The Craigslist Price is Right

Tuesday, November 7th

Craigslist has the WEIRDEST job offers. The question is though, how much do they pay?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Our big game of Craig's list price is right. Everybody feel. I got us this entire U. Price is right check. He's going to keep laid hi Janine will be reading the real price is right advertisements. And zoom we will go around the room and try to gas in the value of what is being offered or requested. I'm Craig's list the closest without going over. It's a points. Symbolism back. Who warn you Craigslist is an interesting place. I Geneva are you ready. I am ready with a item number line that Craig's list price is right so yeah. A ferocious attack pit crew. This destructive kitty has been trained as a proud warrior and will fiercely defend your house even against you. How is very soft and very belly like if Teddy bear. However he will bite your face if you try to touch it. Or the look of god someone please take this thing. Out of my health. Closest without going over how much do you think the hideous. I'm gonna go one dollar and smile in. Your life. JP. Free. Zero dollars I'm going. 25 cents. One dollar and one cent your dad guy yeah yeah I mean yeah. That guy back guarantee that guy I. Give both lose their kids stay. A eight point JP a column. Craig's list prices right. All right. It was just my bathtub full of noodles wearing bathing suit. I want you to see my bathtub full of noodles while you Wear a one peacekeeping. I will not be home to normal and what else while you do it a step back I believe we keep for you and you will sit at your leaders do not bring any sauce. I don't see you in the pot that after I returned home prior hollow. Yeah. You don't bring you something. These guys and. I don't think so I could my. Sixty say hi Kelly how much okay this it and it's helpful and noodles I'm not a note eleven dollars Bob Hope and yeah I'm in our gave mean. Once a woman the mayor and it means noodles Jeff. And basically are gonna be a human meat ball I don't know I got 25 dollars. I'm going and no 100 dollars I'm gonna eleven dollars and one cent found. Alone I hate that guy everybody hates that guy on the prices right. Can Clinton. We all know we've heard all lose you will get one dollar for doing meth. One dollar and Al and you've really got to do it out of the kindness a year I mean come on Craigslist says that she it's a special it's a special spot. Somehow I made a number three Craig's list races right. I this person would like so. Crashing my party and scream dear god what you're. I needed them prince per presently looking person to ambush my party grab people by the collar and demand to know the years I. In the beauty of this thing off into the distance and saves and I am too late. Out of the crew and it's. Great exposure for a struggling actor you can use video and images. Near real hello oh my god I. I wanna know it. So all and I. That's Smart and ingenious would actually put a price tag on it I'm gonna go with. 51 dollars. I'm gonna go with 52 dollars this. Now you're in Baghdad and I 120 bucks. I'm gonna go with 5201. I have had not thought he usually gets out it's. Guys you know anything and paid for an outline that's a freebie also don't know petty. Now pat me. You know. I would you ever burn it or not. I did at. Asia. If you don't give me an area that's actually kind of would have had a good thing it after a for Craigslist deal well train you train and it paid acting gig you can listed as a job but if you don't get paid beginning and let's back I let's do one more in this round Craig's list prices. And why you're used tissues. That's. Most trained to act in person no male I need a video of you blowing your nose with at least one of the tissues you are selling this did you pick it Richmond as I could a variety about thirty times in the last hour commitment. How much her tissue. I'm gonna go and point five dollars. I don't go to revive one of course you mark I'm gonna go with 25 cents per tissue you gave. I got five dollars or two issues with the grand total ten. Jenn hobby it's only known. Larry again. And the money and Beijing China and other media. Craig's list phrases right you game and the guy. Star in 941. Athletic kids out of service is lot of jobs advertised time. Craig's list and so see if you can just price without going over gas it's is its price is right rules and you can play along with us. Just know that it took a weird. It's obviously. He's doing here is strange world. And are around Bob Barker is pretty safe to eat tonight gene was first in the Craigslist showcase showdown are. They would like to stick to only close until one seats yeah. The masters tailored to spill all I can't sit my shirt and and so I only have a child like pajama outfit to Wear them to see any time into mental stress you can pick the combination of both movies that make her wardrobe. I just want this done today. Someone who can work. JP doesn't have a guest who would like that person's number because he wants us to act and act and act. I did ghost for third when he dollars Bob. I will say. Kelly should gophers come button again. I have. Do you live above clouds so the easier in the bathroom incident Arab class Americans active Mayhew I don't see that I think has had a chance to church I'm gonna go live at fifteen dollars Bob. Bob one dollar. Mario fifteen dollars and a penny to you know one Jen not it is sixty per ones. Personally quality. Boom and thanks. Have by the way I won last round to maybe. Yeah. I write this isn't even write me. Might say and I are getting married in June he has eat grooms them. Lined up and I only have one bridesmaid so I need some girls who are attractive end around my age. To stand up and my wedding you can be single or taking it doesn't matter you just have to be hot. Not hotter than me. For more information that wedding will be in Madison and you'll have to paper think how much curb rising up. I'm going with free for this time. Fareed just because you're gonna get all the food drink and screwed ebitda and take care your travel Abu what does yes you wanna have to pay for a blue facts. Grooms and. Alone but they have to be attractive so I did go where is she will pay you 55 dollars to be a bridesmaid and that's what how person's worth ugly people engines world's only frayed. Hot people worth 55 bucks. I think she's gonna offer to pay for like the costs of the dress so I think that's what it is okay and a pity because you can win the president. Because you were in the press again right exactly Damione Lewis at a time yeah mine's doesn't have an analyst yeah. And I don't know how much it costs would be a woman some it is a 111 dollars. It is 100 dollars. Wow falling year over. Who said if you know agenda the kind of a home mom I know the cost of how bridesmaid. And I'm Jeff and address. And then drag would be free eat less. I last went through this rounds on Craig's list price is right kids and services advertised I Craig's list. Read to us by Geneen and we are trying to guess how much without going over play along and meet you Ron. Didn't create. It's just the panda and eat bamboo in the corner of my. They've got up to me that it. Bim to build feed provided yet. Must actually consume them do. And no words. You are a panda and they can't speak and no eye contact. Just go about my day and you will sit there as a panda would. And munch on the Bambi who occasionally you may be asked to do some light paperwork. Paying a little lower. Lawrence Reid the first line again. To address the panda and eat bamboo in the corner of. My apartment. I'm imagining. And. It's. I'm imagining the models on stage presenting some light sky hazy. Pandas sued and somebody eating bamboo right now can you come to her again color. Her power and hourly wages Coca. Is it just gave up when asked pentagon last is that like alphabetizing merit they gonna have to use some basically counting the white paperwork probably some filing. The benefit cost per hour to be a panda per hour plus bamboo you get free bamboo. OK Jeff what is and I can't. Can't believe this is really I'm really thinking about us. Fifty bucks an hour and fifty bucks an hour of outreach. I'm here though opportunity I just make him go first I CEO of fifty dollars and one semi yeah. Our our. And Jay peaks. Your drew carry on this one had drew I would like to be yes sixty bucks an hour how. I know I'm going and eight dollars and fifty cents an hour. You. All the way Milbury was eleven. Blue. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.