Cuffing Season is Over, but What is It?

Tuesday, April 19th


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She now. Or one. Let puffing season is coughing sees an idea. Next like talk like that odd coupling puffing season as an assistant producer Kelly cheese yeah talking about puffing yesterday. And I was like thank and it does things Gwyneth Paltrow does that leave them like red circles on the back certainly know that copping. Yeah it's tough thing. Why don't think it's coughing and they get its cut I don't think yet I don't think it's an active it's not like herbal notes this season and attacked the Sega I think it's like saying. What is bringing. Six pre season to season it's a period of time period of time when. If I'm not mistaken. The when the weather gets cold cooler. You. Answer coupling season which means you partner up ways. In winter boyfriend or girlfriend somebody who. Might be. Who you don't have to worry about showing awfully. Mobile softer. Warmer Kosier. There are snuggling that you're snuggling on the couch right. That type of thing at time and and I believe. What was Kelly's question. About that congress is just talking about it like is it happening now hours over our. I believe it should be. It should be closed and if it hasn't and so if you found yourself cuff. You can talk about now what's the guy called who you'd picked a tough guy or a girl. Well let's just go from the girl's perspective is there and name of the guy I don't know that it DO your fellow trustees can you help us out. And hey guys. And yet I have explained. It's explained coupling season. Think it the pictures that accolade is it a lot like the year key here I'm. EBay is all that means your Eagles why is it at that aren't as big dark happily are popping off. And I am. I say it toward the end badly needed or at all even color hailed meeting in India at there. And a couple law and how to clean all the ignorant of these technical part into it a lot more. Now as you know your Internet. And and. I it's not necessarily. A warmth. Survival. Coddling type of driving us. It's it's basically an active and of summer desperation. To win all your all your troops to the lake and all the time on the patios now resulted in. And. Back play exactly public anywhere if I didn't say I currently on the house. Anybody by. That paper holidays you know you bad. Chris that part very anger me you're the head. Greg all the major holidays. Yet we hear it. And an uncle that bank giving aren't app and you are now being if you got your partner. It's actually really. A note that. You've only been selected for. How would you know year. Maybe name patients. But he's only using you for. And you know in the I. We use when they guy walks to you after they announced last all efforts by. You know what it's just. Live in the name it it's not like a typical. And you know I don't think anybody that they even thinking I'm only an eight. Average length I that now black bag I would exactly eight yet that melting point of the copying relationship it around seventy degrees. It's not our hey. Alarms and you get down and then you realize hindsight I'll I was just that nothing partner. I did that but I link it back it'll be definitely need that. You carry it into anything in a very accurate I'm. In and out near me people take it. Part of the Al. In the end it. The game begins again. The Lebanese Eric. Yes and audio rigged to get it and the IAEA. An and fortunately a lot of the apple that I had a couple of you're in Kabul at the end. Are out and the they've rendered that it can make person injecting our aperture. This. And go back because. Somebody knew the number. I and numbers is Christie who first told me about conference season like two years ago. Yeah. This is your area of expertise yeah everybody is known for something you're confident you are tough interest. I would I hope they I met learned that you better learn I'd have never heard it repeated and capping it then I have a lot of experience you've been watching my friend. Had a bad back and I will actually gotten your relationship at the end of last summer. It did not make it is happy even without a doubt. Sports. Like now you're just why she's like I don't involve them as I am sure I know I'm in the eye and just. It's like footballs and then baseball season thinks these and like what like watching don't what it does what. I. But more or watching them board Noah's Ark everybody just tired enough you might soon thank you so much Christine appreciate that and again going to be an expert for everything. That's that's who she gets to call mom today NTELOS she's great.