The Craigslist Price Is Right

Thursday, November 16th

How much do these very strange Craigslist requests pay? Compete with us and see how close you can get!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. How can you. Farm on Craig's list price is right you get against the amount of things yeah. And Craig's list without going over. Leave your real Craig's list. We'll go around the room and try to guess how much this item or service. Is amortized for. On the Internet you can play along at home. C appears dead ahead. Fred's list price is right as we focus is dollar value without going over will be the winner of each round Janine at what is. Item number one game this year. If older man to hash out of an egg. Straightforward I made a large egg shells and and we're made for hatching. He needs someone to come over and slowly. And the Lee hatch out of the egg does it feel it was it must be over the course of two to 25 minutes. So no one is born with clothes so you know he'll be making. Well. You'll I know that the committee. It again. Cool I'm gonna go with 1000. Dollars because if you have the resource is. Two I create have a man size day. Right you've got money to spend. You can month high today tenured and that is serious not tides and you and your gonna be particular about the need keepers in the climbs. So I'm going to thousands of dollars pounds. I'm going way is a hundred dollars. I go and free it sounds like there is gonna be like summaries art project. For class credit. I'm on one dollar. Kelly she's win. It was sixty dollars sixty broad sixty backs. Pit British science might not expensive says he's paid pretty lethal and we're gonna make a massive and which assists for sixty bucks for half an hour I Nagin in ending and bring it. Otherwise yes. JP yes has so much exile. That you gotta get into yeah you're a big guy who'd had a so so I'm deceiving we flexible and I'd probably make it dinosaurs on as I'm coming up. Her husband and Harry. Terry I don't around president again. We'll. Fair enough. Judy and I remember to lose the Craig's list price is right. Men to playmate disapproving father of a soccer ball game. Act I have been over forty softball league and I'm able to play without the shameful stares of my dad in the audience home. We need you to sign sighed audibly when I'm at bat and shout degrading things to me if I make an error on our. This is our bad. Oh man that hey you should really does pay for therapy. Yeah. Are those tires then I would just say they would do it for concessions like food and beer. I mean that the game I'm gonna go for twenty dollars almost and a man. Go ahead berg 21 dollars. It's forty girl forty bucks. Did you mean. Is 785. Plus beer and a bonus if you get asked to leave. Sees the well Brian Gay friends list price is very brown trade. So once this in my clothes so my wife thinks I went to the gym and I guess. I don't exercise but I need to think and still productive human. Actually sweat in them it can't be water or anything my wife knows the smell of human sweat. I believe you you're so well. Only feminine bag out bag you gopher jogger lift some weights no crust. That how how much are working house. How much her working out. I am gone five bucks a workout could be some he's working out anyway guys have to Wear his. Clothes there's a bonus. Cash around saying. Same things now the Tamba. Do eleven oddly out change ran 211 dollars and one cent a fact now. One remarks. JP. You expected to get it exact heated. I can read you one more we have had yet one more over there as to when last one. Like a slump. I need to come to high five me and say hey there goes Steve man while I'm out on a bait. And my girl the west midtown and I want her to think unpopular. I enthusiastic guys to pretend to recognize me and you may nickname which I'm also trying to get it done. So you must use that no Steve O or Steve Marino may even years instead I've under this your choice just these jazz scene. Easier jousting and go all really TVs and give any idea what would JP thank. I'm gonna go away and it's thirty bucks and a Newburgh hello I'm Fidelity's and a payment has. Senator and now I hate in this important and he's impressing a date any standing in a nickname to catch up and he have a good halftime. I'm going to I'm going fifty dollars her participant. So Kelly said free to declare. Certain. I'll say it is. Three dollars and one cent. Hope home five bucks and tenure as those again. IQ what does that. I heard about senator who did a mine. That. Ten dollars. I have flown. Is trying to make payments so that. And here let's and it has what they want their name how to eat how does that Wear on their nickname to great. Saying. K from now I just call me Steve man. Your pay people perceive. Tell your friends it does make economies for me on that that was a totally different name that you have a 1000% like nickname man. Began his nickname her and her neck. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.