Craigslist Price is Right

Tuesday, September 11th

Play along with the team as we try and guess!

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A quick round of Greg's list price is right. Are needed. On Craig's list so we have found them. And one note can you guess. How much each of these jobs listings eats. The price is right rules are the closest. Without going over a wherever you're listening right now play along. As Jimmy describes our first item. If you people come to my apartment and pretend code stuff on their computers. And the and I told that I have an Internet start up mad dusty old man called my bluff. And come to sadistic publish a B du golf Patterson air underground pretend world disturbing the market how much did you put. Actually pay you per day I'm gonna go low body's gonna pay fifteen that's the bad guy I got him in big has cash involved either he's gone for you legs mats and a flash drive. I was exactly I was gonna say I'm gonna go ahead one dollar a day or one dollar baba. 75 dollars being. Move that Danny didn't do any actual retail price solution let me beards coding in your apartment where they you it's when he. I have IA AME yeah. Hobby and I go. Aren't around. Until. Pays someone to explain what perjury means. It's. An I'm too afraid to ask a friend. A lot of people seem to be doing it and I think it's bad but it also felt like it could be at and the egg. Please tell me. Oh I'm somebody to call him any end in defying. Perjury in a way that he could understand yeah up five dollars that's my guess I'm guessing he well I eat your dinner hour. And chick filet okay I'm a mile six dollars one. Injured and into. I Craigslist price is right BOJ. Does or does even if that's great and both. I'm gonna say the remaining balance on 810 dollar gift card. Also a seven dollars and 77 cents at target. What is the cost of perjury and explaining the answer is that coming up next this is that Justin and job. Craig is right the weirdest stuff is needed on Craigslist and we've found the mold can you guess. How much this job listing actually days. Someone to explain what perjury means. It seemed so important and I am too afraid to ask a friend. A lot of people seem to be doing it and it's bad but it also sounds like he could be if against the egg. Tell me what do you. We know went around the rim amerigas Jen says Debbie just worth that mile chick filet. JP said it would be whatever's left over on a ten dollar get our legs seven dollars and 77 cents. I said five dollars and Kelly's a jerk instead 6 dollars island am G. Me now how much is it Gaza trying to what perjury means it costs ten dollars wow. One whatever they did and 777 in the houses when you're 100 dollars and I got it right on the head but he said it was a gift tired and so we. You know he's the one store. Raises rate rules full have you ever been sick in a moment ago.