Creamy-Oke: Part 2

Thursday, March 16th

Thank you, oh glorious Ed Sheeran, for being an inspiration for our Karaoke with a whipped cream twist!

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So are in 941. Caveat when I apologize business in this funny game that's okay. Okay and keep on nine and now. Actually choose wisely yeah. Jen having very compact and I unknowingly so I annoy myself with how competitive I am here knowing everyone. I'm Bailey and alana. I I you're still in the game I mean we're all still on the game that I mean if I was Kathy if you had to go to work on and hang up. I got us out of this we're playing around of creamy Okie I'm at 941 this one. Yes it Jimmy is singing Ed Shearer and songs with a mouthful of her anyway employ the frame. And we have to guess what songs she is simply are playing for our listeners who are competing for edgy and concert tickets. And the only guy catches the mouth the mouth full of of what he had an and it's just a typical. Game of name that's him. So. Our name is our buzzer yup yup scarier I guess in game show music players. We got it we got it. Jennifer got to Kelly's got one if Jen gets one more break the game is over. We are ready I'm ready. And any. More on that yet let's. Yeah and you know we. Yeah me decree. That's perfect. A tennis and yeah judges for the trash can and they're gonna last night it is just that whipped cream all of the Florida. Move. Offensive. Her jets thank you it's the whine about not paying yes isn't that what about below. It's jelly yeah at our guest and then Kelly photographed. Wow. Yeah I feel that Dan you feel that creep up on you. I still I don't like it and I then I actually got was they got this. I believe it's. I'm excited Eden yeah Kelly I don't eat after I got you actually I don't and it turns. Anyway and and I run a pick up anyone they got up. Yeah I'm sorry I listen there's still time left OK. Okay. Yes that's exciting time commitment. And I this really give Jane gets this on right actually go wins furniture and against Bailey gets it right currency of Kelly as her belly gets the tickets this is thick competition just like they're ready yeah. Yeah if I am. If I get a ready you'd give idea right you've all witnessed America. I got this as a sugar rush of apropos. By the way of for a time around FaceBook dot com slash cern and from an Atlanta if you wanna watch the FaceBook lives of I'd Geneen singing with a cam full agreement. Follow guide wow now survey that was a good. That's a lot OK. They're. Easy to. Do long musical interest in my favor environment watching how uncomfortable Jim. Move not blue moon moon looked un rules and you know. I'm going don't. I hate you and I bet. I know. So happy you're going to see yes. And. And I know I'm so excited. So much time. Our sunny and tickets on sale today we are celebrating we cheneys and may radio station Ed 9401 and actually you are going to show. Yeah me and I. I you next a chance to and is is coming up at nine that'll come in handy for Kathy. Golf which. That's the camera I'm really sorry this finally you and I asked her if there was an effort at all. You know what when I was a kid. At and as a kid they may be the pitcher on my T ball team this some thought. Yeah I don't think it and I can't. Explain it like eighteen year old guy around. Bailey is sorry it was a good effort and Kelly's Barbara. And how he pulled ahead so I have to say thank you laying it. I I was the pitcher MIT Bosnian people used to tell me that. It was. The most important position on the field that's where I was I'm gonna help. Mom. But don't they hit man. Did you pitch. At. Actually domain from the flag pin on Obama if he's had this time. It's teasing. You can yeah that's hence the name. He. You cursed this morning Chris Hope top. Go to this site so well rested I'm like OK let's figure out a sunny blonde moments again yesterday here on defense. Honey blonde I. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.