Cute? or Creepy?

Tuesday, April 4th

Is this elaborate proposal the cutest story ever? Or the creepiest? We're pretty divided ourselves


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell all. This is the most romantic story ever. Or it's the creepiest thing you've ever heard I'll go away. Okay you have to decide are you on team romantic. Or team creepy. And I. Timothy chi started dating a woman named Candice Katherine and after a week. He knew this was something special and he knew he wanted to Mary writes out in our commitment to. Like you very much and I'm back so he teammate what accident did you just to tamp down. I path that interests you guys did you like you very much she'd that the hit. Wedding has tagged decided. So they start dating and after about a week he's like you know what I'm sorry hand writing her letters so he writes her handwritten letters. There's about fourteen of them that happened at. Over three years okay and it's all about how much he loves sir how much he cares about her. And in each of these handwritten notes he starts with one big capital letter. You know when he used to read them fairy tale stories of once upon a time in the low on the wants is really big. Yeah how he acts is a little bit smaller bit feels very old English right so he would start each letter with one really. Big letter and then finish it. So after three years I feel I feel like when you read that letter this is what you hear. OK so timid he's riding on these letters for Candice and after three years goes by. He brings her to a place to propose marriage to her so he's got candles everywhere and roses rose petals everywhere. And he lays out all of these fourteen. Hand written left nets' star but he gave them to her over the course there three years and got him back over the course of three years maybe he made a copy for himself so he had the letters. He had a miles played and so they went through their relationship letter by letter and Kyle looked at the history of their relationship. And then he told her to look a little closer at the letters. Because that first. Character. In every one of the fourteen letters spelled out will you Mary me. And he knew it from week one. They started dating so he gave her a big letter. Flatter and week one week one after week one the letter started with a big W. It's a means trying. All right. Ryan you weirdo. Late she's got a little bit crying she's well on ball playing. Freely and out of okay yeah it could W Ohio oil volley well and it spelled out William Dwyer you crying. I just I think like when you really know about something like that to take that chance and started. You know happily through any of he could change his mind she never went down right it will probably happen in the first seven women and I had a it. May or ever hit an all the feels like adjusted for it or it could be brief Q. You. I mean. This doesn't that. And I kind of feel like I don't feel that way about it's it's those that week niners it and I what does Jenny you are eerie isn't. Are there any what is she responded to two of his letters and both of her letters start with an end in an. I. It's so funny that you did OK if I. All of personnel that creepy ass after. So what's your vote Jan what it would his Cali colleague an ambassador of lover whatever how your wife calls me beloved cheerleader the love cheerleader or say is this worth cheerleading what are your ideas. First of credit I had their reaction Geneen had a like this is the sweetest thing Albert to. Imagine that he knew in the first week. That he wanted to marry her and three years ago complaining this proposal for years. I was like on the handsome romantic the backhand like. And it's. Yeah all right now Janice. All of my I don't know I let it creep and but it really is a beautiful story. But because you can she loves Emmons said yes and they're getting married. So strong buy and I feel like you're not allowed to think negative thoughts about this Jenkins. You've got to gauge had eleven minutes after you and grant money well let us. It was pretty fast seven months yeah that's pretty quick as Britain would ask you are old or older we knew like we have no we just learned. We weren't life it's it would that would be very different and getting married after seven months when you're 21. And let's go around the room. Jen you say creepy your sweet I'm going with this week's team suites Kelly geez. On the hanging Hillman because I think it's kind of creepy I think that you're out of high school prom date how Yasser promise it would probably be like he Romeo like. Plus a letter. I mean I know. This a practice bank and the. And get a say romantic because I feel like if you're gonna start a relationship with somebody. And you're gonna start dating the you're gonna go into it with say this could someday be forever somewhere in the back here and it doesn't have to be a big percent. But still I think that. A percentage of it saying that this could eventually work on this to be my future wife her future husband is. Commendable but doesn't that lose weight if this is not the first woman he's got that about yeah this is attempt number seven alms side as. Don't think she's going to like they're moving in together and she's gone through his closet and finds fourteen different letters and all star would W I just. And and Jeanine we know how you feel yeah I think it's pretty Q. I think I'm team creepy. Yeah. And only because I think he's head of data before. In my opinions mean we got. We get out and worry about about Egypt behavior heroes they're Fuzzy. For the championship. Arizona where they do go home and can win. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants.