Kelly cheeses are. Give me an it is. Eyes ads that I no no no there's so many other options go wherever you want. Jenn hobby is argument is. C'mon man you gotta live your life and what you do in the past doesn't affect you are right now. And I think say you've got to know who she is right you've got to know what your wife and what her preferences are because. And mine and be a big deal to her or may be. What do you think for a fourteen to 630941. And and she I'll star. And they seem like a simple holiday but not when it comes to x.'s damages join the Jetsons and show and said hey wanna do something for my life. When integrity of these CC breaches overnight stay or problem has. He went there with his ex wife. She's warnings. Current wife is saying yeah you terming the same way that you did back in the day with her so he thought I'll tell her. But it's in the exact same place so that's the debate can he different this gift idea. Or is he gonna blow up in his eighties. Hi Jen says yeah it's it's no problem Kelly she says no way he works written well and the Internet. Passionately agrees we have one view is I put up a false alliance a Graham last night. 78%. Of people. Say. No way. He's got a negative plays Leah in Atlanta. Where he. Can't worry yet that there are more than candidate held a match and very little. I dollar rating aides he did not get different place he could end up in the same place you look at his ex wife. Divorce had more time. Guy it's this. Is good so. Yeah they'll lows in the and it kind nano in the Mandarin oriental in the order seizing and you know she can do is turn this back around if he picks another hotel and be like and a well is not as fancy as the money went to it acts. Well you'd have to go no she said she you know localities that can be an argument dug in Atlanta actively visit. Kelly Kelly is so right on its own sake and so those same hotel no way. Now I think overall on this. And in terms of luxury hotels. Is the same region as the top of the heap. His kid that argument be made that he wants to give her the same experience. It's not that there's a four seasons it of course raises Harlem new Ritz Carlton in the Mandarin oriental the reds got them but can't get some new name now they have fancy brand. Oh really yeah. And it's not about me what about CG and it's about opinions pencil and dads you're a you're about vampire no it's not Jane you headed and dime. If if he's not as fancy Iraq's he's gonna compare 'cause she's already doing those comparisons Najaf. You have been married before I have and you are remarried yes have you and Cali ever been somewhere that you and your ex wife heads ban. Hey Amanda eight. I'm not yeah. Welcome welcome. Why would you mind. Even matter. Adam has obviously yes I lived in the same city for 1516. Years she compared the experience or is it different because you're married to hurt I doubt she compares the experience. Has Jeff hasn't told us that they yeah. And mandating how. Conyers. No woman went to act like now I'm OK and I mean we don't read them like. Go to our whole Ottawa I don't I went there and you know you're at what the leader and I'm not. We knew we had to charm your chance the worker charming guy. But they do you know what I want to treat them that we can earn under special you're there and I don't wanna think about Eden. Air bubble yeah. I now know it'll get it out. Now if you're. If it were written if you are a person. Who does compare experiences. It and apt. It. And yeah it takes you to I'm trying to say this properly he takes because I don't wanna put down any of that beautiful. Top shelf you know fives are Italian and British admiral snotty for comparing I don't know what I'm saying is in I don't know what they differ when you get to that level I don't know what the difference is they're all beautiful. Write to me so but if if if Saint Regis is truly. The top of the mountain. And he takes her to one that might be three steps down the side of the mountain. Won't she for ever say you didn't take me to the best. We know what he thought that he didn't. Mark. But in the case pain I mean she needs I had embassy suites where they had definitely thought I love ray underwent an honor huh. I'm her big design and plus he's got to go to delta got coming get a lot of. Thought the vacation did you just go from being completely around to upgrading this woman's. And sounds. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.