Congratulations to the Perfect Wedding Pitch Winners! Part 2

Wednesday, March 15th

We had the great pleasure of getting to surprise the winners of our Lake Lanier Wedding Giveaway, and it went SO WELL. Congratulations!


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Justin Jan shell and so you know before line. It is an exciting morning here on the edge every gingerly as we give away twenty. Thousand dollar wedding into Lanier islands. Resorts let's say hello to Jimmy hey Jimmy Harry yeah. There haven't gone dead night yeah only you can hear us right now right. Correct I Jaime is currently in Destin Florida and he is banned for lack of a better word babysitting. Alyssa. On our behalf for the past thirty minutes what's her. But what's your energy like she excitedly she nervous is she scared is she happy what is she would live in a picture of Alyssa for. It is that the most nervous I've ever seen a human being in my. Yes we'll be sitting at a conference table in that hotel room and see you shaking seasons pacing back and forth thin and having it sit down and I just sit down calm down. You know I'd let's just let's bring you were doing breathing exercises or didn't certain. I I Jimmie both years ago and only you can hear us right. OK okay here's the old Jimmy we just say hi I originated says I Taylor. They tell us that they Jimmy Taylor and Alyssa are dating they're about to be in in gauged in the very near future but. But in each other for six years we just told Taylor that debt that he analysts had just won the 20000 dollar wedding and now. He is going to tell Alyssa. So when you have her on the phone can you use. Is where on your phone now right. All right taking you use her phone and film her. Reaction to Taylor telling her can you FR us. You mean when they got Osama. Okay thanks while he does that I can talk about how we narrowed this down from 2000. Entries. And whittled it down round after round after round until now and just a couple of minutes ago we were able surprised Taylor and tell him. They are the winning couple. Highest. Immediate and Alyssa has no idea so we'll let them massacre a little bit Pamela. That night so I Jimmy is he ready put Elisa on the found. I don't Obama. Doesn't just Wear a different. It. Hey good morning major morning Elisa hiring again. I noncallable. I'm a. Emerged to get bigger and if I have no idea what's going I don't. I while listening if you can hear in just a second ago Jenna explain that we have gone from 2000 entries. Down to sixty entries found a five entries. And now there are two. It calms you in Taylor and one other couple and we have separated every one. So we just had tailoring here a few minutes ago. Okay and we had a hey we had a brief conversation with him and now we just have to ask you a couple follow up questions to our conversation with him okay. I think very carefully because the answer to this question that we're about to ask could be worth twenty. Thousand dollars yes don't just knee jerk reaction that's okay. I'm okay. Taylor used. Three words. To describe your relationship. What where those words. Clinton did in. Two feet of cash and cash yeah. You know I mean could they played well I. While we need to know you need to be very specific music who fears that without. A goofy but kind. The court and OK okay. An edit that they're way early. He would be the court and I mean loving I know that cliche but I thought I love it. Is he supportive and loving. All right and that owners. I take a listen. I here's the good news. You know OK the other couple that was in here. They got. Only one out of three words is a match. So if you managed two out of three. You've got yourself away. You matched zero a lot of great. Oh and now you have to tell Taylor. The you just lost the way. Taylor only solo. Elisa once it's out. Girls. And hey sweetheart I don't. Well my god. Double. I got the newly created by it but don't be mad. No of course not much of. Okay. Get their opponent in every way they describe our relations. Okay I get another couple loose and the competition you know and that's why factory. I mean they're not very tightly that. Home I'll baby baby it's okay. I know I don't I'm I'd hate to admit that I definitely. Think that they've made it crap but had. It last let me read you know that people. Well my my three words. Where actually I levied. And I have so I have some bad news also time Jess Jess thinks he's a better dancer than me. I'm hoping it would be able. It. Not again we have done a video I. Didn't against big dance moves were impressive the dancers are definitely impressive. Maybe your own. Well I got some good news to. We actually won. We won the 20000 dollar wedding. And we won. They guard he told me we won baby girl the Alyssa. There is no other couple in studio with us this morning there were no three words. You guys Y name we'd call you yesterday imitated him in studio. We were shocked to find out that you're in Florida so we had to have some fun idea. You just won eight to 20000. Dollar wedding from Lanier islands. Food drink. Centerpieces. And leanings and knives and forks. Saying time is here all the romance is three for you and your groomed and more. Boris. I like cloud and I know it begins. I think and I like jumped bail and celebrate it. I would be an idiot I don't mind right now like we are. We it and people being cold front that had been super fine and good Penang going into the big bad. What happened and then I believe it'll be one of the finest memory we have had a number of reprieve I've got to get out but it. Well a couple of things that are important note now why me. Will we told Taylor he cried you won't admit that the film and test tomorrow. There's anything I totally tired haven't cried I. Number two there's only one thing that you guys need to do before are you actually say your wedding day and Nancy get engaged. One night. And hit it. I think we've cornered in an independent. Well here's what I'm saying if it doesn't happen by may first US camp. Later I had ultimately. It didn't matter innovated not at all you know we don't think I don't think it they've. Oh my daughter's. Let's lately Chandler and some money around strums money congratulations you're the winner of the 20000 dollar perfect wedding page and Lanier islands into the engine. Pentagon LeMieux and let me just let it out among. Ten guys LA. You diet they scouts and team congratulations Melissa. All learned all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.