Cupids Undie Run

Tuesday, February 14th

JP and friends had an awesome time at Cupid's Undie Run!

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JP I wanna sit get the scoop on the Cubans uneven this weekend I have a confession to make. A made a little girl cried. Yeah. Well everything started up great and everybody was their big sky and buck ten were all. Haven't some drinks and having a great time ever with now for the rays and and they give me a blow horn. Regular Braveheart speech saying this. We've been winning port and zing and you know and original until we start running around and our underwear. And we're going through were get high fives and police officers. And how Warren a blonde wig. And rolled and then as a draw or learn. And I look like somebody that there on the couch for like two weeks to do nothing but Netflix and children take out. As I turn the corner. I Lok guys that does little girl who's that rock in taco. I'm eating your taco horrified at all all. All in her head right hander shaking. I'm like it's okay this is for charity verdict 'cause I did not do a foundation where you're having fun. And she might have been the only person in the bucket they're all and the people that were trying to take a right or left on a whole foods that others operated under where people. They they might not have been happy but other than that I mean it was an unbelievable event and Kelli Geneen were there. Yeah I think you guys let's hear my yeah well Jeannie does there before yeah I rain. We want you running out walks the mile I'm ready for the cameras. And a her money feet total. That is really fun and JP in his speech was awesome but he was a character. So little scene at a little terrifying if you're China gas. And I've done it with the blonde wig that looked like it had been on a bank higher. Well the road and start running I. I thought that Kelly did you see him from a mile away yes I was Oz do you address like regular close to that showed up round like serious amount that. And security around just in joining casual Saturday in the can and you and no idea this is going on day you'd be mortified because at a thousand people in their underwear. And the like really dress of AJP's forgetting to say the best part about. I got I got best tight man. And town and I all trust that you guys got lots of photos of TP in his underwear and yeah OK perfect and those will be on the jet engines have faced a paid yes I posted a few plants Hershey as. OK we will definitely share that is that the guys thanks again and that's really cool really great class great job you guys annually back again next year rate definitely exit line bigger and better Alan I assume you are right.