Cursed Tattoos

Tuesday, October 3rd

Couple's tattoos never really end well, do they?

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah and show all net. Yeah. And Jerry yesterday was all abouts. I taxes a guy wanted to knows his girlfriend that was a wrong turn our grief removing the tag two of her ex boyfriend's name she said part of her story. So we wanted to know was your tattoo a complete curse. Wondering if we find the shortest amount of time between getting the paint and actually breaking us. 4042630941. Is our phone number Jensen Serra in Buford is predicated. Sox. Yet sound. He got my whole heck we're playing an old back. I'm leaning districts are married she. 78 we and we broke ass. Boon ease and was instilled clown like pink around kids. Yeah I went down you are saying we need it's. Eight at eight. Whose idea was brain god. Actually it didn't just call. It literally eat it eat and eat yeah it. Working out Smart. Unlike did and did he get one as well with your name minus error was this is Arnold Palmer. Oh total curse. And in tattoo artist in Roswell who will not to put someone else's name on you because he's like it is a total curse and I'm not gonna have to come back in here and a couple of weeks American chamber Miami Brian yeah I think I'll I'll tattoo anything uneven night your name. And here you know lovers named peaches and made down I would you got. I got my dad's name on my left. It says and a month later we are engaged sorry you later we had a great yeah it's. Yeah. Yeah. You know why you had a connection in through the child so is that some them. Well yeah my mom and dad's name is integral in fact I'll admit it and trump I'd like to eat in a bit Blake. He now. But after we broke that he had eaten my name is really used my first name books and aids. And malaria a minor by two fingers with your life. A brick back and. PC NN. Like this data Georgia and I have this like Georgia peach and how. It yeah it's a. I mean day in a Lanza. I don't strategy of that tattoo of a girl named. I think like during apartment and error. Actually that girl and about a year later they broke up so eat but he did a great except it. An Arab I do think they are very. That sent to us that's perfect he has a big mistake tattooed with the arrow out of bathing. You gonna talk. Earl Ford T 630941. Is that for is that phone number. I've attached to. That has the shortest amount of time between getting Ainge and breaking up is what we started with. Odd hides. I'll tell you cheeses thousand shares or even attached to it has a new meaning. Thanks to. I guess flying. As. It stands for something he adds that out now. Real man Mota who lives who we are sorry and we hear from. Corey keen and you've heard. Who's at the record yet go yeah going to be tough to beat this looks like it could be under an hour. Corey be turnaround that's next to Evans and chest and I for. And young star already forewarned. The shortest amount of time between getting into as zoo. And breaking out for trying to find me a world where. Yeah so a good friend of mine such a sweet guy Teddy bear big Family Guy decided I mean again my. My initials tattooed on my arm strength and his initials R&D C tests. And then about a month later the Jersey Shore came out I gave a whole new meaning to it. No. Oh yeah now I'm telling you this is Eileen nicest human beings you'll ever meet me I never smiled big hug Connolly guy like. The sweetest man. In the world is these super classy guy he lives never put that on his arm and what it would bug or his initials are his real nationals you know so I saw for the first time lab girls like what is it. And that in notes I see is on his head down and think. Perhaps he. Know that the whole Jersey Shore things gonna get a whole name. Yeah who are. Yeah. I had Jamie in kin might make you feel a bit better about this say Jamie. I am. Married. Weird spot that was totally safe. Actually highlight a little hard you. Break it got divorced so rarely or never stayed put 100. Had never even after 21 years of marriage not well liked what I know you're not hate on my house amber and Dallas. I X. And I was done to change shock eating my equipment and cataract. I decided I was going to yeah I can't wait to engage social on hiring. James later regret that because I and I would completely freaked out any. So we broke up to you because it attempts in. Heated I don't get a good idea on Larry. I was so he was there we do. Our amber her good looks like somebody who do. You like now no more sense and good luck thanks for me this same exact initials to marry and is that would solve that. Outlawed. Now that is again RNC says that with a knee back in and slam final line. I Corey I think it is set to record here for as they shorten the time between get paint and breaking up. So weird about seven months and I went a tattoo parlor he surprise there and at about four hours to commit the tattoo artist. I put the name on the bottom lip. Got a gun but on their own shooters you don't know the site and we broke up. Obama seems like how many minutes. A spot in the soft spot. And I guess I'm into near let beckoning ink you can redo real easily. I actually had a try to remove it by it not. Not going anywhere. And yeah. Good news is holding ourselves and the good news is nobody is gonna see them as he shifts there's an odd Saturday. Dennis and asked me now. So yeah I got it. Got elected you go to Sudan as she's on it and he's. That's an interplay that mouth guard password game right opening Honda and now. Our own solar. I'm sorry query. Thanks Angela and. Chris scene named Logan hill are you a tattoo artists are anti remover. I think our talent are currently there are I guess you can't I can't worry. Bailey. Or iconic. I have. I don't think that's it so you can do. You know I can't. Or don't. When it aren't your thing Erika Butler. What do you. Even may have. You've been married twenty plus years you're saying don't do it. Under. Edit it. How the heck are you really are by bad and it. No good point not a Phillies. I hadn't. People who are just keeping an hour and I only light it is. Am I. Am. I. Am oil or our bread. She's the bootleg series and as easy as coach removed. Yeah yeah she's like listen God's I don't want anybody to do this but you get out let me tell you how you can help yeah. I all learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.