Creepy Women

Friday, August 5th


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The jet engine Yahoo!. Suns are now before one. We've got to thank our producer Kelly cheese for this idea. To get a few weeks got even with fingers show you heard the story unfolds. About the beautiful red haired man that she's encountered multiple times at the same coffee shop down in midtown. She's trying to track him down. If she snapped a couple pictures out. Right at that and in line for her a lot ACI's well number I'm trying to get a sneaky pick it totally Cotter. But he did she did get two or three pictures of him right so bad happened. Mainly she used the Bur re stay at the coffee chat to figure out what his name was so bad happened. Then she is asking the breeze at the coffee shop the please give him a note that she it's actually a poem. The next time he campaign and we think the whole thing is cute and adorable and hilarious. But it you worry birthday. And and I became man and if I was single I came and I said okay. Yes why. Is this girl that I always run into at the same you know fro yo shop. Here's a picture however India have you went when he used a picture ever. Well I did like Rick pictures ever like creepy and she saw you doing. Man I say that what you know you several what's the getting in our name and my AA item and I'm learning because I ask that person that premiership the voter. I'm your name a dance all colors not doing that and finally if I'm my own camera business. Jan Brewer poll on the other hand wrote her home and gave it to the fro real person and said. All your toppings are on me and it adds one current one year old. I. So I could be early creepy if you reverse the roles right. But. It's been gone on for quite some time now is just like a president or other girls after. Once it's time to progression. Where it's creepy there will see now borrow floor. And we appreciate your tenacity I embrace the creeping. Yeah out of town and a half and so here's with the confessions that we're looking for 4047419400. If I was a guy. I would be so creepy beat cries. And just finish this sentence for 047419400. Tanya welcome to the if I was that guy I would be so creepy. Organ that Jeff and interest on. Are ever actually. I'm calling I'm going about my wife actually I'm calling her out a cafe. Because there isn't could be settled on like that that it's okay her best friend themselves. We had more moments like man pants owns you know the bigger man here in the the better. And so my wife has all the flights taking pictures faith in tandem and texting on our side. Yeah I like randomly at targets. Yes well actually that Gazprom the dilemma out of my caddie get actually zillow are obsolete term. Well sure you know like like the other day. Living in the cable that aspect. And she lives inside and do something otherwise I you know box. And she said oh really get a picture. How you're doing the wired occasion and Barack. There. It's appropriate. That. Thank you for the calls guys in and think the way for being creepy appreciate that. 4042741. Thank you for some sort of make it this way it's just a change on star not before one.