Creamy-Oke: Part 1

Thursday, March 16th

Thank you, oh glorious Ed Sheeran, for being an inspiration for our Karaoke with a whipped cream twist!

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf all the well by the way who's natively is dreary recruiting and Janine to sing of for all of this is from making any competition. Ninety here's how. It's going to work each one of us are going to compete on your behalf we have blisters on the phone. And we're going to be trying to win for you looked so you can score and Sharon take. Kathy welcome to the share aria. Great I Kathy who would you like to try to solve our carrier our creamy Oki and your behalf Kelly she's Jenn hobby or meet Jeff dollar. I Kathy team Jeff well please. Ashley in Marietta who would you like I competing for you Kelly geez there's an obvious. I want and not a right let's do this. So knows how competitive I am you are and then now they re in Atlanta that means Kelly cheese is competing for you. Yet and sat side it really got this good at UCL a. So here's how creamy Tokyo where exit should mean is going to be listening to and Sharon songs and her head and her headphones. And she's gonna sing them with aid. Multiple. Of whipped cream and as they won't go first person to. First person to get three right. A may will be the winner on behalf of they're. The person okay. And JP is gonna keep score. Are ya as my guys are my Mike on everybody gets a music to. Creep me out here ladies and gentlemen I'm at the jet engine gel on ending in 94. Why and Jeanne thanks for volunteering to sing about volunteering. Thanks for singing when we told you that you're going to be six. No problem. I it. And he'll be only one who does not have an I meant theories aren't and I've done headphone plug. And I yourself. To me is going to throw on headphones and issue began singing a song and and insurance on. And Kelly Jen and I will try to guess what song she single. The twist is. She will have a mouthful of whipped cream yep. Okay. Are you ready IA and me earlier do we need to you're saying I am. I gave GG ER and they didn't copy the idea. OK you did it. Beautiful glee in ten. You can take off your headphones usually yelling no. Is this Canada thing. I literally 10s20s and. Get Gump and I Geneen is volunteering to sing for us here this morning on the show because we are pointed manner and says you're asked a. Well and she actually can't saying she majored in music in college and vocal performance Jan. In your mouth full of what crank I know that's what did you hear her so that doesn't matter if she can singer camps thing. Levin is gonna make you more funding should be more frustrated that she can't sing okay she's actually good had to. It's going to be fun. I had to earlier rounds like I wonder is now I'm just saying thinking like she obviously knew Jeff was gonna make her do this yeah. He's another I have kind of an education isn't just fresh weeks yes exactly ten. Here she comes she's kind she's ready not only not only is she going to be singing but she's heavy wind and says. Okay. We've got Ed Sharon gets on the line I'm competing for actually. I'm competing for caffeine and I'm competing for bailing him out campaigning Emmy winning because we're gonna win us and I son number one way let me anxious this is working. I asked Aaron Miles a day and night and adds we can hear. It in your shaking and I mean she I had various state Trey and as a supplement jobs. I. Blew us first KO alien guest is answering any measure buzzard JPEG. Thousand. Look yet ready oh. Yeah. And non generally. Hundreds dead. Well I. Think it out loud. Ellie. Yeah. Hi I'm proud I had actually takes an early lead Ashley gave Jeff. And can act and it. Got to get them and yeah you call yourself a millennia I don't I know it's she's so millennial that she can't she has issued an android I'm lying ahead. Yeah I need to CA I mean I saw number two had on average Joseph and Ali anymore if you Mac mania. Okay. I don't think my old herbal. And she says this is an instrument. And you tell Italian island yeah say yeah exhibit you know. In her that Bailey doesn't sound of success. I think one of these songs I actually don't know over allows that's going to be really I'm. And Kathy I'm sorry go get on the board here you can catch it again you need and now I'm Carissa I'm tackling and secondly I really just outlook and all of its. It's okay. And I can't hear yeah. Earned. OK so order three. Janine Gomez amber at the end. Of oh hole. Yeah. Yeah. And Kelly yeah she's really sick and I'm old yeah. In a kind of now. Yeah I see dire Kelly. And why do we really really dirty. And won it. I. So. You're one song away and into the does this guy yet had those leaders and a dollar because it really is seen. Oh yeah out Campion and I have no points and thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. On star not before one.