Creative Punishment

Tuesday, June 6th

A story from Jeannine's childhood inspired us to ask, what creative punishments did your parents have?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. I love. Working moves Gina on this show because sometimes she shares stories risk that are just so beautiful. And so perfect then it stops the whole Remy turns and looks better and says wait what do you just saying that. Could we gotta talk about that on the radio. Ginny told us a story yesterday about us getting in trouble. After Fannie can't spray paint and her parents basement. Yes so I was twelve then spray paints really cool especially when it's bright green Cellini had displayed on. Stuff to see the break during corners obviously you know of color look like and a nice. So I was doing some rocks in the backyard minute Barry gonzo and get in trouble but then it he had me. Decided I wanted to see it look like on some nice and big in smoothing Cheney so these shelving units in my back basement the unfinished part. The president when he called you think no one cares about because it's late. Narnia to a kid. And Edison great. Hey this is like it there and house especially if you growth in the northeast hasn't basements. Right yeah. Their work weren't allowed and finished basements and we sincerity is where I grew up. Every house has a basement and there's the part of the basement that gets used. In the part of the base and that doesn't really use that out right. And then the part of the basement that's so scary you don't do that nobody gives and that part of the basement. And this is filled with all these old tools he still had. It's our cake it's like a museum Palin holding you know we don't touch any of it. So I hate spray painting the inside of this old light what I thought was this is used sizzled shelving thing. And then I totally forgot about it too early so I can't. My dad called me down into the basement. Do you hear your middle name gene what is your middleman leak. No light at the very calm cool light you can tell just in like saying like hey come down to the basement I have talked to you I'm like oh it's worse now. This is two weeks later so I've completely forgotten and having no idea no idea I thought maybe he was in a row Meehan like doing chores in the back visa which is just as bad and he is like so I saw this and he just like gestures towards a spray paint on my phone no instill in my stupid kid had I didn't think it was a big deal right. And music you ruined my property like that's my stuff and your rear ended. So he. Yeah like I'm gonna do the same deal and many took the spray paint or take ten Earl. And he's spray painted my entire left arm. Bright green light tree. You spray can and they love their breaker in this city is like it took his leg it took me hours and I barely got all of it off so that's gonna take you hours steal it. It like never heard of it again and did did that pain go away DJ skin react I play happened I just I remembered a shower and it is being there and I tried to take like a couple because hot water ran out. It's just loving my I'm with Duluth when trying to get it off until eight simple long and it took actor. 4042630941. If you had a creative parents when he came to the punishment department they break meantime here's what's up. Can't even better day. It's all I can count could be on how horrible it is they're flying out it absolutely if you talk. All of my. One if I get it or I hurt a fork. Attic well her outfit and that part of our eyes met and actually try to torture. You can sit court or court got it on the ground. You have a person lump out. You know a walker and they're put on her right. And then Richard behind your back in the net at the past but why the ballot on the right. Seems as. Corn ball inside. Lebanon but I can't be that bad HI at first I. Don't know. Never got to do is I went out there get your. Babies literally do that tear duct that is it. It's criminal. What about you that's actually made. Hope that straight out of our armed and an outlet. I fear that acts yet Britain currently. Would there has to be the worst babysit her on the planet in the one that makes the people who. Did she spend four stared into this sign is the worst navies that are on the planet. I'm sorry I'm. Brady am glad you sir write your childhood. Age could join Britain via hub through the phone right now I think. Group hug for Britney and I wonder she is a rice phobia. They did she goes to Japanese steakhouse when did you look at a razor edged get away from hill like rice or noodles of it's always been noodles. 404263094. Line. Creative errant punishments gene's got another one involving a broader. And her hair. I'm international. Shell star. I ain't so Jeanne just told us very quickly Jean what happened when your dad by Steve spray containing something that I belonged to him. He spray paint and my arm these repeated here I'm okay now one happened when you forgot to put the margarine and a way of for a couple. Around here he kept yelling and I'm me about it Cavallo go into the kitchen and they enlighten. Elect a late night snack in high school and he woke me up 1 morning like 6 o'clock in the morning when he woke. After he went down to try to get coffee and food. And he just walked in and I just remember him he is so serious. News so like resolved in the and that's and he just woke me up and he is like. You left the butter out again and then you just whips out a spoon from behind his back inflicts a spoonful. Margarine in my hair and then some act of given an alarm clock. I've owes the most effective punishment of the have you ever left in the broader out and I heard it. I immediately catch up and showered and the greens speed up. It's usually end up with you taking multiple showers I've noticed is. Destiny in backwards what's up. Oh great how did your parents get creative and it was time for you to get punished. I actually my fiance father it's pretty funny guy she got in trouble when sued about thirteen years old and that. And a blunder river walk out their backyard. She made her go outside and clean Edward every single rock for a couple of hours. Rock by rock and he would can now pick without color it was dirty and you have to start all over again consent so. And sassy. And that you could collect the troublemakers session she had a lot on like Becker and now. And his real time slot. Am I welcome to the champagne in Marietta. I'm audio how did you get creatively punished in your guy out. Well when I was about ten or twelve of them my dad and my mom caught smoking now. Right and she broke up a cigarette made it. Yeah oh my god here. I heard that I also knows somebody who got busted a drinking way tee I'm like fifteen or sixteen years old it was dead drunk. And I say the next they had their first hangover. Oh my god and dad prepared a breakfast of really runny scrambled eggs. And you know of super under cooked bacon so the super chewy. And sat right there while I sheik had to eat her first hangover breakfast. My Katie Alpharetta what's up. They don't mind actually Aaron. Current ground I won't call. Oh no. Yeah this is sand serve return your gears after you unwrapped him and saw what they weren't. That QB after I got Dickie and seemed content until about 1998 at required in every hour in light. A tricky predicting a player app got stuck around in her home there and swing out more. And so so your parents obviously called the North Pole and said she's not behaving. I came home to an anti. We look at each. I'm on the blink that you about a month and I got a decree which I am ex warlord Ali never play in Santa. 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