Craft Beer or Baby Name

Monday, May 23rd


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It's the craft beer or is it a celebrity baby name Reagan projected to tax. Jeff to the test here you can boil on the how many get right. I did not realize that these are celebrity baby names oh yes hi what is the best it can baby names. And making them crazy may seem funny hair just like a crappy site at Princeton show and sell. For you in studio I'd write some craft Beers because I was gonna make you drink. And then our general manager Tommy knows the answer so he can take these common drink them later tonight against the rules if she dug for every one of these you get Ron okay. And here's your first one I'm not running the board yeah. But I know Liggett with Alan. Think history of. It's a bacon smoked border batons and pulled order and he got. Wait so but I know mice with the CD's aren't. Yet those those aren't the ones that line up to date OK is bringing some props and what's Allen cram relax a little perfect and this I think is made three. And tech. There. Can't say have come here and I think. You can. Paraphrase it on the air. I even again and it movies that can fit it. It's kinda thought it was best suited for a hint at fifty arrogant. B word that the man be. I don't know how many air on the side and the fairly new here 41. So. Okay ever really ever really better bill that the equity to finish fifth. Live on yet so I'm not going to. Later we ever get. Attacked okay here yeah. Are it's you're gonna guess celebrity baby name or craft beer keg Indiana August. Human here. See now now August Indiana August. Is that a baby is Kraft dinner. Hobbies I think you see you're going to be easy ones that began this. I'm adamant gotomeeting. Celebrity dating game that is a baby you got that sign of Casey Affleck and summer Phoenix that the baby one point three. Okay victory prima bats at via that is pills are from downing ten Pennsylvania. I can keep track the score Q for him you know you're doing great. Give him. Alabama Gypsy rose. That's. Be year. That's a beer. That's a beer at the baby is affected you through maybe if you had Gypsy rose filed as one word that's like that's got to be let go Waylon Jennings lineage. It is daughter of gentlemen Taylor and shooter Jennings all real that it totally and I'll bet that a blue I AV. I wanted. Fifth. Simon Smith who. Craft Beers celebrity baby name it's he's India Larry again I need it now okay. Craft beer or celebrity baby names Sierra sky. That debt and bad if it's him. And baby she's got a job waiting for her adult males. So what is it did. It and it's a beer. It's a baby in his yes doctor I work I edited out of city it gently and you are like hey this is this is the idea I'm like it's time I don't think it's. Of the it's going to be you know. It's hard and did some items. Our rights are ready bring it. Heaven passion and bets Libya that is Abby actually made right here locally in heaven guilty of that. Who is this is is a craft beer or baby bear balloon. Bearer blue. Is an athlete's. Baby it is a baby son of a Lisa Silverstone preach I'm not she has played tennis in her life so that makes her an athlete OK I lied to more. Velvet market. That's. That's added that's that it fits us. Like that you celebrity's name. And that could be bitter to you and you know what you just read. Do you go to murkiness. And kind of like us. You know. Just. All the yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah oh. Yeah. Xoom and that's Iraq is a beer. It's a baby except that beer bill Latin Nesta rock is Gwen Stefani Gavin Russell's son. Oh yeah. Well I got myself a hollowing casting this a tough act. Even attractive. There's a there's plenty more we can man play that's around you drink for Lindsay and perfectly just. She now.