Coy Bowles Talks with Jeff and Jenn

Friday, May 13th


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That's what else. Is Jesse James shelves and he's also. Scored goals is part of Atlanta's Zack brown band he does a good friend. Jen and mine and he's here drum up refute saudis whose new book. I embrace children's books he's got one that's like about working hard now feeling entitled it's called we'll dollars. And he's got a signing tomorrow and he's he's driver up about and I'm going to make him tell the story of how he almost killed a stranded concert because it makes me laugh. Everytime I hear that's the trade off for us plug in his book signing tomorrow and his first book Amy giggles. It's all about self confidence and it's in high rotation. And Jan hobbies house. Amy Nichols is on regular rotation and I don't remember where you this one's sure at the laughter and about it for a week. When you tried to be. Mick Jagger level rock star rated tambourine. And walked off the stage of the tail between your life I saw this. George Harrison concert for Bangladesh. And inside the dvd or part of the beer. Billy Preston is famous song. And figures exist and I passed fully you know part of the song he just randomly grabbed Tamarine off the top of the organ and as this like gospel. Tamarine shredded dance team that is like the coolest looking theaters see your lives in my head a slight revival preacher like the science and across today's exciting as move gas reverse. Moon walk. Gospel Tamarine dance right you know. Just didn't and I saw this now that. Have to be you wouldn't be so without practice I still rights are managed site. Little secret here man how about put a tambourine on top of the organ tonight. And use I share says they got a Tamarine they put on top of the or united tell anybody I was gonna do it and the site go in for inner. So I mean in this wins this didn't like 200 people is like 20000 people would write you know. Yeah so to a plane that went down majority goes into this site. Ultra fast parts kind of gospel sound and whatever. And so I grabbed Tamarine isn't a moment yeah it is now. I'm pretty good you know I got out asserted Jagan and do nothing in it's really good about it and invited in position about well he's still four there was that kind of light. It's it's like going faster go slow at the same time. You know. And I'm shaking in Danson and just do my thing in half through Tamarine out artists and likes Max and duties. And it ended it was like. I. That was I never I didn't turn tambourine anymore I must say politely handed a sick kid in the front row tight you're welcome. I didn't expect him yeah. I think he was cool about it I mean that was years ago in unison he's he's fine announcer for. Can't insist the rubber coated tambourine sincerity did you watch it out like a frisbee or did you hear that now it's caught up in the moment has decided I had. Without them. I let's talk about your book signing is happening on Saturday at the Barnes & Noble. In Alpharetta yet court balls to time children's book author about to be three. And musician in the Zack brown band is no man Google's in the fellowship thank you for coming man created it they just. Shall. Or one.